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How To Style Winter Boots For Men Like A Pro


As the winter starts, we all run towards our wardrobes to find warm and comfortable to wear this season. In winter, the main part of every person's wardrobe is warm and durable shoes with extra protective layers. We all know boots are sturdy and provide warmth, but some people hesitate to wear boots and are afraid they might end up with a clumsy look. If you don't know how to style winter boots for men sophisticatedly. Just keep reading! This article will help you select the best winter boots outfits and to save you from looking out of place. Let's start.

Snow Boots

Men’s snow boots are insulated boots used to wear in low temperatures. These shoes often have faux fur or lining inside to trap the heat. You can make interesting looks with snow boots.

  • Pair black jeans with a black turtle neck, a black fleece hood, and black or brown snow boots. To complete this look, add a scarf and cap with it.
  • Try dark black jeans with a dark brown sweater, or wear a long light brown coat, black scarf, and brown snow boots.
  • For a coffee look, wear blue jeans, a grey sweatshirt with a leather jacket of your favorite color, and black snow boots.
  • You can also try a look with a long coat and pair it with a sweater, cap, and chinos for a smart casual look.

Chelsea Boots

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If you want a new boot that you can wear with almost anything, you should buy Chelsea boots. Whether you are planning to wear them at the office, at dinner, or just for a long walk, they are versatile enough to carry all your styles.

  • For a smart casual look, wear Chelsea boots with chinos. Try brown Chelsea boots with blue chinos, light color shirt, and glasses; for extra warmth, try a jacket over it.
  • If you want something warmer, try the winter jacket of your choice, along with blue patterned chinos, with a white shirt, and wear it with beige or black chinos. Wear a nice watch with it.
  • Try too casual look by wearing jeans and a t-shirt of the same color or in contrast with the best match Chelsea. You can add a sweater if you want.
  • Wear brown pants, brown Chelsea boots, and a white turtle neck with a long coat to make a sophisticated look.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are a great option for men to wear in winter. These are classical, stylish, and elegant boots. If you prefer waterproof chukka boots, you should buy full-grain leather boots. They are ideal for dressing up and down because of the availability of many designs and colors. Here are a few looks to answer the question, “How to style winter boots for men?”

  • Try wearing brown leather chukka boots, a navy blue suit, and a sky blue shirt for a business casual look. Use a striped tie to complete you attire.
  • In the second look, you can use the suit in contrast colors, try beige pants with a green coat, suede chukka boots with black goggles, and you are ready to go.
  • If you want to go out with friends to hang out, wear blue denim with a sweater, a long coat, and black boots.
  • If you still haven't decided what to wear for lunch with friends, we will solve your problem. Here you have two options. First, go with nice pants, a decent color shirt, boots, and a coat. The second is replacing the coat with a nice sweater.

Work Boots

Work boots are the durable, stylish, warm, and versatile ones in your wardrobe. These shoes are made for outdoor work but can also be worn as a fashion statement. Here are a few guidelines about how to style winter boots for men.

  • With work boots, we like bulky looks; try jeans with T-shirt, a jacket, and a scarf.
  • Try dark blue jeans with a nice button-down shirt for a night out. Pair this look with a cool leather jacket and a watch.
  • Pair black work boots with white pants white winter coat with a grey color t-shirt for a simple casual look.
  • If you want a casual look as a student, try green chinos with a black sweater; for the upper part, try a bulky jacket in a dark maroon shade with a watch in your hand.

Combat Boots

These are heavy-duty boots made especially for the soldier. They are a great investment to add to your wardrobe. They are stylish and trendy and make you more noticeable. But how to style winter boots for men for a perfect balance look is a question? With so many outfit styles, it's hard to figure out what goes perfectly with Combat boots, but we made this effortless for you.

  • For a casual look, wear the oversize sweater of your choice with contrast jeans and end this look with black combat boots.
  • Try grey-colored patterned chinos with a plain grey t-shirt, a brown cap, and Chelsea boots to make an edgy look.
  • To make a trendy look, pair navy jeans with a contrast sweatshirt and add a cap, a simple chain if you want, and brown boots.
  • Try a black look, wear black jeans and a black T-shirt with black combat boots and to level the combat boots use a maroon leather jacket.

Recommended Winter Boots For Men

If you want to buy some men’s winter boots, we recommend you can buy Nortiv8 winter shoes at affordable prices. Nortiv8 is a footwear brand that offers varieties of shoes for men including snow boots, chukka boots, hiking boots and more in different styles and designs.

Wrap-up Words

There is no need to compromise your comfort and warmth for a stylish look. You can have both the right pair of boots and comfort. How to style winter boots for men is not as difficult as you think. Various products are in the market; you must pick the right outfit and boots. Simple outfits can also make you look modish and smart with the right pick. We hope this guide will help you select the perfect look for you, and you can even experiment with a new look inspired by this article.

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