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How To Choose The Correct Drop Down TV Lift


Would you want to wow your visitors with a drop-down TV lift? Using such a device in your home allows you to conserve space while still enjoying the scenery and keeps that TV away from burglars prying eyes. Firgelli TV Lifts offers all of these solutions.

Their wireless drop-down TV lifts are free of any cables, racks, or pinions that can break and cause damage. These devices are an ideal Home Automation addition for this IOT world we live in where everything is connected to each other.

Not only is your TV connected to everything else, but even the Lift that's used to lift the TV out of a cabinet, or down from the ceiling can be added to your home automation system using FIRGELLI's motion control technology, which has been developed for over 20 years. FIRGELLI have a huge range of Linear Actuators suitable for many applications from Robots, like the new TeslaBot shown recently by Elon Musk, to automotive Automation.

The FIRGELLI drop-down mechanisms operate smoothly and quietly, using its proprietary Rotary Actuator technology, that produces hardly any noise at all. These TV lifts are designed to be easily installed into cabinets, AV rooms, ceilings, or any other location that calls for automated raising devices. The remote control may be used anywhere in the home and operates without the need for line of sight.

Before placing an order for the appropriate size drop-down lift, there are a few things you should be aware of. It is better to measure twice and cut once since doing so will save you time and money. 3 sizes of Drop Down TV Lift Mechanisms are available from FIRGELLI. Each lift has 2 ends (top and bottom), and each of these ends has to be secured normally into your ceiling for the lifts to function.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/how-to-choose-the-correct-drop-down-tv-lift/ by Elisa Mueller on 2022-10-16T20:31:43.403Z

The lifting column moves up and down from the mechanism when it is actuated. The system's overall height is its most crucial component. To ensure there is enough room in your ceiling for the mechanism, you must measure the available area. The dimension that needs the greatest attention is the Retracted length. the following table

How To Choose The Best TV Lift That Drops Down From A Ceiling

What sizes of TVs can I lift with a drop-down mechanism? It is time to pick the size of the Drop Down TV Lift mechanism after you are aware of the highest height you can use. Because it is usually preferable to let the TV slide down into the room as much as possible to achieve the best viewing angle possible, even with a tiny TV.

FIRGELLI always advises choosing the biggest unit. Of course, you may stop the motion of the TV lift at any moment during its upward or downward motion, but watching TV will be more comfortable if the lowered TV is placed in your room at the intended viewing height.

Referring to Drop Down TV Lift Mechanisms, FIRGELLI's mechanism has received CE and UL approval, which ensures that it complies with all safety standards. After installation, all you have to do is click a button on the remote, and your TV will appear for watching.

The beautiful aesthetics of these systems will wow your friends. You may watch all the movies you desire with a sense of luxury and space since they seem to be quite sophisticated and gorgeous. Through the use of a contact closure box that FIRGELLI offer separately, these systems may also be connected to your current home automation systems. A fully automated drop-down television system is just one click away.

Any flat TV may be attached to one of these lifts. In addition to a drywall or base bracket on the bottom to produce a flush appearance when they are hoisted back into the ceiling, they contain a universal bracket that can be used to mount any TV onto the lift column.

The Drop down TV systems' accessories are relatively straightforward and flexible, allowing LED, LCD TVs to be mounted to this specific Mechanism. The column needed to lift the TV into the attic area above the ceiling is attached using two brackets. The actuator, switch box, control box, and RF receiver are the only plug-type components of the system. These come with radio frequency remote controllers for straightforward operations.

These mechanisms may seem complicated at first, and you may think only a professional can install them, but the systems are extremely simple to install and use, only moderate DIY knowledge is required to install one. Visit the FIRGELLI website for more details.

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