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How To Get A Good CBD Gummy



Cannabidiol (CBD) gummies — like CBD edibles but smaller and fun! CBD is a huge component of medical marijuana, but it is mostly derived from the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD is non-intoxicating. Sorry to all the party animals! Technically, if you do want a little bit of both the medical and recreational benefits, just look out for CBD Gummies that contain THC. It’s the major component that induces intoxication. However, that is not the point. The point is; CBD gummies have been growing in popularity in the market for their portability and various beneficial properties. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unequal daily doses. It’s super convenient, just pop it in your mouth and you’re good to go.

CBD gummies are great for vitamin supplements, anxiety/stress relief, sleeping problems, and pain relief. Depending on what your needs are, there could be a line of products that specifically address what you need. We know the ‘hunting’ process can get tedious, so we’ve created a quick guide on how to make sure you are getting the right products.

Three Things To Look Out For

In CBD gummies, there are different types of components. Some are mixed in with THC, some are purely just CBD. Here are three terms to help you weed them out.

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  • Full-SpectrumThis product comprises the entire cannabis plant’s ingredients. You’ll find terpenes, oils, cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. THC is the component that contributes to intoxication, so if you’re okay with a bit of recreational use, Full-Spectrum CBD gummies are the variation to go for.
  • Broad-SpectrumThis product also contains the entire cannabis plant’s make-up, but without the THC.
  • CBD IsolateThis product only has CBD. There will be no terpenes (refers to the scent that comes with plants). This confuses many buyers as they mistake CBD isolate for ‘Cannabis Isolate’ instead of Cannabidiol. Be sure to not make this mistake!

Why Do People Take Gummies?

CBD gummies are amazing for pain relief. In fact, CBD’s most sought after for its efficiency in the pain relief department. Most manufacturers differentiate their products by adding amazing ingredients like ginger to increase its anti-inflammatory properties. If you are in search of a product targeting swelling or for relieving pain, find products that are in the broad- and full-spectrum variation for added effectiveness

Other than pain-relief, CBD gummies are great to take right before bed too! Some brands specialize in “night-time intakes”, where these CBD gummies have added melatonin to aid in a peaceful and fuller sleep.

CBD gummies are also a fun way to get your fill of the day’s vitamins. Some brands create CBD gummies in fun fruity flavors and are great to take after a long day of work to unwind.

CBD Gummy
CBD Gummy

How Do I Get Started?

Especially for CBD newbies, it is highly advised to start off with lower doses in the CBD isolate or broad-spectrum variation. Do take note that unlike candies, each CBD gummy takes about two hours to kick in. It’s not popcorn, so don’t keep taking them all at one go. If two hours see no results, that is where you start increasing your dosage to find out what works for you.

If you’re looking for something stronger, look for CBD gummies with a potency of 15mg or more. Usually, gummies with a higher CBD potency are used by people looking for anti-inflammatory products and are taken mostly in the night time. Some gummies have specific lines to take in the day, and in the night. Most of the time, night time CBD gummies have melatonin included in them, so you’re definitely in for a good night’s sleep if you’re looking for something to reset your body clock.

Experienced users, especially those who take CBD for severe pain relief, take CBD gummies in conjunction with transdermal patches for a stronger effect. However, what works for some may not work for you, so it is best to always talk to your doctor first before adding more CBD into your routine in order to avoid unwanted complications.

How Can I Tell If This CBD Product Is Of Good Quality?

With many CBD entrepreneurs and businesses joining the market, it can get hard to get to the nitty-gritty and identify which product is truly authentic and of quality. It all boils down to product certifications, official third-party tests, a transparent ingredients list, and a clean company record.

Usually, you can tell a CBD product is totally safe to use if it is certifiably tested by a third-party for heavy metals, pesticides, or mold. Before legalization, farmers would do whatever they like to grow their crop, never really testing it for harmful chemicals. With these regulations in check, you avoid the consumption of potentially poisonous components.

You also have to take a look at the product’s ingredients list. Some have fallen for scams because of the misleading ingredient list. Make sure it at least includes Cannabidiol (CBD) or Hemp extract. Cannabis extract is a popular misleading ingredient, so keep a lookout for that. With today’s loud, colorful, and flashy product packaging, it is so easy to just overlook the ingredients list.

Lastly, you would want to dig a little into the brand’s background. You probably don’t want to support a nefarious group that had one too many brushes with the law. Plus, if the company is shady, chances are their products aren’t properly regulated too.

Just take note of these pointers and you’ll be able to successfully maneuver out of hoaxes and fake products.

Should I Take CBD?

Nothing is set in stone — CBD is not a new-age solution to existing chronic ailments, it’s just a new option for those who need it. It’s great if you want to experiment with new products and supplements, but definitely not something for everyone. What could work for the crowd may not work for you, so don’t feel pressured to try it.

CBD Gummy
CBD Gummy


Reading this article is already a great step to take when embarking on a CBD journey. Research is mostly overlooked, but when it concerns your health, it’s a wise move to do your homework. If you can, try to consult a healthcare professional for sound advice. We hope this article has helped you.

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