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Jet Set Travel Small Logo Shoulder Bag With Pouches - Your Ideal Travel Bag


Because it gives a more refined spin on the utilitarian style, the addition of a jet set travel small logo shoulder bag with pouches can make any outfit look more put together. This is because the bag gives a very good style and an air of sophistication.

It features two pouches that are detachable from the case and is crafted with a signature logo-print canvas for a unique appearance. Additionally, the pouches are removable from the case.

Jet Set Fast Facts

Journalists use the term "jet set" to refer to an international social group comprised of wealthy individuals who frequently travel to different parts of the world in order to take part in social activities that are inaccessible to typical citizens.

The phrase, which came to replace "café society," was derived from the way of life that involved flying from one fashionable or exotic location to another in rapid succession.

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Igor Cassini, a reporter for the New York Journal-American, is the one who is credited with coining the term "jet set." Cassini wrote under the pen name "Cholly Knickerbocker."

In the 1950s, jet passenger service was marketed almost exclusively to the upper class. However, the advent of jet passenger service eventually led to a significant increase in the accessibility of air travel.

Even though the phrase "jet set" is still used in everyday conversation, its original connotation of people who traveled by private jet is no longer accurate in this context.


The once-vibrant "jet set" experienced a renaissance after the debut of the supersonic Concorde in the year 1976. On January 21, 1976, scheduled flights began on two routes: the London–Bahrain oil executive route and the Paris–Rio de Janeiro (via Dakar) route.

Both routes were considered to be jet set routes. Since November 1977, the Concorde has been flying between standard jet set destinations, such as London or Paris to New York City. The passenger lists on the Concorde's initial flights have been the subject of gossip columns.

The Concorde was responsible for restoring the prestige associated with the term "jet set." According to the Nova retrospective special "Supersonic Dream," "From rock stars to royalty, the Concorde was the way to travel for the jet set."

The Concorde, on the other hand, was doomed to fail because of its sonic boom, its inability to obtain global fly-over rights as a result of the boom, its enormous thirst for jet fuel, and a disastrous crash.

The plane was taken out of service in 2003. When it came to passenger capacity, the Boeing 747 was the aircraft that ushered in a new era of innovation in the airline industry.

The Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag

The excellent craftsmanship of this item adds to the allure of its unusual nature. These pouches are ideal for storing your most frequently used cards as well as your AirPods so that they are never out of reach and can be accessed quickly and easily at any time.

A woman carrying a jet set bag while doing a finger heart
A woman carrying a jet set bag while doing a finger heart

This bag is so adaptable that you could use it as an accessory not only with athletic wear but also with the printed dresses that are all the rage this season.

These pouches are also ideal for storing your AirPods and the cards you use the most frequently.

  • BrandMichael Kors
  • UPC0194900513491
  • ModelMichael Kors Jet Set Travel
  • eBay Product ID (ePID)3048227815


  • Shoulder bag
  • Logo-print canvas
  • 89.4% coated canvas/9.6% polyester/1% polyurethane
  • Silver-tone hardware
  • Exterior details: 2 detachable pouches
  • Interior details: back slip pocket, 3 front card slots
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Zip fastening

People Also Ask

Where Can I Buy The Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag?

You can buy these bags online like E-bay and any other online shopping stores.

How Much Is A Jet Set Travel Shoulder Bag?

It is usually sold around $200 and above.

What Does Jet Set Mean For Michael Kors?

Aside from it is one of Michael Kors' famous bag selections, the Michael Kors Jet Set Experience is a large-scale, 360-degree event that immerses attendees in music, moving images, and emotion.

Final Words

The Jet Set Travel shoulder bag has an elegant appearance while still being functional for everyday use. It is crafted from Signature logo-print canvas for a novelty appeal, and it features two pouches that can be removed from the case.

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