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Laos Exquisite Destinations


Laos is a land of beautifully magnificent and mesmerizing elements that in this universe you can see nowhere. It is a land of incredible sights, nature, creative architecture and beautiful personalities that are laid back. Until a few years ago, this magnificent nation was not known as a decent touring destination. Now, things have changed, with many foreign visitors coming down to this part of the globe every year to see the incredible beauty of nature. Opt for a million-elephant ride to this land and discover every piece of it.

Trip To Vientiane

Look for Laos' most significant national monument, the Golden Stupa in Vientiane, its most welcoming capital, and try exploring the whole temple and its surroundings as well. Come closer to the inner areas of this city, with the rise in temperature, and visit another very popular temple called Wat Si Saket. Join the other folks in this city at sunset and go for a walk along the mighty Mekong River.

Are you in love with adventure? Well, exploring this city will add a bit of adventure to your journey. Hire a motorcycle from any of the town's rentals and begin exploring all the surrounding areas. Take your motorcycle to the countryside and visit 'Buddha Park' at Luang Pu. "Also consider passing some of this city's most unusual and rare landmarks such as Beer lao brewery, busy on road markets, wats, and much more, "Thai Friendship Bridge.

Travel To VangVieng

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Visit VangVieng from the capital city by sitting on the Nam Song River to enjoy a magnificent view of the setting sun. Take a bus from Vientiane and this wonderful place can be easily reached. Book a guesthouse near the river once you get there and enjoy its spectacular view along with a cup of coffee.

Take advantage of Laos' most daring water sport, tubing. Head out a little late to the river so you can miss the young crowds and have the whole river for yourself. Spend your whole day on the Nam Song River and its ever-flowing streams.

Luang Prabang

Take a bus to the city of Luang Prabang to visit the most prestigious and historic sites in Laos. The journey may take the whole day, but you will certainly be occupied by the stunning views of the crevices and mountain tops, the small hilltop villages and the farmlands. Until you enter the city, head straight to the riverside and wait for the privilege of watching the sun fall over the mighty river of the Mekong. To explore all the exquisite architecture, take a motorcycle ride through the town. Spend a lazy night in the city's market places.

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