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Hopie Carlson Net Worth - A Famous And Wealthy Celebrity Child


You must have heard about the famous and wealthy Hopie Carlson, but do you know exactly what Hopie Carlson net worth is?

Here's what you need to know first.

Hopie Carlson, a celebrity child, is well known due to her famous parents.

She is well-known because she is the daughter of Tucker Carlson, an American conservative TV host and political analyst.

She is the offspring of renowned Tucker Colson.

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She was born on April 19, 1999, therefore in 2022, she is close to 23 years old.

Her charisma is what makes her the most well-known.

She's also highly recognized for being wealthy because she's the richest woman in the world right now.

Her father is the daily host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News in the United States, a conservative television host and political analyst.

Hopie Carlson attracted media recognition as a result of her father Tucker Carlson's fame as a CNN and FOX news contributor.

Her mother, Andre Susan, is well-known for having participated in the 400 meters and represented Australia in two Summer Olympics in 1992 and 2000.

Tucker Carlson

An American political news anchor, journalist, political analyst, commentator, author, and producer, Tucker Carlson also writes and produces.

Being a fervent libertarian-conservative, he has never been afraid to express his political views in public.

Because of this trait, he was hired by "CNN."

He was later fired, though, following his infamous verbal altercation with comic Jon Stewart on his program "Crossfire."

After that, he worked for "MSNBC" for three years, hosting the nightly program "Tucker" from 2005 to 2008.

After being hired by "Fox News," Carlson's weekly political talk show, "Tucker Carlson Tonight," broke a TRP record.

In addition to serving as an anchor, Carlson is a frequent political analyst and panelist on many political discussion shows.

In spite of being the first contestant to be booted from the show that season, he has also appeared on "Dancing with the Stars."

Known for his blunt reporting, Tucker got into trouble for his remarks on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Carlson has written for various periodicals as a print journalist as well.

Since 1991, Carlson has been married to Susan Andrews, his high school sweetheart.

Tucker Carlson in the banner picture of his show
Tucker Carlson in the banner picture of his show

Tucker Carlson Children

Hopie Carlson is the daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrew.

In 1991, Tucker wed Susan Andrew, his longtime lover.

The power couple of the Hollywood fraternity, Carlson and Andrew, have been married for 29 years.

In the first week of the tenth grade, Tucker first met Susan.

The former CNN commentator thought Susan was the cutest tenth grader in the country.

Susan's father, Rev. George E. Andrews II, served as the institution's headmaster.

Tucker was a student at Trinity College in Hartford when he kept seeing Andrews even though they lived far away from each other.

Six months before graduating, he attempted to ask Andrew for his hand in marriage as well.

Hopie Carlson is one of Tucker Carlson's three daughters.

The famous child has three siblings: two sisters and a brother.

She grew up in a happy home with her three siblings—a sister and a brother.

Her sisters go by the names of Lillie and Dorothy Carlson.

Buckley Carlson is the name of her brother.

Richard Warner Carlson is her grandfather's name, and Lisa McNear is her grandmother.

She shares the same name as her uncle, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.

Carlson is a citizen of the United States and belongs to a mixed racial group.

She also practices Christianity as a religion.

Tucker Carlson happily smiling with his wife and 4 kids
Tucker Carlson happily smiling with his wife and 4 kids

Hopie Carlson College

Given her father's fame, Tucker attended the best schools while growing up.

She attended St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School before transferring to St. George School, the same high school as her parents.

While still in high school, Hopie became interested in a variety of sports activities, including swimming and athletics.

Hopie participated in some breakstroke competitions while still a high school student, where she did reasonably well herself.

After graduating from high school, Hopie enrolled at the Virginia university where her siblings were studying.

She is now enrolled there, but the particular course or year of the enrollment is unknown.

Hopie Carlson Net Worth

Hopie Carlson is making use of the wealth that Tucker Carlson, her father, has accumulated.

He has accumulated a $30 million fortune.

As a TV show host and expert, Carlson earns $6 million a year.

Hopie Carlson lives in style and owns a home on Florida's Gasparilla Island that costs $2.9 million.

The Carlsons had previously resided in Washington, DC's Kent neighborhood.

They sold the house for $2.4 million in November 2017.

Professional Life

Hopie Carlson's involvement in any professional endeavors is unknown.

She might, however, pursue a profession like her father.

She is currently concentrating on her studies, though.

She is constructing her life and might become well-known in her line of work in the future.

Now, moving towards her father.

Tucker works as a Fox News conservative host and American political news journalist.

He is the host of Crossfire and Tucker as well as Tucker Carlson Tonight.

He is also well-known for his work on the Fox News Channel, where he hosted and covered politics for a few shows.

In addition, his career started once he became a member of the Policy Review publication crew.

At that point, Tucker also continued on to work as a substitute correspondent for The Weekly Standard.

He has contributed features to Reader's Digest and has written for publications like Esquire, Republic, The Daily Beast, and The New York Times Magazine.

Hopie Carlson wearing pink sleveless off shoulder top
Hopie Carlson wearing pink sleveless off shoulder top

Relationship Status

Hopie Carlson has not made her relationship status public.

Since she hasn't announced her lover yet or been seen in public, she is undoubtedly single and unmarried.

She might have kept her relationship with her lover secret.

As a result, nothing about her private life has been independently verified.

Her father seemed to be a little more worried when it came to her romantic life.

So, in September 2019, he said that he would never let one of his daughters date a man who called himself a feminist, because he thought that automatically made that person a creep.

People Also Ask

What Is The Birthplace Of Hopie Carlson?

In 1999, in the U.S. state of Virginia, Hopie was born to Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrew.

Does Hopie Carlson Have An Instagram Id?

She does really have the Instagrm id "hopie.1." She has set her page to private, which limits the number of people who may follow her and shields her posts from media scrutiny.

What Are The Body Figures Of Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson body figures are mentioned below:

  • Hopie Crlson height: 5'9"
  • Hopie Carlson weight: 57 kg
  • Hopie Carlson body measurements in inches: 37-31-36


The daughter of American writer, novelist, and journalist Tucker Carlson is Hopie Carlson.

Her father owns $30 million and some real land, making Hopie Carlson the wealthy kid of a well-known celebrity, however, the exact Hopie Carlson net worth is unknown as she is still in school and there are no signs that she has begun a profession.

Carlson has a profile on Instagram. Additionally, she gains almost 2 K followers there. Her account is private for a number of reasons.

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