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The daughter of David Spade, Harper Spade


Harper Spade is the only child of stand-up comedian and actor David Spade. Her father first came to public attention after appearing on Saturday Night Live. He has also appeared in a number of successful small and big-screen projects, including Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Rules of Engagement, and others.

Despite her father's celebrity, Jillian, a former Playboy model, has kept her life out of the spotlight. Discover the untold truth about Harper Spade's life as a celebrity child in today's episode. Furthermore, she is aware of her parents' relationship.

Family And Personal Life of Harper Spade

David and his then-girlfriend, former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, welcomed their first child together in 2008. Harper was born on August 26, 2008, in Missouri.

The pregnancy was somewhat contentious because David and Jillian had only had a brief relationship, and the comedian questioned whether he was the biological father of the child.

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David is a stand-up comedian, actor, and television host from the United States.

The 56-year-old Michigan native began his acting career in the 1980s and is best known for his roles in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2.

He has also provided voices for characters in popular films and television shows such as Beavis and Butthead and the Hotel Transylvania franchise.

David is currently scheduled to replace former host Chris Harrison as a guest host on Bachelor in Paradise.

Jillian, Harper's mother, is a former Playboy model and actress.

The 35-year-old Missouri native was Playmate of the Month in 2005 and appeared on Howard Stern's show several times between 2004 and 2010.

She is well-known for her roles in films such as The Girls Next Door, Epic Movie, The Comebacks, and The House Bunny.

Jillian is a certified personal trainer as well.

Indeed, David discussed Jillian's pregnancy in his 2018 audiobook, "A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World." In it, he admitted that Harper was not planned, which enraged him because he and his brothers were.

He did say, however, that he was grateful for having a daughter and that Harper was the best thing in his life, demonstrating what a proud father he is.

Another topic David covered in his book was how becoming a parent affected his relationship with his own father, Sam.

It's worth noting that Sam abandoned his family when David was only four years old. Sam simply vanished from his home in Michigan, leaving him and his older brothers alone with their mother, according to the "Tommy Boy" actor.

His father, according to the comedian, was a "ne'er-do-well" who could be "cool and funny" at times but was also a "skirt-chaser" and an alcoholic.

David would only see his father twice or three times a year after Sam left. However, prior to Harper Spade's birth, their relationship was mostly positive.

While the birth of the child triggered a new wave of resentment in David towards his father, the truth is that she did nothing wrong. Instead, she acted as a wake-up call for the comedian.

David Spade and Jillian Grace with their daughter, Harper
David Spade and Jillian Grace with their daughter, Harper

The Relationship of Harper Spade's Parents

Harper Spade is the daughter of David Spade and Jillian Grace, his ex-girlfriend. In late 2005, the ex-lovers first met at the deli. Jillian, a model from St. Louis, was dating another man at the time. Her future boyfriend David and she remained friends until her divorce from her ex-boyfriend in September 2007.

Soon after her breakup, the couple began seeing each other. Jillian's close friend told Star Magazine that she "was moving home to Missouri and called David to tell him the news." ‘So, you're single now?' David asked. "Great! When can I see you?”

Soon after Jillian's call, the two became involved in a romantic relationship. They used to go on dates primarily in Los Angeles.

Soon after Jillian's call, the two became involved in a romantic relationship. They used to go on dates primarily in Los Angeles.

Jillian met David Spade in 2007, and the couple dated for about two months, but Jillian became pregnant during that time.

On August 26, 2008, she gave birth to her daughter Harper, and David was officially identified as the child's father. Jillian later moved to St. Louis, Missouri, with her daughter, but David still sees Harper walking around New York, spending quality time with her.

The paparazzi frequently caught him walking, playing, or shopping with Harper, and they appeared to enjoy their time together.

David Spade with Harper Spade
David Spade with Harper Spade

Harper Spade’s Father, David Spade

After graduating from college, Spade began performing stand-up comedy. He was cast in the 1987 film Police Academy 4 after being spotted by a talent agent while performing at The Improv in Los Angeles.

David Spade, who excels at playing comic brats on film and television, was born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan, as the youngest of three brothers.

He is the son of writer and editor Judith J. (Meek) and sales rep Wayne M. Spade, and he is of German, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. He was raised in Scottsdale (from the age of four) and Casa Grande, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in business in 1986.

Spade, who has always been a natural prankster, was pushed into stand-up comedy by friends and has performed in nightclubs and on college campuses across the country.

