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Deborah Divine Age, Net Worth, Children, Career, Hobbies


The expert Hollywood writer Deborah Divine. She is the wife of Eugene Levy, a Canadian actress, director, and filmmaker.

His job was known to Eugene for all eight American Pie movies. Both own homes in Florida, Los Angeles, and Canada. On 6 August 1959, she was born.

She graduated from the University of Dalhousie. Later she worked in the entertainment industry and finally in many TVs and films.

Eugene and Deborah had two daughters, Dan Levy and Sarah Levy, who had married in 1977. Both kids are renowned as parents.

Deborah Divine Biography

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Dan Levy is indeed an actor and director who has earned many comedy nominations and awards like Best Comedy Series and Best Writing for the Canadian Screen Awards program.

Sarah is renowned for acting in many movies, including Roomies, Dozen 2, Working Engels, and so on. The family of God is funny.

The mother of Deborah seems to be the aspiring singer Patricia Divine. In her early days, Patricia Divine succeeded, and back in the 1940ies, she could also sing at the Royal Conservatory.

And she'd have to cut her voice coaching classes because of financial problems. No details on Deborah's father are publicly disclosed.

Deborah Divine Career

Deborah is an individual of many talents. She is indeed a screenwriter, manufacturer, and then also producer.

She was able to make a huge amount of money by publishing. Deborah never revealed the real value she received publicly from her work.

She became renowned for her husband's show Maniac Mansion. In her career, she even worked with films such as The Edge of Night and Higgin Boys and Gruber. On social media, she's not very well known.

Eugene Levy And Deborah Divine Marriage

After tying the knot towards the American play actor Eugene Levy, Deborah had become a household name. They have been married without signs of divorce for forty-three years. They faced a lot of ups and downs in their lives in order to make their marriage work.

Deborah loves to live behind the camera and has maintained a low profile of her marriage and matching life. Their good marriages may be confidential, as the pair have participated in all shows, activities, and red carpets but do not speak about their private lives in the press.

By June 2017, the daughter of Deborah was posting a photograph of her and Eugene and wishing her forty years of happiness. See below for the post.

Deborah Divine Children

Deborah is the mother of Dan, and Sarah Levy, of two grown-up children. Both her kids follow her husband, Eugene, and so now, in entertainment, gained fame and good fortunes.

Deborah was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1983 and made up of his 36, Daniel Joseph Levy, alias Dan. Dan is indeed a producer, a writer as well as an actor.

In 2009, Degrassi Goes Hollywood made his debut throughout the television film, where he played Robbie. He currently acts as David grew up with his father in CBC's Schitt Creek. He divides his connection between Los Angeles and Toronto. Since 2005, he has lived in LA, California.

The sexual orientation of Divine's son is homosexual. His parents announced that he was gay while he was eighteen at the 2020 interview with Andy Cohen. Dan expressed it first with his mother.

The daughter of Deborah, Sarah, is indeed an actress who is very well known in Schitt's Creek for her work as Teyla Sanda. On September 10, 1986, Sarah Levy was born, and so now 33 years old.

She has graduated from Dalhousie University and has worked in the movie industry, including the Dozen 2, Roomies, and Working the Engels, for many televisions and films.

Deborah Divine A Great Screenwriter

She is a screenwriter professionally and also has collaborated on several projects with her husband. Moreover, she is a manager of manufacturing. But she is recognized for the work of her husband, Eugene, in the show Maniac Mansion. She's written the show script.

Eugene's wife was also involved in the film The Edge of Night.

Deborah Divine Net Worth

We could conclude that she has an attractive lifestyle of net worth that so many people would like her to have. From her writing skills, she is making impressive money. However, she did not reveal the real value she earned publicly throughout her career. However, Deborah Devine has over one million net worth, we reassure you.

A screenwriter has an annual salary of 60000 USD per year, according to Zip Recruiter. She also works and produces films such as Higgin Boys and Another World.

But on the other hand, the net value of Eugene Levy, in accordance with Celebrity Net Worth, is 20 million USD. He has earned extraordinary wealth as just a professional actor, comedian, and director. In comparison, the net value of his son Dan seems to be about 3 million USD, and the net value of his daughter Sarah is approximately 1 million USD.

Deborah Is Canadian

Born of the mother Patricia Divine, aka Deb B, Divine, but not yet disclosed the identity of her father. Born throughout the 1940s, she is still being examined for date of birth, year, and month. It indicates that her life is really secret and that she did not like telling her story to anyone.

