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How Do I Use The Paytm First Game Bonus Money?


PayTM is one of India's most popular online payment apps. People have recently become enamored with something new from PayTM. Yes, I'm referring to the Paytm first games. With Paytm's new app, you can win a lot of cash prizes by playing games and entering contests from the comfort of your own home. The game, on the other hand, has a plethora of bonus features. Today, we will learn how to use the Paytm First Games Bonus Balance.

PayTM First Games is a program that allows you to add or deposit money and then play various games with it. There are hundreds of games, such as rummy, cricket, and lottery. Choose one of those games and contribute the required amount.

These PayTM first game rewards are simple to withdraw from your Paytm wallet. What about the Bonus Balance, though?

You can only add money to your deposit account and play games with it. All winning prizes will be credited to your Winning Balance account. You will then be able to withdraw any amount to your bank or PayTM.

Completing game tasks and rewards, on the other hand, will earn you a free Bonus Balance.

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The Bonus Balance in PayTM first games is only for bonuses earned from game rewards or challenges. Paytm's first game is chock-full of freebies. Every user receives a 50 bonus balance simply by signing up. In addition, a bonus balance can be obtained by redeeming other rewards in Paytm first games.

How to use Paytm First Games bonus | Paytm First Games Ka bonus withdrawal kaise kare |

What Is Paytm Wallet And How To Use It?

Paytm wallet is a safe, RBI-approved digital/mobile wallet that can be used for a variety of purposes. It functions similarly to digital cash in that it can be used for any type of consumer payment. You can fund your Paytm wallet using UPI, internet banking, or credit/debit cards. You can also transfer money from your Paytm wallet to a bank account or another person's Paytm wallet.

The Paytm Wallet can be used for the following transactions:

  • Pay utility bills such as electricity, challan, broadband/landline, municipal taxes, water, or gas (cylinders or prepaid gas). You can also pay for educational expenses such as school fees or rent.
  • Paytm allows you to recharge your mobile, landline, or broadband, metro card, DTH, FASTag, Google Play, and other services. You can also pay mobile postpaid bills.

-Use your Paytm Wallet to book flight tickets, IRCTC train tickets, bus tickets, movie tickets, and so on. You can book these directly through the Paytm app or through a third-party service. Paytm payment methods are available on applications such as BookMyShow, IRCTC, and others.

  • You can use Paytm Wallet to pay for services provided by third-party apps such as Uber, Zomato, Flipkart, and others.
  • You can shop online at Paytm Ecommerce site – Paytm Mall, as well as other e-commerce sites such as Myntra, Ajio, and others. You can not only use your Paytm wallet to make payments on these 3P apps, but you can also look for Paytm offers and vouchers to get discounts/cashback.
  • You can also buy and share gift cards with friends, as well as subscribe to various apps. Pay your credit card bills, loans, or rent with Paytm.
  • You can use the Paytm Wallet to pay for Paytm FASTags as well as bank-issued FASTags. Aside from the services and facilities mentioned above, the mini store allows you to order medicines, consult doctors, and access various lifestyle or service applications.

How To Use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

PayTM first Games Bonus Balance cannot be withdrawn or transferred to a bank or Paytm account. Because this balance can only be used to play more PayTM first games.

Paytm's first games offered a valuable opportunity to try out their games for free. To participate in any game, you must pay a fee. You can use money by adding from your bank, or you can use your bonus balance to play these games.

When you win a game with a bonus balance, the rewards will be credited to your winning balance, which you can then transfer to your bank.

3 Ways To Use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

Words ‘PayTM First Games Bonus Balance’
Words ‘PayTM First Games Bonus Balance’


Rummy is a popular card game. This type of betting game is very popular in India, and almost every Indian man knows how to play Rummy. To play a Rummy game, you must place a bet or pay a small fee for the game.

Use your Paytm First Games Bonus Balance to play these Rummy games and win real cash prizes. I'd like to let you know that many people have made a lot of money from the Rummy game on Paytm First Games.


Paytm First Games, like lottery tickets, has a section dedicated solely to lottery tickets. There are numerous lottery tickets available, each with a different prize. The larger the prize, the higher the price you pay to enter the lottery.

Each lottery contains all of the details. How many members are there, how many rounds will be played, what is the fee, and so on. Simply purchase a lottery ticket for ten rupees.

The winning prize will be credited to the account with the highest winning balance. You are free to withdraw any amount from there.

Fantasy Cricket

Simply go to more games and you'll see Fantasy Cricket on the first page. For a fee, you can participate and predict which team will win. Yes, each time you participate and make a guess, you will be charged a fee.

And the winning prize is also quite large. All information has been added to the contest. All you have to do is enter the fantasy cricket contest, pay the fee, and pick one of the two teams.

After that, all you have to do is wait for the outcome. If your team wins, you will receive the tournament's prize money.

How To Earn Paytm First Game Bonus Balance

To win the Paytm First Game Bonus Balance, you must participate in some contests or complete some tasks. There is also a referral program for earning direct deposit funds, which is essentially the same thing.

Open your Paytm First Game app to start earning Paytm First Game Bonus Balance. Look for the reward tab down below.

After going to the reward, look for available contests or tasks to complete; each contest has its own set of rules and tastes to satisfy. Simply select any and finish to earn Paytm First Game Bonus Balance.

Final Words

So, here are all of the specifics for utilizing the Paytm First Games bonus balance. You can only use the bonus balance to play the game and win real cash prizes with it. Paytm First Games is a reputable company.

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