After seeing his routine at "The Improv" in Los Angeles, a casting agent offered him a mischievous role in the film Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987). The diminutive, flaxen-haired comedian finally made it big as a regular cast member and writer on Saturday Night Live in 1990. (1975).

Slowly accepted on the show at first, his razor-sharp sarcasm eventually caught on by his second season, when he played a number of smart-aleck characters in a variety of sketches, including a highly disinterested airline steward who bids each passenger adieu with a very sardonic "buh-bye" and an irritating receptionist for Dick Clark Productions who greets each huge celebrity with a u.

Spade's "Hollywood Minute" reporter, a master of the putdown, also took cynical advantage of tabloid-worthy stars. During his tenure, Spade impersonated celebrities such as Michael J. Fox, Kurt Cobain, and Tom Petty.

Following his departure from SNL after six years, he pursued a slapstick film career, most notably as the scrawny, reserved foil to SNL's wild and crazy big boy Chris Farley in Tommy Boy (1995) and Black Sheep (1995).

Farley died from a drug overdose in 1997, bringing an end to this unlikely but amusing pairing. Spade has since appeared in a string of mediocre films, including Joe Dirt (2001) and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003). Recently, he collaborated on the film The Benchwarmers with former SNL cast member Rob Schneider (2006).

Spade was nominated for an Emmy for his role as the droll, skirt-chasing secretary Dennis Finch on Just Shoot Me! (1997) and for filling in after the untimely death of John Ritter on ABC's 8 Simple Rules (2002) as Katey Sagal's unprincipled nephew.

In the new millennium, David was the star of the Comedy Central show The Showbiz Show with David Spade (2005), in which he resurrected his obnoxious, razor-tongued gossipmonger from the old "Hollywood Minute" put-down segment on SNL, as well as co-starring in the adult-oriented ensemble sitcom Rules of Engagement (2007).

More recent comic film roles include The Benchwarmers (2006), The Do-Over (2016), Father of the Year (2018), and The Wrong Missy (2020), as well as cocky supporting roles in Entourage (2015) (as himself); the Adam Sandler films Jack and Jill (2011), Grown Ups (2010), Grown Ups 2 (2013), and The Ridiculous 6 (2015); Sandy Wexler (2017); and a voice in the animated feature Holes (2018). He also appeared in the TV shows Carpet Bros (2008), Love (2016), and The Mayor (2017).

David Spade has never married, although he has dated a lot of women. According to Ranker, the actor has dated a whopping 20 women but has never married any of them. The comedian previously said that settling down is difficult for him, but that doesn't mean he hasn't considered it or tried.

Harper Spade’s Mother, Jillian Grace Harper 

Jillian Grace Harper, a lovely, sunny, and slender blonde looker, was born on December 20, 1985, in Arkansas and grew up in Washington, Missouri. Her mother, Katharine Walter, sent photos and a letter about Grace to Howard Stern, the legendary shock jock. Jillian later appeared as a guest on Stern's show. Kevin Kuster, Senior Photo Editor for "Playboy," happened to be on that same episode and immediately thought Grace was ideal "Playboy" material.

She took part in a test shoot and was eventually chosen as the Playmate of the Month in the March 2005 issue of the popular men's magazine.

Jillian has appeared in several episodes of the reality TV series The Girls Next Door (2005) as herself, as well as small roles in the films Epic Movie (2007), The Comebacks (2007), and The House Bunny (2007). (2008). Grace plays a larger role in the short The Agonist (2007).

Jillian is a certified personal trainer and yodeling student in addition to being an actress and model.

Harper Spade
Harper Spade

Fun Facts About Harper Spade 

  • Harper Spade is a well-known American internet personality and a celebrity family member.
  • She rose to fame as the only child born to American TV personality cum stand-up comedian David Spade and his ex-girlfriend, Jillian Grace.
  • Harper is yet to share how tall she is and the details of her weight.
  • She has a white complexion and has a pretty smile.
  • She was born in 2008 and celebrates her birthday on the 27th of August.
  • She is currently 12 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Harper lives in Beverly Hills, California with her parents.
  • Her nationality is America.
  • She belongs to a white ethnicity.
  • Harper is a mixed race. Her father is of German, Iris, Dutch, English, and Swiss descent. Her mother is of French, Scottish, and German descent.
  • Her parents kept the details of their relationship private.
  • Harper is an only child.
  • She does not have any siblings but she has a cousin sister named Frances Beatrix Spade.
  • She is yet to make her debut in the movie industry.
  • Her father, David has an estimated net worth of $60 million, as of 2020.
  • She is not on social media, she still enjoys being a child.
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