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Get Inspirations For Your Next Art Work Project On Huaban Website In 2022


Most businesses are aware that Pinterest has been included in the website prohibited in China, alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While Pinterest was never as popular in China as domestic social media giants WeChat and Weibo, it has proven to be an effective marketing tactic for luxurious firms targeting Chinese consumers. Its distinctive features drew trendsetting Chinese fashionistas with a taste for high-end items, and their curated image boards drove referral traffic to luxury firms' websites and blogs, enhancing people's awareness of the products and brands. Huaban is like Pinterest of China where people can post photos for personal and commercial purposes.

Huaban.com is an interest-based photo-sharing social networking site. Users can utilize the website's simple collecting feature to reorganize and collect their favorite photos.

Huaban Website

Huaban Website shows the Watercolor hand-painted collections
Huaban Website shows the Watercolor hand-painted collections

Huaban is an online platform that allows users to collect and exchange photos and images based on their interests. The website is China's version of Pinterest, with a layout and appearance that is quite similar. Huaban has a vast user base that pins photographs from other websites to their boards on a daily basis. Huaban has risen to the top of the competition as a result of this. Users can also share their photographs and boards on popular social networking apps like WeChat and Weibo using Huaban.

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It is now used by over 1 million professional designers and life designers on a daily basis. Petal Browser is a tool for collecting petals. More than 2 million images of inspiration have been gathered from various websites across the world.

Huaban.com uses the "drawing board" method to reorganize interesting stuff from links, collection, arrangement, and sharing. The drawing sheet easily depicts each user's personality, taste, and outlook on life, making it easy to engage with other users.

Huaban has a lot of categories you can choose from such as up to date, Wool felt clothing, Korean illustration, Retro nostalgic poster, Wedding Invitations, Still Life Photography, Candy box, Minimalist poster, Black and white poster, Bridal headdress, Japanese poster, European and American posters, Cat illustration, Flower girl, Wedding ring, product design, Street drawing, Animated poster, Concept motorcycle, and Holding flowers.

Graphic designers can choose millions of collections. Users have access to wedding invitations, business cards, brand logos, three-dimension fonts, menu design, Chinese patterns, wine packaging, product packaging, DM folding, Cartoon illustrations, Flat illustrations, anime mobile wallpapers, product styling, and so much more! These pictures and illustrations are collected from different websites and integrated into one platform so digital artists and graphic designers can have inspiration for their projects. And it is where they can also share their pictures and illustrations.

You can also directly log in to Huaban using Weibo, Graph.pp, Douban, and WeChat.


Huaban has been a helpful website for graphic artists for inspiration to do their projects. It is even being used by several Chinese luxury firms to debut their latest products. It is definitely worth a try!

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