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Manga Raw- Latest Raw Comics, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, Webcomics


Manga Raw is the raw scanned pages of a manga from a tankóbon (reminiscence) or Zasshi (magazine, traditionally printed on pulp paper) source, with no translation or picture cleaning. This is the raw material that was used to create a manga translation.

Manga Raw Reviews

At Manga-Raw you can read and download user-translated mangas from all over the world. These fan-translated mangas are updated regularly and quickly. The website claims that their scrutiny process is very reliable and they add only quality comics here.

Anyone can read and download their favorite mangas without even registration. But if you are a frequent visitor to this site, then registration will be beneficial. Because in this way, you can record your reading history and save the bookmarks of the mangas. So if you change your device or open it from any other device, all your history will be saved. And your history will not be lost.

A large library containing mangas for every type of reader is available here. You can get action, romance, comedy, thriller, suspense and many more. Everything from the vast library of mangas is available here, whatever you need to read.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/manga-raw/ by Jaya Mckeown on 2022-01-27T03:35:50.836Z

Screenshot of New Manga titles added to the Manga Raw
Screenshot of New Manga titles added to the Manga Raw

Manga Raw Club.Com

Manga Raw is a well-known unauthorized manga site in Japan.

"You may read free Japanese comics," says the raw. The website "http://manga-raw.club/" was shut down for over six months, according to BBC News. The site, founded in December 2017, has various resources. Manga raw gives an "oral" explanation of what is portrayed in the manga.

The site is dedicated to illegal manga downloads and has all photographs in Japanese. Some photographs show manga in action. Unlike on the JK Marvel Manga site, the photos do not display the characters' whole bodies. This site requires a proxy server for access. "Do not expose yourself to criminal conduct," states a Japanese caution at the top of the homepage.

To comprehend why manga raw is prohibited, we must comprehend the objective of the Japan Cartoon Association as well as the rules that govern the website's closure.

The Japan Cartoon Association is a trade association that represents manga artists and releases the Japan Cartoonist Association Award every year. This award is given yearly by the Japan Cartoonists' Association to the finest manga professional. The Japan Cartoonists Association, on the other hand, is not active in the manga industry.

The Japan Cartoonists Association was established in order to promote manga and manga professionals in Japan. As a result, downloading manga from this site is deemed unlawful.

How to verify a manga website's validity The URL should be "manga raw: link.wikia.com", so search engines like Google can verify its validity. If a manga raw website is not genuine, the URL has no contact information. Then think it's a hoax and don't download or distribute it. Most illicit manga sites use torrents. And most torrent sites do not compensate manga writers or publishers. Also, there is no single place where you can obtain the original Japanese version of a manga.

Manga Raw Club Apk

There is also an app for Manga raw fans, who want to enjoy it on the go. This software aggregates internet manga and manhwa. This app updates each chapter of the mangas available there. Here are the main features of the app.

  • Fans may download thousands of free manga and comics. Updates are automatic.
  • It features a simple UI.
  • Registration requires no purchase.

Manga Raw Club Alternative

Mangaraw has a global rank of 2705, whereas in its category it is ranked at 71. Many sites such as rawdevart.com, mangakakalot, and asurascans are manga-raw.club's main competitors.

Here are the top 10 competitors of manga-raw.club

  • Rawdevart.com (with 6.78 million monthly views)
  • mangakakalot.com (with 90.81 million monthly visits)
  • rawkuma.com are manga-raw.club's top three
  • asurascans.com is ranked fourth
  • isekaiscan.com is ranked fifth
  • mangadex.org,
  • novelupdates.com, and
  • reaperscans.com is the other five rivals
  • Mangatx.com has 17.50 million visitors and is followed by mangadex.org with 35.86 million visitors
  • manhuascan.com with 24.32 million visitors
  • novelupdates.com with 29.20 million visitors
  • reaperscans.com with 13.77 million visitors


Manga raw is just another free website, where Manga and Manhua fans can read and download plenty of the content free of cost. They don’t even need to register for the purpose. Although the website does the job very fine, but just like thousands of other websites, it is illegal. So users must be cautious while visiting the site and strictly avoid clicking any of the links to the adverts that appear here.

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