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Trade With Dex Guru Now- What Is Dex Guru?


According to legend, the Sanskrit term guru derives from the words gu and ru, which represent darkness and "light that dispels it." Gurus dispel ignorance with the light of their wisdom. To develop into a guru, you must be able to observe your environment in order to acquire perspective and obtain higher wisdom. Dex Guru desires to serve as your guide, illuminating your path through the dark wilderness. Dex Guru unifies permissionless, real-time data and analytics from all on-chain markets into a single user interface capable of trading across DEXes.

What Is DexGuru?

Dex guru logo and name
Dex guru logo and name

Dex Guru exchange is a trading platform for modern traders that combines on-chain analytics with trading functionality. DexGuru is a trading platform for defi-era traders that combines on-chain analytics with execution capabilities. The interface provides access to decentralized protocols on the ethereum, bsc, and polygon blockchains that enable users to carry out specific operations with digital assets or virtual currencies.

DexGuru is a trading terminal that combines permissionless, real-time data on all dex markets, on-chain research, powerful analytics, and trade execution capabilities — all within a single, fully integrated user interface. Yes! DexGuru does not charge transaction fees. Note: you must continue to pay network fees (gas fee).

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/dex-guru/ by Camilo Wood on 2022-02-17T04:33:42.480Z

DexGuru is a trading terminal that is dedicated to provide the greatest possible trading experience. We attempt to merge the following features into a single, simple-to-use UI:

  • Data is updated in real-time across all DEX markets.
  • On-Chain Analysis
  • Capabilities for Executing
  • Token Swaps Using Powerful Data Analytics

Dex Guru's objective is to make it simple, comprehensible, and fast for all traders to harness on-chain data, enabling them to make the best real-time decisions possible.

Increase Your Awareness When Trading With Real-Time On-Chain Market Data

It is the year 2022. When it comes to selecting how and when to execute your plan, traders like you want more than a basic From / To interface. DexGuru provides a more comprehensive view of on-chain marketplaces for any token on Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Pancakeswap. Traders that use DexGuru have unrestricted real-time access to data like charting, liquidity, pool activity, trading volume, and trading history. So how do you define permissionless access? This means that you can copy and paste any token address into DexGuru's search box and instantly get a wealth of information derived from on-chain trade activity research.

We may be partial to the color purple here, but... DexGuru has a pretty elegant appearance, merging many data sources into a snappy and engaging user interface/user experience. View charts and trading data for any cryptocurrency in real-time as trades occur to keep updated about what's going on on-chain. Would you want to learn more about the token you're now viewing? Simply click the DYOR icon at the top of the page to see a summary of the token's fundamental characteristics and community ties. Apart from historical pricing and transaction data, traders and farmers may use real-time liquidity data to track when liquidity is added to or removed from pools. Not to add, DexGuru can provide insight into the trading activities of other market participants, but more on that later.

What Exactly Are Token Lists?

Token lists are an industry standard created by Uniswap to help users navigate the vast number of tokens in the world of crypto. Since anyone can create tokens, it's become for bad actors to create scams, fakes or duplicate tokens to take advantage of market participants. Token lists are created and approved by reputable parties in the Crypto industry to help users interact with authentic tokens.

How We Use Token Lists On DexGuru?

Dexguru logo and a man in a yoga pose with money in the air
Dexguru logo and a man in a yoga pose with money in the air

Dex Guru utilizes Token Lists to provide context to the browsing of Tokens. Bear in mind that verified status is NOT an investment suggestion, a seal of approval, or any other type of endorsement. It is only a signal that a Token is respectable enough to be acknowledged by a credible List maker.

Additionally, tokens that are not confirmed and are classified as Full Degen Mode are not necessarily counterfeit - they have just not been inspected and certified by List authors yet. As usual, DYOR, double-check all Token contract addresses with which you interact to confirm they are correct, particularly if they are not listed on Token Lists.

Trading Tools

Once your web3 wallet is connected, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another directly from the Dex Guru exchange's trading section. Bear in mind that when you use our interface to buy or sell crypto, you are interacting with smart contracts deployed on public chains like Ethereum Or BSC. They do not have control over your transactions and are unable to halt or reverse them once they have occurred. You are the ultimate responsible party for all transactions.

Utilize percentage buttons to directly allocate a specific percentage of an asset from your wallet to a specific trade. This way, you can sell 50% of your tokens in just two clicks. To begin, press the 50% button, followed by the sell button. If this is your first transaction using a specific token, you will be required to complete a token approval transaction. You only need to click once on the approve/sell button.

Prior to confirming a trade, it must be confirmed. Wait for the swap confirmation pop-up after you approve the token spending limit in your wallet (if required). Take special note of the swap confirmation pop-up featured below.

At the moment, Token logos are being retrieved from three off-chain data sources; if one of the sources does not provide a Token logo, the next source will be utilized. They are listed and prioritized below:

  • Asset Repository of DexGuru
  • The Asset Repo of Trust Wallet
  • The API for Coingecko

If you wish to edit the logo for a Token, you may do so directly on the DexGuru Asset Repo. You will need to submit a pull request to the token/ folder with the filename checsum address>.svg|png. Please visit Dex Guru's Asset Repo for a complete list of prerequisites and procedures. Alternatively, you may change your Token Assets through Trust Wallet's Asset Repo or CoinGecko.


DexGuru has seen some significant changes since its original public beta release on February 17th. DexGuru's goal for the remainder of the year is to include all major EVM-compatible L1 and L2 networks with considerable on-chain activity. DexGuru has secured $1 million in a private seed round to continue developing its Web3 trading platform to that aim. Therefore, keep a watch out for future DEXes, networks, and features.

There is no need to trade in the dark. Allow DexGuru to throw light on the token marketplaces in which you participate. Consider DexGuru and how you may incorporate its data-driven UI/UX into your approach. Real-time charting, trading, and liquidity data enable you to quickly monitor and trade markets while gaining a deeper knowledge of the market and the participants. Additionally, you may connect with the DexGuru community on Discord and Twitter.

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