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Isan Did Not Talk To Idris Elba For Three Weeks - This Is Because Of Idris Elba's Movie "Beast"


After she didn't get a part in Idris Elba's new movie, Isan did not talk to Idris Elba for three weeks.

In a recent episode of "The Breakfast Club," the actor said that Isan had tried out for his new movie, Beast, hoping to play one of his daughters.

She didn't get the part, so she and the famous actor had a hard time getting along for a few weeks.

Idris thinks his daughter's audition was great.

It just didn't fit the mood of the movie.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/isan-did-not-talk-to-idris-elba-for-three-weeks/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2022-08-19T03:39:46.200Z

Idris Elba told the hosts of The Breakfast Club that his relationship with his daughter "wasn't right for the movie," even though she did a great job at the audition.

"The chemistry between the characters in the movie and my daughter wasn't right for the movie," he said. "Weirdly enough."

Why Isan Did Not Talk To Idris Elba For Three Weeks?

Idris Elba's Daughter Didn't Talk To Him For 3 Weeks After Failing To Land A Role In 'Beast'

Some people were upset when the last casting call for Idris Elba's upcoming movie, Beast, was made.

And Idris felt the disappointment close to home, which was a shame.

The British actor recently said that his 20-year-old daughter Isan stopped talking to him for three weeks because he chose someone else to play on-screen with his daughter.

The British actor went on to say that after movie producer Will Packer told his daughter she didn't get the part, she "didn't talk to him for about three weeks."

Packer also said that Elba had a hard time deciding that his own daughter shouldn't play the role of his on-screen daughter.

"I called her and talked to her because I've known her for a long time... Packer said on iHeart radio, "I'm like Uncle Will."

Packer also said that Isan and her father had to look for work together."

"Idris auditioned with her, and he was very hard on her. He told her, 'Listen, at the end of the day, we'll make the best decision for the movie. I believe in you, Will, and I believe in the director,' and she was very good and very close.

Even though Isan didn't get the job, she took it anyway and went to the premiere of the movie with her dad.

Elba said, "She was very nice about it, and we were able to work things out. I'm really proud of her for coming to the premiere even though she didn't get the part."

The guy who opened his A-Level results live on GMB and had a "awful" moment has a funny response.

People on social media had different ideas about who was cast and what Elba did to get his daughter to leave him.

Some people said that People's former Sexiest Man Alive didn't do enough to help his daughter get ahead in business.

I don't see anything wrong with helping a family member find work."

Someone else said, "I would definitely put my kid in my movie. I would just hire all my friends, like Adam Sandler and Kevin Smith."

"A third person said, "I think 90% of people have used nepotism at some point in their lives, so I think it's weirder and worse parenting to not go out of your way to help your daughter succeed. Hot take, but in the end, almost all families will look out for each other."


Isan didn't talk to Idirs Elba for three weeks because of the movie "Beast."

In the movie Beast, a widow and her two daughters go to South Africa to start a new life.

While they are there, a lion who wants to eat people comes after them.

The thought is scary, so maybe it's better that Idris and Isan didn't have to spend those long, tiring months filming together.

Both of them would have found it much easier.

Despite all of that, we can't wait to see this movie.

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