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NFL Legend Howie Long’s Wife, Diane Addonizio


Dianne Addonizio is neither a singer nor an actress. But she is labeled as the first lady of NFL (National Football League) after marrying the Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Howie Long. Marrying a football superstar might be hard work to cover, but Diane takes no hassle in the name of family. Let’s get to know the woman behind the NFL legend.

Diane addonizio
Diane addonizio

Dianne Addonizio was born in Monmouth County, Town of Red Bank, New Jersey (USA), on March 16, 1962. She is already 58 years old as of writing. Her nationality is American, while her ethnicity is said to be Caucasian. There is no precise information regarding her upbringing and family background. Diane remained a close book about this matter. She also has no active or known social media accounts at the moment. However, there are reports stating that her mother was a humble housewife, while her father was a former security director of an Indian Institute of Technology subsidiary. And Diane was born in a Catholic family. She finished high school in Red Bank. And she later enrolled at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in classical studies in 1985. Diane continued her study at the University of Southern California’s School of Law, where she graduated with a law degree in 1987.

Diane, although already in her 50’s, is still exhibiting a youthful glow based on the recent photos published on the internet. The beautiful wife of Howie Long is 5’8” in height and 58 kg. in weight. She maintains a healthy lifestyle. That is why she still possesses a slender yet muscular frame even in her fifth decade. Diane is a medium-length blonde and with brown-colored eyes. Her distinctive and eye-catching features are her long nose, thin lips, and ovular facial structure that only contributes to the totality of her beauty.

Diane’s Chosen Profession

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After finishing her law degree at the University of Southern California, Diane immediately joined the workforce of her field. She served in a law firm and started building her career as a lawyer. Just like any other person, she was determined to follow her dreams to make a comfortable living for herself and her family. She lived by the rules of her own determination and was able to stay in her chosen profession for several years. During her time of service, she showcased how a great lawyer she was.

Howie long and diane addonizio
Howie long and diane addonizio

Diane’s journey as a lawyer did not last long since her focus was diverted to a more important matter—her marital life. Diane spent her time supporting her husband’s career, as he was an NFL superstar and needed her utmost motivation. But Diane did not remain a stay-at-home housewife just yet. She had a busy schedule when she started to try something new. Diane entered herself into a business venture and began her quest to become a self-made businesswoman. The lady never disappoints. She was successful in developing her business and was able to secure good returns from her investment projects. Despite being married to a millionaire, football Hall of Famer, she tried to shine her own career and make a name apart from being Howie’s wife. However, she had to focus on only one thing since their family was starting to get bigger. Diane finally decided to lay off her professional career to take care of her family better.

Over the years, she managed to write a book featuring athletes, not on their role in the sports but on being a father. The book was entitled “He’s Just My Dad,” and it was published in 2000. Diane was also associated with the NFL Head UP Football Advisory Committee. She is also a philanthropist who is genuinely into charity works from different organizations.

Diane’s Husband, Howie Long

Howard Matthew Moses Long or also popularly known as Howie Long was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, on January 6, 1960. He is already 61 years old at the moment and holds an American nationality. Although being born in Somerville, Howie was raised in Charlestown, Boston. He attended Milford High School and was even inducted into the Milford Hall of Fame. For college, he enrolled at Villanova University, from which he graduated with a degree in communications in 1983. He was already playing football for the university and was hailed as the most valuable player in 1980. He was not only into football in college. He was also a boxer and held the title of the Northern Collegiate Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Howie long
Howie long

He then started his professional football career. After years of hustle, he went on to become named first-team All-pro in 1983, 1984, and 1985. Howie is a former defensive end, a legend in the National Football League. He is also an actor and a sports analyst. He appeared in action films such as “Broken Arrow” in 1996 and “3000 Miles to Graceland” in 2001. His major break is in the film “Firestorm” in 1998 as he was cast in the major role. He is currently working as a studio analyst for the Fox Network NFL coverage. And he writes columns for Foxsports.com. Just like her wife, he also wrote a book entitled “Football for Dummies,” which was published in 2007.

Marital Relationship Of Diane And Howie Long

The beautiful love story of Diane and Howie started when they first met at the same university they were studying for college—Villanova University. Howie’s first move was inviting Diane on a date where they will watch an NFL game together. After several months of dating, they made a great match and proceeded on becoming a committed couple. They dated for several years and finally got engaged right after their graduation. They exchanged their wedding vows on June 29, 1982. As of writing, they are still going strong and are heading to their 39th year of being together.

Dianne and howie long family
Dianne and howie long family

The couple was blessed with three lovely boys. They first welcomed their eldest son in 1985. He was named Christopher Howard. After three years, the couple decided to have baby number 2 and welcomed Kyle Howard in 1988. And their youngest son, Matthew Howard, was born sometime in the 1990s. Their sons are following Howie’s footsteps in the NFL and are making names of their own in the field.

Likes And Preferences

Diane, being raised in a Catholic family, was thought of all the ways and ideas of the religion. She and her husband are both Catholics and raised their children in the same faith. Diane also is a massive fan of the film industry ever since her teenage years. Her favorite actors are Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, and Jennifer Lopez.

These celebrities had posters on her bedroom walls, which she was really hyped of. Her favorite movies are the franchise of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the “Matrix” trilogy. She is also into animated films such as “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Aristocrats.” She became fond of traveling when she started accompanying her husband into different countries for the NFL. They occasionally travel to Europe for their holidays, and their dream destinations are Riomaggiore in Italy and Barcelona in Spain.

Net Worth

Apart from being an NFL superstar’s wife, Diane undeniably made stable earnings as a lawyer, self-made businesswoman, and being in the NFL advisory committee. Her estimated net worth is believed to be over $1,000,000 and could have increased in number if she continued her prior professional careers. In comparison, her husband is said to have an estimated net worth of around $16 million. The couple owns a luxurious mansion in Virginia, which was worth $6 million.

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