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7 educational things to expect in 2021


As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, this past year has seen many aspects of society go through almost unrecognizable shifts. Education is no exception to this, and the future of education is shaping up to present some interesting turns of events. While education is something that is constantly shifting and adapting to the times, the global shifts in a society of the past year have meant some interesting and unprecedented changes seem to be on the horizon. Here we discuss 7 things you can expect to see in the world of education as we continue into 2021.

Reopening Of Certain Schools

As we continue through 2021, many of the schools that were forced to close their doors throughout the COVID pandemic will begin to reopen their doors to students. This is especially true of schools with younger student bodies, which are generally given priority for in-person teaching over high schools and universities.

Many pediatric experts are deeply concerned for children and teenagers who have been isolated at home over the course of the lockdown, as they have missed out on crucial months and years of social development. The reopening of schools will see a focus on collaborative work between students in an attempt to restore the social bonds that are a key element of comprehensive education.

Online Lectures Are Set To Continue

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While many schools will once again open their doors to students in 2021, we are far from seeing the end of online teaching. Rather, experts believe that the shift to remote and digital learning has only just begun. Students are more able than ever to access high quality educational resources at a distance. While students might be called into school for certain types of projects, such as group work or live discussions, assignments such as research papers are likely to be conducted through virtual learning from now on.

The great news is that the resources available for students to conduct their learning and class assignments remotely are getting better with every passing day. From writing guides to living experts, the internet is full of resources that can help to write essays online. Marie Law, an education expert and writer at PapersOwl, credits these online services as having been “what got many struggling students through the difficulties of remote learning throughout the pandemic”. As students continue to work remotely through 2021, the availability of online educational resources is only set to grow.

New Skill Set Expectations Arising For Teachers

One of the major impacts of the pandemic upon the education sector has been the sudden necessity for teachers to get to grips with a new wave of technology. In a few short months, professionals who had been working as educators for years or even decades were suddenly expected to be able to conduct their work via a new set of digital platforms.

This pressure to upskill has surely taken its toll on many in the education sector, especially seeing as very few teachers have seen any remuneration or even official training in how to switch to remote learning. As 2021 continues, the technological expectations for the average teacher are set to stay high, and teachers will be expected to include a whole new set of skills on their resume.

Addressing Students’ Mental Health

The isolation and general state of emergency that has been caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the overall mental health of many students. The impact of fear, isolation, and such a sudden rupture to route has left many students with increased anxiety, sleep problems, and issues with concentration. This has quickly become a subject of concern for the education sector, as it is affecting young people’s ability to learn.

There is the expectation for this mental health crisis to be addressed by schools as students return to a more recognzable pattern of learning. Classes on mental well-being and counseling to deal with the effects of the pandemic are expected to become a regular feature of many school’s agendas in 2021.

An Increased Focus On Digital Literacy

While classes encouraging digital literacy have steadily become a more regular feature of many school curricula over the past decade, the pandemic and lockdown have rapidly sped up the rate at which schools are turning their focus to increasing digital literacy. It is now more apparent than ever that the future of both education and employment will require an innate understanding of how to use a variety of communications software.

The Renovation Of Educational Infrastructure

The combination of classrooms sitting empty for months and a shift in the nature of educational resources that schools require means that 2021 will bear witness to a lot of overhaul in school infrastructure. Overcrowded classrooms and aging teaching resources are likely to receive attention and renovation in order to make schools more safe and usable during times of a health crisis. Many would argue that such renovations are long overdue anyway, and that the pandemic has merely called attention to this.

Making The Most Of In-person Learning

If there’s one thing we can safely say about this past year of lockdown measures, it’s that it has taught us the value of face-to-face interaction. As schools reopen and students are able to be physically present with one another again, it should come as no surprise that teachers will be looking to make the most of their time with students. Expect to see a greater focus on discussion, physical activity, and movement-based classes. Using the physical space afforded by a school building will no longer be reserved for gym class!

Making the most of in-person learning
Making the most of in-person learning

These are the seven major predictions that we can expect to come to fruition in the education sector throughout 2021, but with the unpredictability of the current state of the world, only time can tell for sure.

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