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10 Interesting Facts About Tim Rozon’s Wife, Linzey Rozon That You Should Know


Linzey Rozon Biography

Unlike her husband, who is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, this famous wife lives a quiet life away from the spotlight. However, some information about her is still available. On May 16, 1985, this adorable lady was born. Lindsay Govan was her birth name, but she later adopted her husband's surname and went by the moniker Linzey on social media. Her hometown is Quebec, Montreal, Canada, where she was born and raised. As a result, she is a Canadian citizen. Linzey Rozon rose to prominence as the wife of Tim Rozon, a Canadian actor. Tim, her husband, rose to prominence after his portrayal as Tommy Quincy in the CTV teen drama Instant Star. In addition, his role as Mutt Schitt in the CBS television series Schitt's Creek helped him gain a lot of attention. Tim and Linzey have been married for numerous years. While she has had some publicity as a celebrity spouse, she likes to stay out of the spotlight.

Linzey Rozon Profile Summary

Fullname: Linzey Rozon

Name at birth: Lindsay Govan

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/linzey-rozon/ by Adaline Fritz on 2021-08-03T15:15:12.666Z

Age: 35 years old (as of 2021)

Height: 5 ft 5 in (1 m 65 cm)

Date of birth: May 16, 1985

Place of birth: Quebec, Montreal, Canada

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Canadian

Parents: Peter and Catherine Govan

Siblings: Ashley and James Govan

Husband: Tim Rozon (married in 2015)

Children: 1 (a son)

Linzey And Tim Rozon Wedding

Linzey met her future spouse, Tim, at some time in her life. Despite popular belief that they have only been together for a few years, their romance dates back many years. They are thought to have met in the late 2000s or early 2010s. In November of 2012, they posted their first Instagram photo together. Initially, the pair was hesitant to publicly discuss their love on social media. Linzey frequently sends her spouse a happy Valentine's Day, among other things, and they are more open about flaunting their love to the world these days. In Quebec, Montreal, Canada, the couple married in a magnificent ceremony. Their wedding took place on September 6, 2015.

Linzey And Tim Rozon Married Life And Family

The famous actor's wife frequently joins him on business travels and red carpet events. Tim's life partner fell pregnant with their first kid in the year 2019. The following year, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and announced the joyous news on Instagram. Tim also wrote a heartfelt remark on a photo of the baby's small hand on Twitter, wishing him all the best in his life. Tim and Linzey Rozon's child's name is unknown since both parents want to keep him hidden from prying eyes in the media. They will mark their fifth wedding anniversary in 2020. Linzey, her husband, and their child now reside in Montreal. Tim also owns and operates the restaurant Garde Manger, which he co-owns with Chuck Hughes, a Canadian celebrity chef.

The couple has one child together. Linzey initially let us know about their bundle of joy when she shared a snapshot of her child with her husband on Father's Day. Tim is seen playing with his youngster while showing him a book full of animal pictures in the lovely photograph. “Happy 1st Father's Day to the best dad S4L @realtimrozon,” she wrote with the photo. Apart from that, there isn't much else to say about the baby.

Who Is Tim Rozon?

Timothy James Rozon is the actor's full name. He is of Canadian ancestry and was born on June 4, 1976, making him a year older than his wife. In the 2000 rendition of "The Great Gatsby," he had his first professional role. From 2004 until 2008, he was known for his role as Tommy Quincy in the drama series "Instant Star." He also achieved notoriety as a result of his roles in TV shows such as "Schitt's Creek" and "Wynonna Earp." The part of Isaac Stelling in "Vagrant Queen" is one of his previous projects. In addition, he is a published author and writes books. His efforts have paid off, and his net worth is believed to be $1 million. Tim Rozon's previous relationships are unknown before he met his wife Linzey. Linzey Rozon is a wonderful supporter of her renowned husband and a fascinating individual in her own right.

Lindsey Rozon Net Worth

Linzey's net worth has yet to be determined because no information about her career is available. However, Tim Rozon has a lot of TV and film credits under his belt, but he's also had a lot of luck. As of 2020, he is predicted to have a net worth of $1 million. His acting career is where he makes the most of his money.

Lindsey Rozon Social Media Account

Linzey is active on social media, specifically Instagram, which few people are aware of. Her Instagram account, where she goes by the name Linz, has roughly 4k followers. She, like any other star, uses her social media accounts to provide details about her personal and professional lives. She enjoys blogging about her daily lives, and her Instagram is littered with photographs of her husband and son. Her affection for Tim, on the other hand, has 140k followers on the network. Her account on Instagram is @linzeyg.

Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her baby
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her baby
Linzey Rozon instagram post of her baby
Linzey Rozon instagram post of her baby
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband and son
Linzey Rozon instagram post with her husband and son

10 Facts About Lindsey Rozon

  • She Was Born Lindsay Govan

Lindsay Govan, Tim Rozon's lovely wife, was born on May 16, 1985, in Canada. A cursory examination of this name reveals that her ancestry is more complex than previously thought. Peter and Catharine Govan were her parents.

The name she was given at birth differs slightly from the one she has chosen. She claims she began using the moniker "Linzey" because her followers and friends insisted on calling her that. The name has stuck with her since then, and she proudly wears it as a badge of honor.

  • Linzey Rozon Lost Her Mother

You cannot ignore the pain that comes with the loss of any of your parents, no matter how old you are. Catherine Govan, Linzey Rozon's mother, died in 2012 for an unclear reason. Her wedding was roughly three years away. We can't comprehend the anguish she felt at the time, and even now, because a parent's death leaves a void that can't be replaced. Ashley and James are Rozon's two siblings. She has made it her mission to act as their mother.

  • Linzey is a Professional Equestrian

Horseback riding is regarded as a noble vocation in this day and age. It is a respectable sport that is only played by the privileged. It's similar to golf, where professional players who are millionaires themselves make billions.

Horseback riding is a pastime that brings together society's elites to enjoy a spectacle that used to be reserved for knights. Linzey Rozon is a professional equestrian with experience competing at the highest levels. Her professional life revolves around horses of various types, which she breeds, trains, and rides.

  • The Couple Married on September 6, 2015.

There are rumors that the couple has known each other since the early 2000s. While there is no way to tell for sure, we do know that they must have known one other for a long time because their chemistry on social media attests to their long-term relationship. After years of courting, they eventually decided to tie the wedding. On September 6, 2015, they tied the knot in front of family and friends. Since then, the couple hasn't missed a chance to flaunt their wedding images and their blossoming relationship on social media. Linzey continues to keep her personal life a secret.

  • Tim Rozon and His Wife Had a Four-Course Meal After Getting Married

Newlyweds have a routine in which they have some privacy and can do whatever couples do. Tim and Linzey Rozon, on the other hand, are in a different situation. Following their wedding, the couple went out to eat. For their night, they chose a four-course meal at Le Bremner, a Montreal restaurant.

  • There is no Timeline of Tim Rozon and Linzey Rozon’s Previous Relationships

The pair is still in love today. However, there are no evidence of their previous relationships before they met. Despite his celebrity, Tim Rozon has never been involved in a relationship that we can discover on the internet. The same may be said for Linzey. It appears that the couple was adamant about protecting their anonymity.

  • They Go Everywhere Together

You'll always find Linzey wherever Tim is, and vice versa. They embark on business and pleasure trips together, as well as red carpet celebrations, award shows, and other events. Theirs is a love match made in heaven, as seen by their adoration for one another. They make marriage a necessity.

  • Linzey Rozon has a Kid

Linzey announced her pregnancy in a post on Instagram sometime in 2019. This resulted in a deluge of congratulations from fans and family members alike. The couple announced that they had given birth to a healthy baby boy a few months later, in 2020. The baby's name has yet to be revealed to the public, as we assume the couple wishes to keep the newborn away from prying eyes of the press.

  • Linzey Rozon’s Husband was a Cast member on ‘The Great Gatsby’.

The Wynonna Earp actress made her professional debut in a 2000 rendition of "The Great Gatsby." It was the film that established him as one of the industry's next big things. In the film "Vagrant Queen," he played Isaac Stelling.

He became well-known for his role as Tommy Quincy in the teen drama series "Instant Star," which aired from 2004 to 2008. He's also appeared in the critically acclaimed series Wynonna Earp.

  • Linzey Rozon’s Husband, Tim is Wealthy

Rozon is a multi-talented actor who also writes and publishes books. This means that his fortune isn't solely based on film. Money flows in both directions thanks to royalties from his works. Rozon also owns and operates Garde Manger, a restaurant with a partner, Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes. We have no idea what Linzey is up to at the time. Tim Rozon, on the other hand, earns $56,977 every year. Tim Rozon has a net worth of $1 million, according to credible sources.

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