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Great Indian Adventures


India is by far one of the richest historical and cultural heritage sites in the world. This southern Asian country boasts a variety of tropical rainforests, deserts, and beautiful beaches. It is known all over the world for a wide variety of festivals and wildlife. Locals in India are also known to be warm and friendly. This diverse atmosphere makes it a special holiday destination.

Among the most popular Indian holiday adventures is the Rajasthan Golden Triangle Tour, which involves traveling through Agra, home to the world-famous Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is beautifully situated overlooking the river Yamuna. The best time to visit is at dawn when the color of the dome is changed from white to pink by the reflection of the sun.

Also very popular in Rajasthan is camel trekking. This is the ideal adventure for those who would like to experience the desert with a more hands-on approach. Camel safaris are available for those interested for just a few hours as well as a few days.

Camel Trekking
Camel Trekking

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala is another point of interest to consider when planning Indian holiday adventures. This is one of the most popular wildlife reserves in India. It houses a wide variety of wild pigs, elephants, flying squirrel, and close to 300 species of birds. The ideal time to visit is between December and April. At this time the weather is dry, attracting the forest animals to drink at the lakeside of the sanctuary.

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What is a holiday adventure without great beaches? The beaches of Goa are among the most beautiful and inviting in India.

The Anjuna beach attracts a variety of visitors ranging from the reserved to the very adventurous. During the Christmas and New Years' holiday, the beach is especially busy with all kinds of travelers. Fresh fruits are available on the beach from local vendors. On the beachfront also there are great places to eat and drink complimented by good music.

More Of India

India also offers a wide range of shopping, from great clothing stores to shops specializing only in fine jewelry. Gould Soulk Mall has a number of branches all over India. This store specializes in gold to gold merchants and gold jewelry buyers. Like any other mall, food courts for dining are also featured.

When planning a great Indian holiday adventure much assistance can be attained by consulting at least one reliable travel site. The site famous-india.com features a number of tour packages and attractions. The site offers very useful information and answers just about every question a prospective visitor to India would ask. Available also, is an online tour planner which assists enquirers with price quotations, itinerary, and bookings.

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