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Google Search Crashes When Searching “How Many Emojis On IOS”


Google search crashes when searching “how many emojis on ios”. Internet users have discovered a way to voluntarily crash the Google search engine.

They are accomplishing this by searching for phrases such as "How many emojis on Apple," "How many emojis on iOS," and "How many emojis on Windows," as Google search crashes when you enter these terms.

"TheTealMango.com" investigated to see if they were true. Surprisingly, it's true, and Google search crashes when searching “how many emojis on ios”

When they tried to search for the same terms on Google, both the website and the mobile app crashed. Despite having a stable network connection, there was a server error when looking up these terms.

Google Server Error When Searching Specific Phrases

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/google-search-crashes-when-searching-how-many-emojis-on-ios/ by Elisa Mueller on 2022-10-17T13:42:40.877Z

A "Server error" on Google occurs when the search engine fails to return results and instead displays a page informing the user of the crash. Google downtime is extremely rare, with the most recent downtime occurring on August 8, 2022.

However, netizens have discovered certain phrases that cause Google search to crash immediately when entered into the search bar. You can try it now, as users are having fun crashing Google and sharing screenshots on social media.

Here is a list of phrases that will cause Google Search to crash due to the latest bug. When you search certain phrases, such as how many emojis on iOS or how many emojis on Apple, Google Search crashes on the website and mobile app.

Google Search Crashes When Asked "How Many Emojis on iOS"

Here's a list of all the searches that can cause Google Search to crash, as compiled by llui85 on YCombinator:

  • "How many emojis on ios has does" - error
  • "How many emojis on ios has" - error
  • "How many emojis on i" - working
  • "ios number of emojis" - working
  • "How many emojis inside ios" - error
  • "How many emojis in ios" - error
  • "How many emojis on ipados" - working
  • "How many emojis on messages ios" - working
  • "How many ios emoji" - working (albeit slowly)
  • "How many emojis on linux" - working
  • "How many emojis lumia" - error
  • "How many emojis on lumia" - error
  • "How many emojis on macos" - working
  • "How many emojis on windows" - error
  • "How many emojis on apple" - error
  • "How many emojis on ios" - error

Note: Please keep in mind that you must search the terms without quotation marks (" ").

People Also Ask

How Many Emojis Lumia Have?

First, this search crashed but now, "how many emojis lumia" is working.

How Many Emojis On Windows?

First, this search crashed but now "how many emojis on windows" is working.

How To Find Emojis On Iphone?

  • Tap the text field, then the Emoji or globe Next Keyboard buttons.
  • To switch emoji themes, tap the gray icons at the bottom of the keyboard, or swipe left or right to see more. To see emoji that you've recently used, tap the clock Frequently Used Category button. You can also use the "Search Emoji" field to look for the emoji you want to add.
  • To change the skin tone of an emoji, simply touch and hold it.
  • Tap an emoji to insert it into a text field.


Google search crashes when searching “how many emojis on ios”. The results were different when the "TheTealMango.com" team tried the same searches after connecting to servers in London and Berlin via VPN. The page did not crash, and they received the usual search results when we searched for something on Google.

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