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Marcella Samora childhood, relationship, marriage, family, career


Marcella Samora is a famous name in the Musical World, as she is the Mother of late International Pop Singer Selena Perez. She got married to Abraham Quintanilla in the year 1963. After they first met in Washington, USA. Where he was posted there for Serving in the US Military, she is of Mexican and Cherokee descent. As her father was Texan, and her mother was Coloradan. For higher education and work, she spent some part of her life in Washington. After two years of dating, they got married.

Then they were blessed with a boy named Abraham Quintanilla III as their first child. And then, the Couple moved to Texas, where they gave birth to two more children; both are daughters. The first one was Suzette and the Second was Selena, who later became a World Famous Pop Singer. After the Miserable thing happened for the family, the Murder of Selena, Marcella Samora fought along with her family to get Justice to her daughter. The murderer was one of her fans, Yolanda Saldivar, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Marcella Samora Childhood And Early Life

Beautiful Lady, Caring wife, and Brave mother was born on 17th July 1944 in the United States of America. Her Cherokee and Mexican parents welcomed her with joy and celebrated the day with happiness. Some sources revealed that her father was originally from Amarillo and her mother was from Colorado Native.

She completed her elementary school and moved to Washington, where she graduated and spent some part of her life there Until she met with her present husband, Abraham Quintanilla.

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She also pursued some activities of her interest and helped others to reach their goals.

Marcella Samora Relationship And Marriage

When she was in Washington, she came in Contact with one Handsome and Hardworking soldier of the US Military named Abraham Quintanilla, Who was posted there for the service. Liking grew upon them, which later converted love, and then they exchanged their wedding vows on 8th June 1963. And they were doing good with their marriage life, then their first Child, Abraham Quintanilla III, enhanced their joy of life. And they formed a sweet family. Then her husband received the discharged papers from the Military, and they Shifted to his hometown in Texas with their child and started their life with other relatives and people there. Abraham there rejoined the Musical group, which he had left for his military service. Where they sang for several groups with songs of pop and roll music. The name of the club was Los Dinos. He was there until he left in 1969.

They are also blessed with two sweet daughters, Suzette Michelle and Selena. The family once again moved to another place named Lake Jackson, Texas, at the starting of 1970, where Abraham started another job to support his family.

Marcella was complaining of pain; then they went to the doctor; he said that it is a tumour, and it needs to be operated on immediately, but they thought to take the second opinion and went to another doctor. Where it was found that she is pregnant and expecting a third child. And the child was Selena; she was born in Freeport Community Hospital.

Growing Years Of Marcella Samora

As all of their three children were growing, they gave them the best of learning facilities and never compromised with their future. As their father was very educated with music, he used his knowledge and introduced his three children to it. Three of them were good at it, and they opened a band named Selena Los Dinos. All of them then moved back to their place, Christi, in 1980.

It didn't take much time for Abraham to notice the different potential which Selena has. And he trained her in a different way to raise her talent. She regularly took lessons from her father and practiced the music. Her mother also supported her in her growing years.

In 1988, Selena met with Chris Perez, who later joined their band as guitarist, with the support of her mother. They performed in various functions and became popular among people of every age group. And the friendship of both Selena and Chris turned into lovers, and they started living together. Then they married secretly in the year 1992 without even informing their parents, and kept it secret for a long time. Then after some period of time, the family accepted their marriage. Then they start living happily with their parents. And at the same time, she was also growing rapidly; by the end of 1994, Selena was at the reach of her career and was actually doing great, with the key of Potential and hard work. Every music Company wanted to release their album with her. She got an offer from almost all the functions.

She was respected with several awards like as follows:

  • Salt-N- Pepa
  • Marilyn Horne
  • Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  • Talking Heads
  • Lionel Hampton

Selena Quintanilla was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the 2021 Grammys. Marcella's other two children, Abraham III and Suzette, are also now part of the Music Industry.

Misery For The Family 

It was on 31st March 1995 when the life of all the members of Marcella's family changed drastically when their loving daughter was murdered by her so-called fan Yolanda Saldivar. The reason was that she was not accepting the offer of Continuing to stay in the post of President in the fan club, which is opened by the singer's name; the reason was that the family soon found that there were some fake checks business was going on. So she rejected the offer. One fine day, Yolanda Saldivar called Selena in a hotel, where she was pointed with the gun he purchased for the purpose.

  • She passed away at the arrival of the Hospital in Corpus Christi.
  • She was only 23 years when this horrifying incident happened to her.

Then, Marcella Samora, along with her family, tried to do all the necessary things which could give her daughter Justice, and later, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In Her Memory 

Marcella Samora, with her family, has started an NGO, where they help kids with completing their education by providing necessary assistance. And encourages children to pursue their dreams.

Another Charity works to help people in the name of her loving daughter.

The Netflix series would be started with her name, where the biography of Marcella will be portrayed.

Marcella Samora Net Worth

Marcella Samora has an estimated net worth of around 50000 USD. Selena, who was the daughter of Marcella Samora, had a net worth of 10 Million USD before she was murdered.


Are Marcella Samora and Abraham still married?

Marcella Samora and Abraham got married in the year 1963 and are still together.

What is the relation between Marcella Samora and Selena?

Marcella Samora is the mother of Selena.

Who is the current wife of Chris Perez?

Vanessa Villanueva is the current wife of Chris Perez. The couple got married after his first wife, Selena, was murdered.

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