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A Bolt Of Brightness And Candy Pink Has Arrived In Soho In Wardour Street As "London's Most Instagrammable Hotspot"


Holland Harvey's architectural practice has designed the interior of EL&N London's "most Instagramable hotspot" in Soho with bright lights, lots of pinks, and an arcade-inspired vibe straight out of the 1980s.

In addition to a display case clad in powder-coated pink perforated metal panels, the café's front features pale pink glow tiles and a display unit that showcases the cakes and other sweet treats the brand is known for.

Formed by Alexandra Miller in 2017 as EL&N (Eat. Live. Nourish), the company has taken London and beyond by storm. Because of its iconic flower walls, pink interiors, and unique lattes, this food and drink destination is widely recognized as a must-see on Instagram.

Pink hallway lined with pink neon lights and neon lights on wall
Pink hallway lined with pink neon lights and neon lights on wall

Soho was a key factor in Miller's decision to work with Holland Harvey, who came up with a "exciting and bold new concept for the brand" as part of his quest to "create something groundbreaking." Customer experience is at the heart of everything at this venue, and all involved have created a playful setting for the decadent food and beverage options, as well as highly photogenic interiors for their social media-savvy target audience.

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In keeping with the brand's signature pink hues, much of the old printworks studio's industrial features have been preserved. A metal mesh and neon archway was inserted into the building shell to separate the front and back sections of the premises, which house retro game machines and a vibrant neon jukebox. With its dazzling grid of mirrors, custom neon signs and polished stainless steel ceiling that bounces and distorts colored lights, the walkway gives customers an idea of what to expect in the second room. It's a great place to grab a cup of coffee and take a few selfies.

EL&N London's Soho outpost is another success story for this new generation of cafes, thanks to the talented baristas and chefs who create delectable dishes like eggs and açai bowls, as well as the gorgeous patrons who flock there in droves.

Color candy pink EL&N establishment on street
Color candy pink EL&N establishment on street


When a café's debut generates excitement, it's usually a good sign. That was certainly the case with EL&N, which opened in April to much fanfare. Nevertheless, as the commotion erupted around the picture-perfect interiors, we were forced to engage in price comparisons of our own.

No one can deny that EL&N is beautiful, with pink-painted surfaces, neon signs, and more foliage than you'd find in a florist.

For many diners, it's no longer just about the food; it's also about the aesthetics of the plates and the surroundings.

You can decide for yourself whether or not this is a good thing, but it's not the only place in town that places a high value on social media (EL&N, for example, claims to be the most Instagrammable café in town).

People who live and work in the area aren't the only ones who show up at this event; we also see families, friends and co-workers there.

Even though the smoothie bowls and sandwiches look delectable, this spot is popular for a quick pick-me-up because of the time restrictions on tables based on whether or not you're ordering a full meal.

There was a lot of attention paid to the QR70 blue sapphire latte, which started the controversy. Those who are upset about the price can simply choose not to buy it. There's an excellent matcha rose latte (QR37) on the menu (and yes, like us, you will take a snap of it).

Definitely try the pistachio ice cream and pistachio s'mores waffle, which is both delicious and pretty to look at.

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