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Shannon Sharpe’s Ex-fiancée, Katy Kellner


Anyone who knows the 3-times Super-bowl champion, Shannon Sharpe, is aware of the bittersweet relationships he had throughout these years. One of his prominent relationships is with Katy Kellner. Katy was not into any business concerning the big screen or the television. She was only brought to the attention of the public after her romantic relationship with the football superstar, Shannon Sharpe. But Kellner has a whole different life aside from being linked to Sharpe.

Shannon sharpe and katy kellner
Shannon sharpe and katy kellner

Katy was born in 1981 in Atlanta, and she has an American nationality. There is only a little information about her upbringing. Even though she was linked to a celebrity, she managed to keep a low profile. This is why there are only small and limited details about her personal life and family background. But she was sure to have been raised from a loving family. This is based on her Instagram post on July 31, 2017, and November 6, 2016, where she showed pictures of her father.

Kellner did not mention any name in the post, but the picture signifies the strong bond between the two. Her parents or no public figures, which led to a normal childhood for Katy. She is a graduate of Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. However, there are no reports stating the exact major she undertook. She also pursued having her master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Troy University in Alabama.


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After finishing her master’s degree at Troy University, she proceeded on pursuing a teaching career in Fulton County Public School. Many would think that it is a very unlikely start for Kelly, who was a boast of buff yet possessing a flawless physique. But according to her LinkedIn profile, she was indeed a teacher for about ten years, and she concluded this career in 2013. After being a public school teacher, Katy decided to venture into a new career to try.

Katy grew fond of bodybuilding and fitness, which gave her the idea of doing a business out of it. She, together with a man named Marlon Byrd, co-founded a fitness gym which they later called “Thousand Oaks Gym.” They decided to establish their bodybuilding and fitness business in California. Katy Kellner is not only the owner of the gym but also its fitness coach and instructor. She’s also the regional director at Flywheel Sports and a senior master instructor at CycleBar.

Katy kellner fitness career
Katy kellner fitness career

Katy was successful in venturing into the fitness industry. She made a decent life for herself just by her fitness career alone. In 2020, her net worth was estimated to be over $1 million. This income mostly comes from her Thousand Oaks Gym, while her other fitness hub affiliations also contribute to the number.

And even though she is keeping a low-key life, Katy is a social bee with an active social media account. The fitness enthusiast has an active account on Instagram that covers over 14k followers. She uses this platform to post her daily routine, exercises, drills, and fitness tips for her avid followers. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts are in private mode with small followership. This is maybe where she is revealing more information among people with a close connection with her.

Past Relationships

As all Shannon Sharpe’s fans know, Katy was one of the relationships that made Shannon the talk of the town. The once lovesick couple met at the Thousand Oaks Gym, the gym that was owned by Katy. This is the place where they first laid their eyes with each other, and they even call it “love at first sight.” They dated for several months, worked out physically and romantically together until they got engaged in 2016 with no exact date reported.

Shannon sharpe and katy kellner with friends
Shannon sharpe and katy kellner with friends

Everyone thought that this would be the end of the bachelorship of Shannon as the couple is seen to be madly in love with each other. They were the subject of Shannon’s fans, thinking that they will hear the wedding bell sooner or later.

But fate seems to have played with the love life of Shannon and Katy. Shocking news hit the fans stating that Katy is pregnant, but the unborn child’s father is not the NFL star with who Katy was in a relationship at that time. On November 4, 2018, Katy made an Instagram post at about 4:04 pm.

This particular post specifically points out the fact that the co-founder of the Thousand Oaks Gym was the one responsible for the pregnancy of Katy, and not Shannon, who was her then-fiancé. The news startled the internet, having the fans confused and searching for answers on what actually happened. But Katy turned down that post on Instagram and delivered the healthy boy successfully. Both Katy and Shannon were silent about the issue and have not given any statement even on their social media accounts.

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe was born on June 26, 1968, in a poor family in Chicago, Illinois, to father Pete Sharpe and mother, Mary Alice Dixon. Although he was raised in a poor environment and was transferred to her grandparents after her parents got divorced, Shannon managed to graduate in college with a BS degree in Criminal Justice in 1989. He then worked his way to become the NFL star that he is right now. He is already retired, but back in the days, he played for the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens in a career that spanned for 14 seasons. He is the tight end position for the team and is regarded as one of the greatest TE players in the NFL.

Shannon sharpe nfl
Shannon sharpe nfl

Shannon was indeed unlucky with love. He had faced a major controversy concerning an alleged sexual assault, a case filed by her ex-girlfriend Michelle Bundy. However, the case was closed after the latter was accused of fabricating her claims about Shannon. He then met Katy Kellner at the gym, which she owned while they were working out. But he was also bombarded with allegations when he was linked to the American fashion model, Nicole Murphy, in 2017.

Anyway, that issue was deemed false, and it eventually disappeared after Shannon announced her engagement with Katy. But not long after, they broke up and stayed muted about the sudden pregnancy of Katy.

Shannon is now happily retired with his three children, but they are all from his different relationships. At the moment, he is living a single life, and there are no recent reports on whether he is dating someone or not.

Katy’s Current Relationship

After the bomb was dropped that Shannon was not the father of the child she was bearing, the two called it quits and walked on their separate ways. However, their break up was only made known to the public after an official post of Katy was seen on social media. After a few months, Katy posted a picture on Instagram flaunting her baby bump together with the co-owner of her gym, Marlon Byrd. Some fans even mistakenly congratulated Katy and Shannon, thinking that it was the latter’s child. But it was eventually known that Marlon was the father.

Pregnant katy kellner and marlon byrd
Pregnant katy kellner and marlon byrd

Although there was no clarification as to how and when their relationship has started, they are seen to be happy together. Their son, Hayden, was born in December 2018. Even with the rough start of their family, the couple was proud of their little family. This is as seen on Marlon Byrd’s Instagram account, where he shares pictures of his family. There he expresses his love for Katy and their son and how blessed he is to have the two of them in his life.

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