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Gabriel Iglesias movies, personal life, career, girlfriend, net worth


Gabriel Iglesias was born on 15th July 1976 in California, USA. Jesus Iglesias is his father, and his mother's name is Esther Mendez; he is the youngest among his six Siblings, who were raised by his mother as a single parent. They resided in a section 8 low-income house in Long Beach after moving from place to place. Gabriel is of Mexican ancestry. In childhood, he was like other children of his age, enjoyed life, but one day he complained of some problems, then after Consultation, it's found that he had Diabetes and Obesity that made him 445 pounds.

Gabriel Iglesias with a friend
Gabriel Iglesias with a friend

Where he was warned that if he did not lose his weight, he would die within two years. Then he starts doing some exercise and following diet plans and adding healthy habits into his lifestyle, which resulted in cutting 100 pounds. Now he is totally fine and doing great in his life. As he has an amazing personality, with great acting skills, and is famous as an American comedian, he has given his voice to some films, also produced other ones, and shared his views with his fans through writing. But comically, he is famous by the name of Fluffy. He started his career as comedian in 1997, not accepting the wish of his mom, who doesn't want him to make fun of him. Before becoming a famous comedian, he was serving in the cell phone corporation in LA.

Gabriel Iglesias Professional Life

Gabriel was there in the 6th edition comedy series of Nickelodeon. He was also present as a guest on WWE.

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From 2003-2006, Gabriel did many projects, including 'Days of Santiago, 'The Surfer King,' Emperor's New School.

Gabriel Iglesias advertisement
Gabriel Iglesias advertisement

There the shows were followed by the shows like 'Days of Santiago, 'My wife & kids, 'Premium Blend, 'The Surfer King' Last Comic Standing,' and the 'Comedy Central Parents.'

In 2007, Gabriel anchored 'Live at Gotham' and he also gave the stand-up comedy performance in 'The Hot and Fluffy. He also voiced the whole family of Mexicans in one of the episodes titled 'Padre de Familia' of Fox TV's animated TV series family guy.

Gabriel Iglesias at The Salt Lick
Gabriel Iglesias at The Salt Lick

The praise of him is incomplete without counting his achievements, his famous comedy show ``Hot and Fluffy and I am Not Fat…I am Fluffy. Gaining people's support, he is famous among all age groups. People are attracted to him due to the unique style he follows. Fluffy uses his experiences as the content of his show and conveys it to people in the form of a story. He, to make it more enjoyable, uses sounds and other characters. Now, he is counted as the successful and wealthy stand up comedian.

Gabriel Iglesias Other Praises

Gabriel is famous among his fans, and every time he appears with a smile over his face by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and jokes linked to him. He is not only spending time with people but also making them laugh and spreading happiness. The cute comedian has earned the title of 'Comedy Genius' from the editor of a news firm named 'San Antonio Express-News. Steps are not stopped here; rather, he holds the place of the most-viewed YouTube comedian.

Gabriel Iglesias selfie
Gabriel Iglesias selfie

Along with comedy, he gave his voice in several movies, which are 'Nut Job,' 'Norm and he North, Book of Life, etc. He also played some screen in the film named ABC's 'Cristela.' The Comedian has 4.76 subscribers on YouTube, 11 million followers on Facebook, Instagram has 2.8million followers. Other people also take part in live shows, the increasing number shows that he is responsible for making the huge population happy. The content is also very much related as well any age group can enjoy it with their family.

Gabriel Iglesias show
Gabriel Iglesias show

Gabriel Iglesias Movies

Between 2012-2014, he hosted several movies like:

  • Magic Milk
  • A Haunted House 2
  • Fluffy Movie
  • The Book of Life
  • Aloha Fluffy
  • Magic Mike XXL

Gabriel Iglesias Personal Life

Gabriel Iglesias is a great comedian as well as an actor, and his cuteness and chubby nature forced the audience to call him Fluffy. In his personal life, he is not wedded yet, but rumors are there that he has a girlfriend named Claudia Valdez, who herself is an actress as well as a producer of Mexican movies. He has a boy named Frankie, who is not his biological son; he is the son of Claudia Valdez, from her previous husband.

Two of them dated each other for almost 12 years, from 2008. Claudia Valdez was seen in the role of the nurse in the maternity ward in 2010. Then in the Scientific Horror movie named, monsters helmed by Gareth Edwards. She also served as a production coordinator in movies like The Beauty and the Beast, On the Road, La Zona, The Matador, The Legend of Zoro, etc. She was awarded 23rd Annual Kids Choice Award, Eight Annual TV land Award, American Country Award. She has a net worth of $1 million. Claudia Valdez earned it from the entertainment industry.

Gabriel Iglesias with Mike Tyson
Gabriel Iglesias with Mike Tyson

Both of them were publicly seen in the year 2008 where they went to witness the 'A wish for Animal Benefit' event. Frankie and Fluffy share a very good bond.

They were living together in Whittier, California, United States of America, with a Chihuahua whose name is Bruno, but recently in July 2020, they got separated. The reason is not properly revealed by them. The couple believes in keeping their private life private.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Fluffy is among the richest comedians of the time, with a very amazing and successful future. His net worth, as per the recent survey, is 40 million USD. Gabriel also earns a salary of 20 million USD every year. He is also the owner of a luxury house in the Signal Hill area.

Gabriel Iglesias instagram post
Gabriel Iglesias instagram post

The Journey which he started long back was difficult at first because people were not so familiar with the comedy on self. It took him time to make so and acknowledge the people about it. But he never looked back from that day. Like other raising persons, he also faced criticisms at first, and ups and downs also tried to touch him, but his jolly nature has to penetrate that also. Now he has become a very common name around the globe.

Gabriel Iglesias with Elijah Wood
Gabriel Iglesias with Elijah Wood


Is Gabriel Iglesias Still Married?

Claudia is Gabriel Iglesias's girlfriend, but they are not yet married.

What Is The Net Worth Of Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias has a total net worth of 40 Million USD.

Who Is The Wife Of Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias is not yet married to anyone, but he has a girlfriend named Claudia Valdez.

What Is The Height Of Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias is 1.76 meters tall.

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