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France and its Efforts to Protect the Environment


Protection of the environment has now become an important and urgent issue. France was one of the first countries to create its own Department of the Environment for the Protection of Nature in 1971. Ever since concerns over the environment have continued to grow. In recent years, many measures have been taken to reduce air pollution and water pollution and to better handle waste management. Protecting the environment is a day-to-day challenge in which we can all participate, regardless of age.

Water conservation has become an important priority. Although France has considerable water reserves, they are not well dispersed across the country. To better manage these reserves, the Water Agency, or "Agences de l'Eau", were created. France is committed to collecting and treating all wastewater by the year 2005. Educational campaigns have been launched to teach the public how to save water. For instance, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth is one way to conserve water. Since ocean waters are polluted to varying degrees, and for different reasons, beaches are patrolled throughout the year so that swimmers and beachgoers can enjoy safe and clean water during the spring and summer months.

Another serious problem common to industrialized countries is the amount of household waste produced each year. In France, each person produces an average of 416 kg of waste per year. To counter this, all communes (townships) were required to adopt recycling programs in 1992. All French townships are now implementing this national policy. Recyclable waste is now separated from non-biodegradable waste, in order to reduce waste loads.

Europe is a highly populated continent, and some European cities have a population of several million inhabitants. The effects of pollution are felt quickly, and influence the health of citizens and the quality of life. One main cause of pollution is cars. The fuels on which cars run produce toxic smoke. The ideal solution to this would be to stop using gas altogether. However, in the meantime, there are ways to pollute less. For instance, you can buy a car that runs on less gas, and whenever possible, take public transportation. All French and European cities have a bus, metro, and tramway system. France has also invested heavily in its railways and trains, which pollute much less. The TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) is a high-speed train that can take you from Paris to Marseille in 3 hours and 15 minutes, a distance of 800 km. TGVs also help to alleviate heavily congested traffic on highways.

The French are also very concerned about the greenhouse effect. France supports all efforts in battling this phenomenon, including the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the cause of global warming. France ratified this treaty in July 2000.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/france-and-its-efforts-to-protect-the-environment/ by Kenzo Norman on 2021-02-26T06:56:26.564Z

Did You Know?

By the year 2050, half of the animal species, as we know them today, may disappear. In fact, the bear has practically disappeared from Europe, although it still exists in sufficient numbers in Canada.

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