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The Inspiring Career And Unsuccessful Love Life Of The Prestigious Chef, Koren Grieveson


Koren Grieveson is a well-known chef who has worked in prestigious Chicago and New York restaurants. She was a judge in Bravo's Top Chef Season 4, competed in Iron Chef America Season 7, and is an awardee for her restaurant work in the Chicago culinary scene.

Despite the fact that Grieveson is well-known in the culinary world, you may have heard her name and wondered who she is. Get to know her more below!

Koren Grieveson Bio

Chef Koren Grieveson | Chef Anne Burrell Fiancée | Biography - CelebCritics.com

Koren Grieveson was born in Luanda, Angola, on November 4, 1971. Her father worked in the poultry sector, which demanded his family's frequent movement. Grieveson and her sisters grew up in numerous countries and she spent parts of her childhood and young adulthood in Brazil, England, and Iran. In the end, the family settled in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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Her mother, like many other famous chefs, was her first inspiration and teacher. Grieveson learned to cook from her mother and claims that her mother was a fantastic cook. In her cooking, Grieveson likes to play with flavors and influences from all over the world through her global perspective on food. In an interview with Food & Wine, Grieveson shared, "I do remember the food in all of these places, and that probably plays a role in my culinary perspective. My mother was an excellent cook, but we ate a lot of damn chicken."

She joined the US Army when she was 17 years old, spurred by her rebellious character, and spent the next eight years in the service. She enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in New York after being discharged from the military.

Koren Grieveson Restaurant

Chef Koren Grieveson @ CAC Starving Artist 2011

She worked at Aqua in San Francisco under Chef Michael Mina, at Spruce under Chef Keith Luce, and at Crofton on Wells with Chef Suzy Crofton after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1996.

Koren Grieveson acquired her signature style and precise palate while working as a sous chef at Blackbird restaurant with her executive chef Paul Kahan, from 1998 to 2003. While working as a chef at Blackbird, she was part of a team that launched the restaurant on the international stage, garnering significant awards for its amazing cuisine.

She won a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes during her time at Avec. She was named the Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine in 2008. She returned to New York in 2012 and spent her first days there residing in the home of Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton. She became the executive chef at Resto, a Belgian restaurant, in 2015. Prior to Grieveson, the kitchen has been led by notable chefs such as Ryan Skeen, Bobby Helen, and Preston Clarke. She chose to make small alterations after taking over while maintaining the restaurant's general essence. Resto had earned a reputation as a meat-centric eatery, and Grieveson had no desire to modify this, but she did want her clients to be able to eat there two or three times a week without feeling stuffed. She created her own harissa, which went perfectly with the mussels they were cooking. She also used spices and veggies to enhance the flavor of various recipes without overpowering them.

In April 2016, Grieveson left Resto. The restaurant closed a few months later, in August. It was renamed Cannibal Liquor House in October.

What Happened To Anne Burrell And Koren Grieveson?

Koren Grieveson posed for the Food & Wine magazine and a photo clip of her and Anne Burrell together
Koren Grieveson posed for the Food & Wine magazine and a photo clip of her and Anne Burrell together

Anne Burrell, a renowned culinary guru, was once in a romantic relationship with Grieveson. Koren Grieveson and Anne Burrell originally met on the set of Iron Chef America in 2012. According to HollywoodMask, the two well-known chefs were engaged in Puerto Rico in 2012 but for some unknown reason, they had put off their wedding. Because Grieveson tends to keep her personal life secret, Burrell's social media posts and interviews provided the majority of information regarding their connection.

According to The Daily Meal, Grieveson moved to New York in September 2012 to be with Burrell, and the couple was engaged by New Year's Eve that year. Burrell and Grieveson confirmed their engagement on December 31, 2012. Burrell announced that they were hoping to marry by 2018 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2013. Burell later told Entertainment Tonight that her schedule had been extremely busy following the engagement, and she and Grieveson were not seeing each other as often, but that they were planning a destination wedding. However, Burrell and Grieveson did not marry in the end, and it appears that they split up.

Did Anne Burrell marry Stuart Claxton? Burrell had since moved on and married Stuart Claxton on October 16, 2021


Koren Grieveson has an amazing and successful career as a chef and we hope for her happiness in life!

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