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Dream About Getting Shot Multiple Times And Not Dying - What Does It Say To You?


People have said that if you come across a very realistic and scary situation in which you are about to be shot by a bullet, try to concentrate because you may be dreaming and about to die in real life.

But what if you already got into a dream about getting shot multiple times and not dying?

What does it mean?

When you are in that kind of dangerous circumstance, is there any way to actually keep yourself from passing away?

First, before we get into the solution to that question, let's investigate what it means when you have a dream about being shot.

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The Meaning Behind Your Dream Of Being Shot

A woman suffering from a headache as a result of a bad dream
A woman suffering from a headache as a result of a bad dream

Your dream shows you getting shot, which is an indication that you are dealing with troubles and problems in your waking life that have left you damaged or hurt.

A dream in which you are shot may also reflect your irritational anxieties towards disagreements, debates, and confrontations with members of your family, friends, workplace, or romantic relationship.

Aside from that, you have dreams in which you are shot because you are having a hard time dealing with the situations in your life, which have a significant impact on the way you live it.

But most of the time, having a dream like this is the cause of what you watched before you go to sleep.

For example, you've watched a movie or a series that involves shooting and something connected to that.

And for many people that is a very serious and dangerous kind of dream.

But what if you didn't die even though you encountered already this kind of dream?

Why Did You Survive After Being Shot In Your Dream In Real Life?

According to Mark Dunn from Reddit, it is quite likely a reflection of how you have psychologically dealt with particular circumstances.

The presence of violence, death, or an opportunity for escape in a dream might be interpreted as a symbolic connection to a scenario that we face in our waking lives, either practically or philosophically.

Because the majority of our development and processing of certain types of information takes place while we are asleep, our dreams can either mirror a change that is already taking place or provide a channel via which we can bring about that change in a manner that is more specifically chosen.

The Possible Reasons For Your Survival

You Create Your Own Dream

A man is listing something on a bulletin board and creating notes
A man is listing something on a bulletin board and creating notes

You are the one who brings the dream into existence. Your memories provided the inspiration for the dreams.

Everyone else in your dreams is actually you.

They may be a representation but the representation that they offer is one that is constructed from your recollections.

There are aspects of ourselves that we hate, and for some reason, we believe that if we remove those aspects, the anger will go away.

You will most likely continue to experience nightmares like this until you have a clear understanding of the part of yourself that you do not wish to confront.

This is not the case, though.

You were able to keep living since it is impossible to kill oneself in a dream.

Brain’s Way Of Telling You The Possible Outcome

A woman dressed in purple is meditating along the beach in order to communicate with her brain
A woman dressed in purple is meditating along the beach in order to communicate with her brain

It is your brain's way of communicating the message that life can be taken away in the wink of an eye.

It originated in the mind and emotions that you have.

So, this is what Jackie Heyworth on Reddit said:

If there is anything you have put off doing, get on with it before its too late. You live after being shot so you still have time to reach your goal.

You Simply Cannot Die In Dreams

A woman woke up happy
A woman woke up happy

In short, you can't die in your dreams since your brain is unable to understand the feeling of death or what happens before and after it, which means that you are essentially untouchable while you are sleeping.

A lot of people have dreams in which they are about to pass away but their brain suddenly wakes them up before that happens.

Other people, on the other hand, are literally unstoppable while they are dreaming.

You Only Created Terrifying Dream For Yourself

A terrified woman on a bed, staring at her alarm clock
A terrified woman on a bed, staring at her alarm clock

Your inner self created a terrifying dream for you if you had a nightmare in which you were shot in the head and then felt yourself passing away or losing consciousness in the dream.

You didn't get shot, and you didn't pass out or lose consciousness, either; otherwise, you wouldn't be able to write this question.

It's obvious that you're still conscious.

Maybe you were watching a crime show when you came upon a victim who had been shot in the head.

It's possible that you're anxious about running across a dangerous person and getting your head blown off as a result.

Perhaps you've been thinking about your own impending demise.

Whatever it was, the dream was created by your mind, and that is the only explanation for its existence.

Where Do We Go When We Dream?

Dreaming involves the participation of the entire brain, from the brain stem all the way up to the cortex.

The REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep is when most people have dreams.

The reticular activating system, whose circuits stretch from the brain stem to the thalamus to the cortex, is responsible for regulating this aspect of the sleep-wake cycle, which is itself a part of the circadian rhythm.

People Also Ask

Do Dreams Tell You The Truth?

Some may uncover previously unknown truths, while others are only meaningless noise.

According to Barrett's own research, dreams may be an effective tool for finding solutions to a variety of issues.

Barrett instructed a group of students, as part of one of his studies, to think about a specific piece of homework or a personal problem that they wanted to resolve while they drifted off to sleep.

I Dream Of Being Shot: What Does It Mean?

Why Do We Forget Our Dreams?

Because it is believed that dreaming happens most frequently during REM sleep, which is the state of sleep during which MCH cells become active, activation of these cells may prevent the content of a dream from being saved in the hippocampus; as a result, the dream is soon forgotten.

What Happens If You Remember A Dream?

If you remember your dream, it's possible that you just woke up during it, so it's still fresh in your mind. It's also possible that you're only remembering the most recent part of the dream rather than the entire thing when you say you're recalling it.


Dreams in which you or someone else is shot are upsetting and unpleasant but ultimately, these dreams represent the dreamer.

Since it is a fact that there are some people who did not make it through a dream in which they were shot, those of you who made it through such a dream should count your blessing and engage in activities that will help you avoid having such dreams in the future.

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