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Key Factors for While Planning the Training Strategy


With a worldwide pandemic behind us, if there's one thing we've learned from 2020, it's that planning and innovation can turn significant disruptions into even bigger opportunities. Every leader needs to equip their organization with the tools and information to adapt to an uncertain global work environment.

The answer is to chart a training impact roadmap that will guide every critical decision you take at the helm of your organization in 2021. But you ought to make sure that your change initiative evolves to align together with your desired business goals.

With the best learning management system, equip your organization with the proper knowledge and tools to adapt to any uncertainty. With Discoverlink, increase staff competence. Make your employees shift-ready faster and make fewer mistakes.

The Online training and learning industry is among the few which gained momentum in 2020. So, it's going not to surprise you to understand that over 57% of Learning and Development professionals proposed a rise in their budget this year.

4 Key Factors To Consider While Planning Your Training Strategy

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Here's what you should keep in mind as you conduct your SWOT analysis for Learning and Development this year:

Opt For Content Modernization

Thanks to remote working, Although there might be a perfect legacy training content. However, it's not synchronized with your desired business outcomes. That's why 2021 is your last chance to explore new avenues of digital learning from outdated training materials.

It's time to rebuild the Learning and Development strategy. 2020 proved to be a catalyst for the already urgent need for digital transformation. It's time to evolve your existing training programs into eLearning content, thus avoiding the need for an entire overhaul.

Develop Video-Based Microlearning Nuggets

A recent study found that a worker may only dedicate just 1% of his average workweek to training. The answer is to build quick bursts of bite-sized learning for your workers who are time-starved.

Any internet-connected device limitations faced by employees are also taken into account. Video-based learning material features a sleek, modern vibe that engages the learner and keeps them engaged.

Employees have the freedom to set their own learning pace and could gain knowledge rapidly.

Invest In A Cloud-Based LMS

The need of the hours is a brand-aligned learner-centric platform that can embrace the new remote workforce.

In terms of cost-cutting, by choosing a simple curriculum with customizable LMS and building a sub-platform for certification and employee assessment. It could be the perfect fit if one is looking forward to compliance training.

Listen To Your LMS Metrics

It's essential to evaluate the business impact of your training efforts. It is difficult to determine how far the trainee has come and where he is in his learning initiative.

To have a deeper insight into the trainee, one can opt for performance reports and LMS metric data. This helps in keeping track of progress.

Go Fully Mobile-optimized Learning

Whenever an employee goes on a break from work, the chances are high on their phones. This holds for remote workers as well. So, it's better to infuse your workflow with mobile-optimized training with games and fun interactive video learning.

The digital learning solutions are the essential elements for your corporate training.


We believe the key factors mentioned above have helped you understand the thighs to keep in mind while planning your training strategy.

Teamwork is an essential aspect of successful learning solutions. Feedback and improvement areas should be considered regularly to satisfy your crucial learning and development stakeholders.

If you stay true to your training impact roadmap and embrace the change by adopting modern learning experiences, you'll be able to ride the wave of 2021.

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