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How to Maximize Your Space for Entertaining


If you're looking to make your home a hub for entertaining, you might be thinking about alterations that can help you in this. What those specific alterations will be will vary based on whether you're planning to throw more Super Bowl type parties or black-tie events, but below are a few suggestions of things you might consider.

Outdoor Features

There are plenty of ways you could configure the outdoors for entertaining, and you don't necessarily have to live in a warm climate to be able to use your outdoors for most of the year. If you want to be able to enjoy your backyard during relatively cold weather, you could consider installing patio heating. Other possibilities for winter warmth outdoors are a heated pool or hot tub. If you love cooking from scratch, consider investing in a smoker or other barbecue equipment. Another possibility is an outdoor pizza oven, which allows you to get temperatures much hotter than you would be able to on your indoor oven and can result in restaurant quality pizza crusts.

Home Elevator

A home elevator can be a great addition, allowing guests to move easily between floors. It is particularly helpful for anyone who has mobility issues, but can also be great if you have caterers over or if you are doing the catering yourself. There are fantastic residential elevators that can be installed in most types of multi-floor homes, and they can make your house far more welcoming to anyone who is in a wheelchair or who struggles with stairs.

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Utilizing Space

You don't need to live in a mansion to have the right space for parties. It's more about what you do with the space that you have. For example, you can arrange your seating so that people can gather in small groups or have pieces of furniture dedicated to certain activities, such as tables for playing games. If you don't have much space, sectionals can be better than chairs for fitting more people in. Be aware that overly large rooms might seem perfect for entertaining but can feel cold or unfriendly if you do not make an effort to deal with the scale and create more intimate spaces within them.

Think About Mood

A sound system throughout the various rooms and outside as well can help with this as can having the right lighting. Try to keep clutter to a minimum, but have what you need to entertain on hand, such as serving platters and enough glasses, plates and utensils. Think as well about colors and textures that will make your spaces feel inviting.

Consider Focal Points

Do you want to host a neighborhood movie screening? A projector and a big screen will be your focal point. If the weather's nice, think about doing it outdoors in your backyard. Other ideas for focal points include a warm fireplace or a home bar. Maybe it's a karaoke machine, or maybe your friends love board games, and you're going to set up a stack of games and a few tables where people can gather.

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