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Martie Ellen biography, age, early life, career, net worth, and more


Best known as Christina 'Kristy' McNichol's wife, Martie Allen is a fifty-nine year-old former television artist born on 1st January 1960. She has been in the public eye for over 20 years now, owing to the popularity of her wife Kristy McNichol, who is the former actress, singer, and comedian. The couple, in 2012, came out as proud lesbians in admitting their relationship of almost two decades, from the early 1990s to be exact.

Martie Allen Early Life, Family, And Education

Allen and McNichol's lives, though being in the limelight, for the most part, Allen's childhood and educational qualifications are not known to many. It is very little to no information regarding McNichol's wife. On the other hand, Kristy McNichol is of Irish and Lebanese origin. She grew up in LA, California. Cristina's brother Jimmy McNichol and she were both child artists and singers. Both of them were first seen in various commercials. Cristina's popularity really soared, and she went on to star in many movies and also did cameos in TV shows and movies alike. Some of the TV shows were The Love Boat, Starsky & Hutch, Love, Bionic Woman, American Style, etc. These made her one of the most sought-after child actors. These were also the characters who helped her make an impact on movies.

Martie Allen Career

Coming back to Christina Mcnichols wife Martie Allen's earlier career is not known in detail. Her professional career has begun from the time she started showing interest in movies and in the career of acting. She did pursue a career in the film industry but was never as popular as her wife. Her acting career is not a prolonged one but rather was cut short what Allen's dead letter in a professional career is not known of. Her wife Christina steadily made her name in Hollywood during her twenties when she was cast in Buddy Lawrence's TV show, "Family" in 1976. She went on to win the Emmy award, the best-supporting actress in a dramatic series for her role in Family. Having won a prestigious award, her career then took a turn, and she landed the leading role in the 1980 movie Little darling, which was very popular and for which he was critically acclaimed. Her popularity reached New heights, and she went on to do a lot more movies which kept in the LimeLight for a really long time.

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Martie Allen Controversies

Kristy McNichol and Marti Allen came out as lesbians in 2012. Due to the immense popularity of Christy, both the spouse's verandah the public always and the fact regarding their sexuality is also speculated by the media. There is always a rumor regarding sexuality and controversies too. After living under The Rock and dwelling in the controversies and rumors for two decades, the couple came out as proud lesbians and revealed that they were in a relationship since the 1990s. At the time of the revelation, Mr mechanical did not name her partner Martie Allen but rather talked about a happy relationship with her for the past few years and that Marty had been a wonderful partner to her.

The media soon found out about Allen, and then the relationship was made public. They were happily married when the news of Alan surfaced in the public eye. The reason Mechanical wanted to go public about her sexuality what's that that she wanted to be open about herself in the public eye and want to help and inspire the young people to come out to their parents and society revealing their sexuality and owning up to it. Rame was to normalize different sexual orientations, and she was deeply saddened by the fact that people of different sexualities are widely believed in the society and will not be respected for something which is their identity. She also talked about why she quit her acting career. She said that the immense pressure of hiding her relationship from the media had caused her a great amount of distress, and she couldn't live in the light of the industry while wearing the same mental agony of hiding a very important part of her life. This pressure also leads to her mental breakdowns on multiple occasions.

Martie Allen Personal Life

The couple is now happily married, and after Kristy McNichol retired from the film industry, the couple has stayed away from LimeLight and has been living a quiet life. The couple currently lives in Los Angeles as a mechanical teacher. Is it a private school and the couple has been running the charity successfully for some time now. Both of them love to spend time doing yoga, traveling, and playing tennis. There is no information about any adopted, biological children of their own.

Martie Allen Net Worth

McNichol and Alan have a net worth of 7 million dollars. This is their authoritative joint what's, which has been primarily due to Kristy McNichol's career as an actress, comedian, and singer. Private school teaching also adds to their net worth.


What is the profession of Martie Allen?

Martie Allen is a talented actor and singer.

Whom did Kristy McNichol marry?

Kristy McNichol married Martie Allen.

What is the net worth of Martie Allen?

At present, McNichol and Alan have a net worth of 7 million dollars.

What is the age of Martie Allen?

Martie Allen is 60 years old, and she was born on January 1, 1960.

What is the present age of Kristy McNichol?

At present, the age of Kristy McNichol is 58 Years. She was born on September 11, 1962.

What is the profession of Kristy McNichol?

Kristy McNichol is a great singer and actor, and she is doing great in this profession. This profession has helped her gain fame in the industry and earn a combined net worth of 7 Million USD along with Martie Allen.

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