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Mandie Taketa age, career, net worth, marriage, children, personal life


Mandie came to the limelight and became the prime focus of the media after her marriage was fixed with the very famous American actor, singer, and comedian, Wayne Brady. Their marriage lasted for quite a short period, i.e., less than seven years. After their separation, Mandie tried to maintain a low profile and kept herself far from public focus, and rarely appears in media for interviews.

Mandie Taketa with Maile Masako Brady
Mandie Taketa with Maile Masako Brady

Mandie Taketa Age, Childhood, And Education

Forty-five years old actor Mandie Taketa was born on March 3rd, 1976, in Hawaii, the USA, with the name Mandie Taketa. Her father, Ronald Taketa, is the treasurer and executive secretary of the Hawaii carpenters union; he also worked as the Honolulu police commission chairman. While her mother's name is yet not revealed. She took Japanese ancestry from her father's side. The only known information about her mother is that she was a European lady. Unfortunately, in her 30s, she suffered from an illness that led her to carry an oxygen tank. She suffered for 11 years and then passed away. Mandie also has a sister named Kristie, but there's no information about her.

Mandie Taketa with a friend
Mandie Taketa with a friend

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There is no further detailed information about her family background. Mandie's educational status is neither known. However, it is revealed that she was quite fond of martial arts and dancing. After she completed high school, she enrolled at the University of Hawaii, where she received a full-term scholarship due to her dancing skills. She is not a big fan of media coverage; hence kept her early life private.

Mandie Taketa Career

When Mandie was at the University, she rehearsed gymnastics, aerobics, and cheerleading. Her efforts and endless practice eventually helped her to improve her skills in dancing, and she ended up becoming proficient at dancing. After completing her graduation, she landed in Los Angeles to achieve her dream and to make a career and name in Hollywood. She is always dedicated to her work.

Her main motive was to gain fame through her skills and make a career in the same, but she was unsuccessful in achieving that. Mandie tried her luck everywhere; she learned various new skills and shifted from dancing to acting, fitness, as well as bodybuilding, and ended up in the production line. Mandie has been working at Adell Body Works as a body technician since 2003. Nevertheless, she even outshined in this field; her hard work and dedication earned her several achievements as a bodybuilder and fitness instructor. She has won many competitions as a gymnast and acrobat; she is very efficient and earned a gold medal from one of many competitions she participated in. As of now, she is the founder and CEO of Everything did productions, launched in 2011.

Mandie Taketa Daughter
Mandie Taketa Daughter

She has left not a single stone unturned to make a career in Hollywood. She tried hard, and with her perseverance, he achieved it. Mandie also tried to be an actress and was successful in that. In 2007, she made her debut in the comedy genre film "Manband! The Movie", where she played the role of Vicky. The film was written and directed by Dermott Petty. Her co-stars were David Bickford, Robert Alesandro, and EE Bell. Afterward, she has been far from the eyes of the media. However, she made an appearance in an episode of "Unsung Hollywood," a TV series, which was about Wayne Brady, her ex-spouse.

Mandie Taketa net Worth

Although she failed to make a prominent presence in Hollywood, her achievements in different fields like bodybuilding and her bond with the actor and comedian Wayne Brady somehow have raised her wealth.

Mandie Taketa in Waikiki Beach Walls
Mandie Taketa in Waikiki Beach Walls

As of now, her net worth is estimated to be over 2 million USD. She earned a lot from her various endeavors. And she is successfully continuing her career.

Mandie Taketa Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce, Children

Mandie gained a lot of attention and fame all due to her marriage to the famous actor, Wayne Brady. On April 3rd, 1999, the duo tied the knot. But the marriage was not successful as they separated on April 5th, 2006. On July 2nd, 2007, Mandie filed for divorce. The procedure took over a year, and their marriage legally came to an end on April 14th, 2008.

Mandie Taketa in Malibu Beach
Mandie Taketa in Malibu Beach

While they were living as a happily wed couple, on February 3rd, 2003, the duo was blessed with an adorable daughter, Maile Masako. Even after their separation, Mandie took home in Brady's neighborhood, and they continue to raise their daughter together. They never let their differences ruin their child's life. Mandie is a loving mother and leaves no efforts to make Maile's life better. Mandie chose to remain single after their divorce, and for now, she is focusing on her career and cherishing every moment with her loving daughter.

About Wayne Brady, The Ex-husband Of Mandie Taketa 

Wayne Brady is a prominent actor and has a notable presence in Hollywood. He has earned many awards in his name. He was even awarded the Emmy Awards. Wayne is known as a cast member of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", then ran his show from 2002 to 2004 as a host in "The Wayne Brady Show."

Born on June 2nd, 1972, in Georgia, USA. The former actor born the name Wayne Alphonso Brady is the son of his West Indian parents. He is raised by his aunt and grandmother. From the very beginning, he was fond of performing arts and took the path and built his career as an actor and comedian.

Mandie Taketa with her daughter, Maile Masako
Mandie Taketa with her daughter, Maile Masako

Mandie was the 2nd spouse of Wayne after Diana Lasso. After separating from Mandie, he is not remarried till now but was romantically entwined with Rozonda Thomas back in 2014.

Without a doubt, Wayne is a very famous and well-known personality. He has gained both fame and wealth throughout his career. As of now, his net worth is approx 10 million USD.

Mandie Taketa appearance

Mandie has a perfect body frame. She stands 5ft 3inches tall and weighs approximately 59 kgs. Her brown eyes perfectly go with her white complexion. While her black hair gives a perfect contrast to her overall appearance.

Mandie Taketa with Maile Masako
Mandie Taketa with Maile Masako

Mandie Taketa Social Media 

She is present on Instagram with the handle @mandietaketa with over 22.4k followers. She is not much active in social media but never fails to give an update about her life events and her works to her fans.

Mandie Taketa with daughter Maile Masako
Mandie Taketa with daughter Maile Masako


What's Mandie Taketa's Ethnicity?

Madie Taketa is Japanese and was born in Hawaii, USA.

What Is The Net Worth Of Mandie Taketa?

The net worth of Mandie Taketa is expected to be around 2 Million USD.

What Is The Age Of Mandie Taketa?

Madie Taketa is presently 45 years old. She was born on March 3, 1976.

Is Mandie Taketa And Wayne Brady Still Together?

No, they got divorced together on 5 April 2006 after a mutual agreement.

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