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Katherine Clark Scarborough - Daughter Of Famous TV Personality Joe Scarborough


Katherine Clark Scarborough was born on August 8, 2003, in the United States. In 2022, she is 19 years old. Her mother's name is Susan Waren, and her father is Joe Scarborough. Her grandparents are Mary Joanna and George Francis Scarborough.

She also has two step-siblings in addition to her one sibling. Melanie Hinton is his brother's name. She has American citizenship and identifies as a Christian. She also has Leo as her zodiac sign.

Personal Life

Katherine Clark is not married or involved in any other relationships, so let's move on to her personal and romantic life. But after dating for a while, her parents, Susan and Joe, got hitched in 2001. They separated in 2013.

Katherine is of legal age to engage in relationships of any type. However, there could be one in the future. She also has no preference for one gender over another. She also has no role in any other contentious situations. She might be single right now.

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Professional Life

For any type of professional work, Katherine Clark Scarborough is still far too young. Additionally, she is currently financially dependent on her parents. His television personality father, Joe Scarborough, is well-known.

He is also a former politician, an attorney, and a political pundit. On MSNBC, he co-hosts the Morning Joe program. Prior to the show, Joe hosted Scarborough Country on MSNBC.

Speaking of his political activities, he also represented the Republican party in the US House of Representatives for Florida's 1st district.

Additionally, Susan Waren, her mother, used to work for a congressional committee. She was also Jeb Bush's former governor of Florida's previous assistant. She works with the Sherwood Foundation and is also an American philanthropist.

Net Worth

Katherine Clark is extremely fortunate and had a very privileged and joyful upbringing. The fame and wealth her parents have accumulated over the years are due to them. Additionally, she has not disclosed her total net worth.

Joey Scarborough Net Worth

However, her father's whole net worth is around 25 million US dollars.

Body Measurements And Social Media

Katherine Clark Scarborough is a lovely young woman with excellent manners and character. The famous kid stands at 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She hasn't yet made her total body measurement public, though. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is a dark shade of black.

Being young, Katherine does not want to post her private details on social media sites. She consequently lacks any sort of account on any of the platforms.

People Also Ask

What Are The Details About Katherine Clark Scarborough College And School Life?

In terms of formal education, she finished high school at a nearby institution in her hometown. She hasn't yet provided any other information, though. There is no further information about her school and college life.

How Old Is Katherine Clark Scarborough?

Katherine Clark Scarborough is 19 years old as of 2022.

Who Are The Parents Of Katherine Clark Scarborough?

Joey Scarborough and Susan Waren are the parents of Katherine Clark Scarborough.


Katherine Clark Scarborough is well-known for being the daughter of Joe Scarborough. Joe is a political analyst, lawyer, television host, and former politician. Susan Waren, who is also her mother, served as Florida Governor Jeb Blush's aide in the past.

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