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Getting to Know Your Version of Happy


Cue statements about “finding happiness within,” and “knowing that you’re enough.” It's not that happiness itself is in you, it's that happiness comes because you try to seek what's in you. These are some of the arguments surrounding happiness. When asked about whether one is happy, people tend to ask back, "What is happiness?"

Get to know Maggie Lyon's take on this matter in her blog as she talk about her version of happiness as a mother.

Maggie Lyon talked about how her toddler's question nowadays is, "Are you happy?" The questions is vital considering she was three and a half months post-partum, and just getting back into the saddle, with body projects, work projects, family and life projects all splayed. Therefore, it’s sort of uncanny how great the timing of her toddler's query is.

Why? Because each time her child asks her foggy nursing mama self, she is sucked directly back into the present moment, into the most immediate and direct experience of life at hand, as is, unadorned by fantasy or airbrushing. The most shocking thing about all this is that no matter how tired or crabby or overwhelmed she might be feeling, her answer is always yes.

When she really absorb her child's three little words, when she’s found her daydreaming on the breast pump, or nursing the child on one side while writing the shopping list or scroll through emails or jam a rice cake into her mouth with her free hand, it’s like she collide head, heart, and spirit with the jewel of the present, and inside this glowing jewel exists nothing other than love and glory and bliss at just being alive.

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Advice To Know Your Happiness

She urge YOU now, in this precious moment, to stop for a sec and really look around. Receive what is deeply, intricately happening inside and outside of you. And do this multiple times throughout the day - if you want to use her daughter’s cue as a spark, go for it! Ask “Am I happy?” and pause, let it reverberate and guide you.

For all you other happiness seekers out there, if we begin to document, collect and pay attention to our little moments of bliss, we begin to see that:

  • We're a lot happier a lot of time than we thought, and that
  • We don't have to waste too much time dreaming and pushing for anything better down the line.

Letting go of all this quest for greener grass and replacing it with only being is massive. It is a remarkable breakthrough in grace, and it allows us to connect with our inner selves and with the divine, so wonderful, so encompassing; and to infuse every single thing around and beyond us with a celestial version of joy in the ever-present.

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Susan Murillo - Susan has been interested in real estate since she was a child in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Susan had always wanted to pursue a direction that would encourage her to support others, and she discovered her true calling in real estate, where she could serve her clients and direct them through one of their most significant investments. Shannon has been involved in the selling and distribution of one billion dollars in real estate in Western Canada over the last ten years.

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