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Former Westlife Member's Face Becomes Unrecognizable Due To Bee Stings


The former Westlife member's face becomes unrecognizable due to bee stings is a topic of discussion online.

Photos that Brian McFadden posted online show that he had an allergic reaction to a bee sting that made his face swell up and make it hard to recognize him.

The former Westlife singer, who is now 42 years old, took to Instagram to post a series of photographs that showed how his reaction had become increasingly severe during the day. He then revealed that he had been forced to visit a physician.

Dad-of-three Brian first shared a video of himself singing while his mouth swelled, and he joked to his fans:

Stung by a bee and got an allergic reaction!! Owning that look! Free Botox and fillers!!!!!

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/former-westlife-members-face-becomes-unrecognizable-due-to-bee-stings/ by Adaline Fritz on 2022-08-11T03:44:19.306Z

People who follow him were quick to respond to the post. One person said, "OMG," and another said, "Only you could make a joke out of a bee sting."

Later that day, Brian posted a few selfies that showed how much his face had swollen.

The 42-year-old was seen lying down in the last image, his left eye closed and his top lip totally enlarged from the swelling.

"The time line of the sting to reaction. Still goin" he captioned the post, prompting his celebrity pals to comment on the severity of his allergic reaction.

Denise Van Outen just said, "Jeez," and James Jordan, who used to be on Strictly Come Dancing, wrote, "Mate!"

Brian's oldest daughter, Molly, 20, whom he has with his ex-wife, Kerry Katona, 41, was quick to tease him. She joked:

"What have I told you about getting lip fillers off of Amazon?!"

In a video posted to social media, it looked like the celebrity was seeking medical assistance, but he remained optimistic as he gave fans an update.

Before he got sick, Brian had told his supporters that he was "very proud" that his daughter Molly had finished college.

He then attached several photos of Molly and her fellow graduates from Trinity College, Dublin.

Brian is the father of Lilly-Sue, who is 19 years old, with his ex-wife Kerry. In May 2021, he became a father for the first time with his fiancée, Danielle Parkinson, and they named their daughter Ruby.

He went out with Danielle, a teacher of physical education, for three years before he asked her to marry him this year.

Due to the epidemic, the couple had to postpone their wedding, but they are apparently making plans to finally tie the knot this year.


The former Westlife members' faces become unrecognizable due to bee stings is a warning for all of us to stay away from their colony and do not disturb them.

Take note of this: bees don't tend to be aggressive. They will only sting if they feel threatened or are trying to protect their nest.

So, it is important to not catch honey bees, chase them, or touch their hives.

If you get stung by bees, try to get the stinger out as soon as you can, like by scraping it off with your fingernail.

Don't try to get a stinger out from under the skin. Only bees leave their stingers behind, so there may not be one.

Other insects that can sting, like wasps, do not. Wash the area with soap and water, and put a cold compress on it as well.

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