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Energize Your Body through Acupressure for Feet


The feet are one body area you can easily massage yourself and to great benefit. Acupressure for feet, also known as foot reflexology or foot massage, can be done on its own or as part of your regular exercise routine to relax and energize, to improve circulation, and to stimulate internal organs and major energy meridians that end in the feet.

Self-therapy methods such as foot massage have been used in China for centuries and are a simple, efficient way to manage your own health. Foot therapy should be used therapeutically, e.g. unique acupressure points can be massaged to ease discomfort and improve sleep, or used to preserve the health and avoid ill health.

What Is Reflexology Foot Massage?

Reflexology foot massage is a highly beneficial self-therapy that can be done by virtually anyone, regardless of their state of health. The underlying principle is that specific points on the soles of the feet directly relate to bodily organs, glands, and areas and that direct stimulation of these points, by finger pressure, influences the body part they represent. Foot massage has been used for centuries by medical workers and laypeople in China and other parts of Asia.

What Can Reflexology Help Cure?

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As all main sections and regions of the body are reflected on the legs, the advantages of reflexology are various. For example, it can be used therapeutically to treat pain such as headaches, menstrual pain, knee pain, and muscle pain. It is an effective and energizing relaxing therapy. Regular foot massage is also a particularly effective preventive treatment.

For information regarding a specific health complaint, you should consult a reflexologist or massage therapist.

Foot massage is extremely safe to do on yourself and others. It's best to check with your doctor or a reflexologist first though before trying it, especially if you are in poor health, recovering from illness, or in the later stages of pregnancy.

Practically everyone can benefit from regular foot massage. However, as above, check first if you are in poor health, recovering from illness, or pregnant.

How Often Should I Massage My Feet?

This really depends on such factors as your medical history, your current state of health, and your age. However, as a minimum, a quick 10-minute foot massage (5 minutes/foot) every night before bed can safely be done by most people.

One of the great benefits of self therapies like foot massage is you don't need any special tools or equipment other than a chair, your hands, and a few drops of massage oil to lightly lubricate the skin.

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