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Growth Mindset: Sparking the Curiosity


Having a growth mindset means not being fixated on what your current beliefs and practices are. It is understanding that basic skills can be developed and enhanced through hard work and commitment. It is the belief that you are capable of more things and that you are willing to stretch your abilities by learning new things. In a nutshell, a growth mindset gives you the opportunity to discover new skills and talents all while growing through challenges.

Although the journey of acquiring this mindset isn’t easy, it is definitely worth it as you start believing and supporting yourself. This does not only result in motivation and productivity, but it also gives you the time to appreciate your efforts, big or small, while enjoying what you do which ultimately leads to success in all your endeavors.

How To Master The Skill Of Exhibiting A Growth Mindset

First, distinguish what negative thoughts you usually think about. Are there any negative messages you tell yourself that hinder your growth? In what circumstances do you feel threatened by other people’s successes? What opportunities have you declined because you were afraid to fail? It is okay, to be honest with yourself and accept your flaws. In doing this, you are becoming aware of what hinders you and you can use this to your advantage.

Now that you have a hold on the events, circumstances, and thoughts that interfere with your growth mindset, it is time to change your perspective on them. Start believing that you can grow in whatever aspect you put your mind to. Instead of fearing challenges, view them as opportunities to learn and grow; help them motivate you to work harder in achieving your goals, and note that learning is not failing. Use other people’s success as inspiration for you to attain your dreams and remind yourself that everything you’re working for requires time and a process. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging yourself from time to time!

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Things To Look Into

1. Develop Your KSA’s

KSA’s are also known as your knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These are three aspects you can focus on for your development in various things. The first step is to determine what you want and what you need to learn. After this, list down specific KSA’s you want to develop. Now that you have a list, start acting on it by practicing and working on them daily!

2. Thinking About Whether You Should Quit Or Not

It’s normal to think about whether you want to quit on a certain project or not, but, before acting upon it, you should first distinguish what is your real reason for wanting to give up. Truthfully write down as many answers as you can to the following questions in order to determine if quitting is the right choice.

  • What was your reason for pursuing this project/activity initially?
  • Why are you thinking about quitting? What thoughts are going inside your head?
  • What will be the benefit/s if you quit?
  • What will you lose if you quit?
  • Could you have done something differently before quitting? Can you still act upon them now?
  • How will this project/activity impact you in the chance that you stay?

3. Make It A Habit To Learn New Things

Thinking about learning new things can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. It’s okay to start learning small things and have them gradually develop. If your long-term goal is to read 5 books a month, don’t be hard on yourself and immediately force yourself into that habit. This will only make you hate what you’re doing and avoid it at all costs. Instead, start reading a few pages every day until the day comes where you can finish one whole book in one sitting.

Strategies On Keeping A Growth Mindset For The Long-term

1. Work On Your Attitude

Your emotions, beliefs, and opinions directly affect your growth mindset. These attitudes have a great influence on what your actions will be which, in turn, will affect your life and the people around you. While some attitudes are easy to adjust, some are embedded in us that will require more work in change. This is why it is important to understand that your thoughts control what you feel. Be aware of how you react in situations and remember to always work toward a growth mindset. Keep in mind that you can choose how you respond to what life throws at you.

2. Take Control Of Your Thoughts And Beliefs

Although it is easier said than done, try your best to always keep a positive mindset. In times where you have negative conversations with yourself, take note or list down what you’ve been telling yourself and what was the reason for you to be thinking this way. Go back on what you wrote later in the day and ponder on what preferred belief you’d rather have in replacement of that negative thought. Yes, changing your perspective isn’t a walk in the park, but through the time you will notice a change in your mindset that will ultimately lead to your success.

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Landon Morton - Landon is a professional character coach, motivational speaker, and consultant who values commitment, service, and excellence. Landon brings to your company valuable insights gained from his battlefield experience as a decorated combat veteran, enabling you to unleash the untapped potential of your employees. He illustrates how the invaluable talent that each individual brings to your company will positively affect your mission through real-world examples.

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