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Georgia Marie Thompson - A Comedian's Daughter


Georgia Marie Thompson is an American actor and comedian's daughter. Her father, Kenan Thompson, is also a well-known American comedian and actor.

In addition to being a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, he is the first regular cast member to be born after the show's debut in 1975. The show debuted on NBC in 1975.

Because she is the daughter of an American celebrity, Georgia Marie Thompson has found herself in the public eye recently. Instead of having a significant career of her own or being in the public eye due to her professional achievements, Georgia Marie Thompson is a celebrity because she is the daughter of a famous person.

She is an 8-year-old girl who has been enjoying her childhood and making the most of the memories she can recall from that time. Georgia Marie Thompson entered this world on June 20th, 2014, in the country that she now calls home, the United States of America.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is a citizen of the United States of America. She is a lovely and charming young lady whose adorable antics never fail to captivate those around her.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/georgia-marie-thompson/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2022-10-28T02:00:12.404Z

Christina Evangeline (Mother) and Kenan Thompson are Georgia Marie Thompson's parents. Georgia Marie is their daughter (Father). Kenan Thompson is a well-known American actor and comedian.

He was also a member of the cast of the first season of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series. Actress and model Christina Evangeline hails from the United States. The majority of Georgia Marie Thompson's mother's work was done in the film industry. After making an appearance in the 2015 comedy film mini Supreme, her mother shot to fame shortly thereafter.

Her Uncle's name is Kerwin Thompson, and his name is Thompson. Her grandfather, Fletcher Thompson, and grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Thompson, are her grandparents. Aunt Felecia Thompson's name is Thompson.

Gianna Michelle Thompson, Georgia's sister, was born on July 21, 2018, giving Georgia a total of one sibling. Gianna is Georgia's only sibling. Gianna is Georgia's favorite person to spend time with, and Georgia adores playing games with her younger sister.

Georgia Marie Thompson Net Worth

Despite the fact that Georgia Marie Thompson does not yet have a current net worth, she has been living a lavish lifestyle with his family. She has been leading a life free from the constraints of any lack.

Georgia is a young girl of only 8 years old, so she has not yet begun her professional life. In the coming days, it is possible that she will follow in the footsteps of either of her parents.

People Also Ask

What Is Georgia Marie Thompson's Age?

Georgia is a young girl of only 8 years old.

Who Is Georgia Marie Thompson's Father?

Her father is Kenan Thompson.

Why Georgia Marie Thompson Is Famous?

She is famous because Georgia Marie Thompson is the daughter of Kenan Thompson, a well-known American comedian and actor.

Final Words

She has been enjoying a quiet life thanks to the wealth left to her by her parents. It is estimated that her mother has a net worth of $800 thousand, while her father, Kenan, has a net worth of $13 million.

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