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A Complete Guide About Gaming PC For Fortnite 240 FPS


If we look at the game's stated system requirements, we can see that it isn't a very tough game to play. It's not difficult to make the game run at above 60 frames per second, and getting it to run at 144 frames per second isn't too tough either (compared to some of the other games we look at), but obtaining a steady 240+ frames per second will require some hardware investment. this blog will help you to get the best gaming PC for Fortnite 240 FPS within budget.

It's crucial to remember that most games' recommended requirements aren't designed with high frame rates in mind. Sure, a consistent 60 frames per second is fine for a single-player game, but for a competitive shooter, you need at least 144 frames per second.

In fact, almost half of the Fortnite experts we surveyed use a 240Hz configuration, making it the de facto standard refresh rate for the game.

We understand that this is an expensive build, to say the least, so if you can't afford a top-tier build, we suggest looking into a 144Hz option.

That is if you want to take the game seriously. There's nothing wrong with casually playing a game and not worrying about framerates in order to acquire a competitive advantage. It's also worth mentioning that framerates have a decreasing return.

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While the difference between a 60Hz and a 144Hz monitor is significant, the difference between a 144Hz and a 240Hz monitor isn't as significant, so while we strongly recommend going for 240Hz (the difference is still noticeable), if your budget allows, there's nothing wrong with going for a lower tier.

Black and sleek CPU with the logo of Dell on the front side and Windows on the bottom front side
Black and sleek CPU with the logo of Dell on the front side and Windows on the bottom front side

PC Specs To Play Fortnite At 240 FPS

Because Fortnite is a low-resolution game, you won't need much. In general, a PC with a Ryzen 5 2600 or higher processor and an i5–9400 or higher CPU should suffice. The greater the number, if you don't know how the CPU naming scheme works, the better.

If you want 240 frames per second, you'll need 16 GB of DDR4 or faster RAM. What truly matters is the graphics card. With a GeForce GTX 1070 (which can be had for $180 secondhand) or a GTX 1660 Super ($230 new), you can easily get 240 FPS. If you have a little more money and want ray-tracing, you can purchase an RTX 2060 for a little more than $300.

If you're looking for a cheap build, the AMD RX 590 is a good option. Overall, a 240 FPS Fortnite PC can be built for under $500. I would suggest purchasing these components (from a good manufacturer like MSI, Asrock, ASUS, etc.) and putting them together yourself.

Not only will you save about $100 on the "build fee," but you'll also get better performance parts—most online PC sellers will use a subpar CPU, only 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (you can get 16 GB of DDR4 RAM for about $10 more), and strange, no-name brands with little quality assurance for the motherboard, RAM, and SSD/hard drive to save money.

This answer was initially provided in response to FPS in Chapter1 and was updated in February 2021. Epic Games changed the visuals in Fortnite with the Chapter 2 update, making them far more demanding and substantially lower frame rates. The following is a suggested 240 FPS build:

  • A Ryzen 5 3600 ($200) is a high-end processor.
  • The GTX 1660 ($240) is a high-end graphics card.
  • 70 dollars for 16 gigabytes of RAM

Best Gaming PC For Fortnite 240 FPS

In the event that you are not a tech-savvy individual and are looking for a prebuilt gaming computer for Fortnite, continue reading below where we have identified 10 of the top gaming computers for Fortnite that are excellent for running lightweight games at 240 frames per second.

NTEL Core I3-10100f, Nvidia Gtx 1050 TI 4GB

  • 450W 80+ Certified Gaming Power Supply | Intel Core i3-10100F Processor (4 Cores, 8 Threads, 3.60GHz Base, 4.30GHz Turbo, 6MB Cache) | Intel H410 Chipset Motherboard | 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM | 240GB SATA-III SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphics Card
  • 6x USB 3.1 | 2x USB 2.0 | 1x PS/2 KB or Mouse Port | 1x RJ45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 300Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi | 5.1-Channel HD Audio
  • Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition) with Free Upgrade to Windows 11 When Available | 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty | Lifetime Technical Support
  • Product dimensions are 42 x 22 x 46.4 cm, and the weight is 12.22 kg.
  • One CR2 battery is needed
  • CGS480VR1161sManufacturer CYBERPOWERPC
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Form Factor Tower
  • Intel Processor Type Core i3 Processor Speed 3.6 GHz

BenQ Zowie XL2540k Gaming Monitor

  • Lightning-fast A 240 Hz high refresh rate is required for a seamless PC gaming experience. 120 cycles per minute. PS5 and Xbox Series X are both compatible.
  • The revised foundation takes up less area in the set-up, giving gamers more room for in-game maneuvers.
  • An increased height adjustment range and a flexible tilt design provide you with more versatility to suit your needs.
  • Sharing your settings is simple with XL. Toggle the Share button.
  • Dimensions are 20 x 57.1 x 52.1 cm, and the weight is 6.1 kg.
  • Batteries of 1 A are needed.
  • The screen size is 24.5 inches, and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Pixels: 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
  • There are HDMI ports available.
  • 3sVoltage
  • Are Batteries Included at 240 Volts?
  • There is no lithium battery. 2.6 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy
  • Packaging for Lithium Batteries
  • Equipment containing batteries
  • The weight of a lithium battery is 0.5 milligrams
  • 7 Lithium Metal Batteries
  • Item 7 weighs 6.1 kg

Cheap Gaming PC For Fortnite 240 FPS

Allow me to share one observation with you: while I was playing Fortnite at 100 frames per second on a 250 Hz gaming panel, I did not feel that this performance boosted my gaming experience. I need to improve my computer in order to play Fortnite at 240 frames per second.

The computer I built was a bespoke gaming PC, and it was powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with a 2.8GHz clock speed, 8 GB of DDR4 memory, a 212 GB solid-state drive, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card, the Windows 7 operating system, and DirectX version 11. There, I just updated three items: the RAM, the GPU, and the operating system.

After that, I was able to effectively play Fortnite at 240 frames per second. Consequently, if you wish to create a PC for the purpose of playing Fortnite at the maximum setting with 240 frames per second, you may use my setup to obtain the award.

What PC Can Run Fortnite At 240 FPS?

What PC can run Fortnite at 240 frames per second? With a GeForce GTX 1070 (which can be had for $180 secondhand) or a GTX 1660 Super ($230 new), you can easily get 240 FPS. If you have a little more money and want ray-tracing, you can purchase an RTX 2060 for a little more than $300.

How Do I Get Max FPS In Fortnite?

Upgrade your graphics card. Upgrade to a GPU with better Fortnite benchmark scores, whether your present system has integrated graphics or a dedicated GPU, to enhance your FPS. Enjoy the game at higher video settings at a lower performance cost.


Fortnite is a strange game in that it's easy to obtain high frame rates while there's nothing going on, but once you start encountering hostiles, things can become quite chaotic very quickly, and you don't want your frame rate to drop when you're in a frenzied construction war with another player. As a result, we don't advocate opting for the lowest-cost component levels.

Fortunately, getting to gaming pc for Fortnite 240 fps isn't that difficult, so getting a system that meets those competitive minimum frame rate standards isn't all that expensive. It's when you want a reliable 240+ frames per second experience that the really expensive components start to show up.

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