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Grizzly Mother Hit By Truck - Cubs Are Being Monitored While The Wildlife Roads Are Being Handled


Parks Canada says that a grizzly bear cub has lost its mother after she got stuck on a highway and died in Jasper National Park because grizzly mother hit by truck.

Parks Canada said in a news release that the mother was with her cub on Highway 16 about five kilometers east of the town of Jasper when she was hit by a commercial transport truck late Thursday night.

Accident That Led To The Death Of A Mother Grizzly Bear

A Grizzly bear jaywalks on the Jasper Highway in Canada
A Grizzly bear jaywalks on the Jasper Highway in Canada

Parks Canada says that the mother of a grizzly bear cub in Jasper National Park died while driving on a highway and left the cub behind.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/grizzly-mother-hit-by-truck/ by William Willis on 2022-06-20T17:55:20.009Z

Parks Canada said in a statement that the mother and her cub were on Highway 16 about five kilometers east of Jasper townsite when they were hit by a truck carrying commercial goods.

Jasper National Park says that grizzly bears are getting into towns.

According to the news release, the truck driver told Parks Canada's dispatch about what happened. He stayed there until someone came to help.

Monitoring On The Cub

The news release says that the truck driver called Parks Canada's dispatch and waited there until help arrived.

The release says that the cub was found early on Friday and seemed to be doing well.

The release says that Parks Canada staff will keep a close eye on the cub in the coming days, but the cub is old enough that it may have learned some of the skills it needs to live on its own.

It also says that taking bears away or moving them is always a last resort.

Unsafe Wildlife Roads

Parks Canada wants to remind drivers that they can help avoid crashes with bears by following posted speed limits and slowing down in areas with a lot of traffic or when they see wildlife.

It also asks people to follow park rules about wildlife viewing by staying in their cars when animals are near the road and to report any serious or dangerous wildlife problems.

According to Parks Canada:

Removing wildlife from the landscape can have serious impacts on overall future bear populations and their viability, and relocating bears can increase the potential for conflict with other bears and reduce their chance of success.

It says that the cub is old enough that it has probably learned some of the skills it needs to live on its own and that killing or moving bears is always a last resort.

Parks Canada Wants You To Know This

Foolish Tourists Taunt Black Bear in Jasper National Park

People like to camp and hike in the mountains in the summer when the weather is nice, but Jasper National Park wants people to be aware that more bears are wandering into town.

Parks Canada said that grizzly bears have been seen in the town of Jasper in the past few weeks.

The government says that they are young bears (teenage bears) that want to get into the townsite for two reasons:

  • To stay away from other bears (young bears are at risk of being killed by other dominant bears outside the townsite).
  • To find places with lots of food, especially plants that are greener than plants outside of town.

Parks Canada says that its goal is to manage the well-being of both people and animals. However, if there is a conflict, the safety of people is the most important thing.

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