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ESPN Air Hockey Table - Everyone's Favorite Recreational Game


Are you tired of your mobile games and looking for something new and fascinating to play? Having a table game will take you to a world of enjoyment and excitement with your buddies. You can rely on and trust ESPN Air Hockey Table to keep you and your family entertained and engaged.

Air hockey is a great indoor activity for competitive people. To score on your opponent requires talent, hand-eye coordination, and fast thinking. This game is played on a table that is known as an air hockey table. A large amount of air was pumped through these holes by an electric pump, creating an air cushion on which the puck could float.

How Much Does An Air Hockey Table Cost

For under $100, you can get a small tabletop model, but larger versions with more features can cost over $1,000. You're looking at $800 or more for something that meets regulation sizing standards.

Where To Buy

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ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table, an indoor arcade gaming set with an electronic score system and sound effects, is available in different online stores such as Amazon, MD sports, Best Buy, Waltermart.com, and many others.

ESPN Air Hockey Table

Actual Black-colored style electric air hockey tables with the featured accessories such as one pair of paddles and a puck
Actual Black-colored style electric air hockey tables with the featured accessories such as one pair of paddles and a puck

Color: Black Item Dimensions: 64.75 x 37.13 x 6 inches Sport Type: Hockey Item Weight: 77.44 Pounds

Information about this ESPN Air Hockey Table

It's perfect for a game room, office rec room, or basement for all ages. It comes with four pucks and four pushers for multiplayer gaming, two cup holders, and storage for your strikers and pucks. The ESPN Air Hockey Table features an LED electronic scorekeeper with arcade sound effects, a game timer, and projection lights. Premium blower fan distributes cool air evenly across the 3/4 inch thick high gloss magnetic playfield, allowing the puck to slide easily and quickly over the surface. A reinforced playfield apron and top rail, protective corner caps, and oversized 6-inch leg levelers provide stability to the 7-foot hockey table.

How Does An Air Hockey Table Work

Spider-Man Cast on Tom Holland & Zendaya’s Air Hockey Rivalry

Air hockey tables are designed and built with slick surfaces, which are typically made of plastic. A fan, located beneath the table, circulates air through these openings. The air pressure is what keeps the puck afloat, giving the appearance that the puck is levitating. This is the same thing that makes hovercrafts work.

The 3 Best Air Hockey Tables Of 2022

  • MD Sports 84" Air Powered Hockey Table

Dimensions: 84 x 42 x 32 inches

Weight: 119 pounds

Base Material: Plastic

Tabletop Material: Steel

Frame Material: Wood

Power Source: Electrical plug

  • MD Sports 54-Inch Air Hockey Game Table

Dimensions: 54 x 27 x 32 inches

Weight: Not listed

Base Material: Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

Tabletop Material: Plastic

Frame Material: Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

Power Source: Electrical plug

  • Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Arcade Table

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 8.5 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Power Source: Electrical plug

  • Atomic 90-Inch 4-Player Air Hockey Table

Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 31 inches

Weight: 227 pounds

Base Material: Manufactured wood

Tabletop Material: Polycarbonate

Frame Material: Manufactured wood

Power Source: Electrical plug

  • ESPN Air Hockey and Table Tennis Game Table with Electronic Score System

Dimensions: 72 x 37 x 32 inches

Weight: 116 pounds

Base Material: Plastic and manufactured wood

Tabletop Material: Manufactured wood

Frame Material: Manufactured wood

Power Source: Electrical plug

Details: One table for both games, this ESPN air hockey/ping pong combo has a high-gloss reinforced playfield and a premium fan for even airflow across the pitch. The game provides all the necessary equipment.

Four Things To Consider When Purchasing An Air Hockey Table

It is essential that you seek the following helpful ideas before purchasing an Air Hockey Table, which are listed below:

  • Specific Size of Air Hockey and Room Space

Air Hockey Table range in size from tabletop to 90-inch long variants. 84 inches long and 48 inches wide are standard tables. Before buying one, make sure you have adequate room for both the unit and for each person to walk around comfortably.

  • Features and specifications

Look for features like automatic scoreboards or adjustable surfaces that may be used for other games, like ping-pong. It's possible to get air hockey tables with sound effects and LED lights that light up when you score or strike the edges. Others can be played in the dark.

  • Airflow system

The airflow is also vital on an air hockey table. That way, the pucks may glide and the game is fair for both sides. Look for versions with a 100-volt fan motor or a good airflow system.

  • Cost

For roughly $100, you can get a small tabletop edition, but larger versions with more capabilities can cost over $1,000. You're looking at $800 or more for something that satisfies regulation sizing guidelines. Determine your investment level depending on your budget.

Who Created Air Hockey

To put it simply, air hockey is a delightful fusion of the games of billiards and ice hockey played in the air. Three men are credited with inventing the pool table in 1969: Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick, and Brad Baldwin, all of whom worked for Brunswick Billiards, a manufacturer of pool tables.

Is There Professional Air Hockey

It is true that air hockey is a professional sport, even though the majority of people do not consider it to be so. While not as popular as other sports that are featured in the Olympics, air hockey has been around for quite some time and is considered a sport because there are tournaments, leagues, and rules for participating in it.


What are the main points about this article? The author presented that the ESPN Air hockey table is one of the board and table games that is beneficial to everyone. It's impossible when you play air hockey alone. That is why playing table games cultivate desirable values we all wish to have, such as cooperation, patience, and perseverance, which are the cornerstones of this type of table game.

Lastly, before you purchase Air Hockey Table, you should be aware and also study their features. You need to consider Air hockey table size and room space, features or specifications, high-quality airflow system, and its price.

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