The blonde beauty maybe with her hubby Eugene throughout the late sixties and appreciate her love life. Deb B is protestant, while Eugene Levy is Jewish, as with Sarah. She and her family celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. The mother of Deborah, two adult children, divided her time between Palisades and Toronto.

Deborah Divine Social Media

God has a funny family, and like her husband, she cracks jokes. While on Instagram and Facebook, the wife of Schitt's Creek does not have social media, her Twitter account does not exist.

She took Twitter on December 17, 2019, and wished her existence a happy birthday. She is very active on Twitter.

The existence of Divine's social media is strictly restricted and actively involved in Twitter.

Going through her feed implies laughing at two or more, particularly when her husband, children, or mother mess with her, also proving that comedy bone throughout the Levy family is solid. She also tweets about her family's pride.

Meeting Of Eugene Levy And Deborah Divine

She was born in Canada, where she was raised, on August 6, 1959. She also has a great deal of pride in her Canadian citizenship.

The two started to date the same year. Eugene met Deborah in 1973. They settled in June 1977, four years later. In a quite big audience of about 300 people, the couple recited their vows.

For 43 years, the pair were married!

Things Deborah Divine Do For The Living

Deborah Divine is also an author of projects such as 'Higgin Boys' and 'Gruber,' and 'The edge of the night' and 'Another World.'

She's most known as just a writer for her work on "Maniac Mansion." The show was indeed a Canadian-US sitcom from her husband in the 1990s. This is her only credit to her IMDb profile.

Deborah has been screenwriter, manager, and production manager, but becoming a mother is indeed her number one role as her children Sarah Levy and Dan Levy have been very supportive of it.

Deborah Divine Kids

Her husband is a wonderful actor, but with him, Dan and Sarah Levy, she had two beautiful kids, also. In the entertainment industry, her two children are both very popular.

The hit television series "Schitt's Creek" was created by Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, for which they both won Emmys at the 72nd Annual Primetime Award. Daughter Sarah also performs as Twyla Sands and has been included in many more films.

The show was shot in Goodwood, Ohio, and Divine was really the only Levy family member who hasn't been included on the show. The show finished in 2020 because the cast and crew felt that it had a strong and long run, and they decided to stop it from getting old, tired, or unwelcomed.

Interestingly even though the kids were raised outside of the spotlight, they both pursued their dreams of acting.

Dan Levy began his television career as just a co-host for 'MTV Live.' Then he began his first acting performance in 'Degrassi Goes Hollywood,.' He then appeared in 2012 in 'Cyberstalker,' in 2013's 'Admission,' then performed as David's main actor in 'Schitt's Creek' from 2015-2020, while he was the co-producer of "The After Show," "The Hills: The Aftershow" and "The City: Live after the show." In the "robot bullies' ' of 2017 and even in the "modern family" of 2018, he also played.

Sarah Levy began out with "Cheaper By The Dozen 2" as an assistant for her dad and then in 2011 took on her first appearance in "XIII: The Series." She has been a leading artist at the shows United We Fall, Working the Engels, Larry Crowne, Best Intentions, and Everything Rises and is known more for her important role as Twyla Sands in Schitt's Creek.

In 2020, more recently, Sarah Levy performed in Distancing Socially, The Surrealtor, and Patty's Car.

Deborah Divine Kids Were Brought Up In Canada

Eugene and Deborah wanted to raise their children outside a display setting because they were afraid of them and needed the children to live a normal childhood. They wanted the children.

Levy revealed in an interview why raising their children is the best choice in Canada: "Toronto is just a really normal city. They could develop anything they wanted to do with all options. We didn't need them stuck in display business. The irony is, of course, that they have both performed – and we are all at a concert."

Eugene Levy First Dated Catherine O'Hara before Getting Married to Deborah Divine

Strangely, before Eugene married Deborah Divine, TV couples Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara were really a real-life pair! In the comedy show, O'Hara was playing Moira Rose.

O'Hara told Andy Cohen about Bravos's "Watch What Happens Live" that two of them were in Second City Toronto with a shorter flight. "Therefore, everybody tried to date at Second City Theater. Like, 'He's just making me laugh. I ought to go out with him... So, maybe we did it for a day or two, "She disclosed.

The actor and director Bo Welch were later married to O'Hara.

Deborah Divine Called Out Her Son's Bullies

The episode of "Saturday Night Live" was selected by Dan Levy in February 2021. Divine tweeted in support of her son just after the declaration, calling out the bullies who made his life miserable at the 1996 WTF Camp.

How about a proud mother?

Deborah Divine Hobbies

She has good music due to her upbringing. Divine's interest in jazz and blues is particularly important, with Louis Armstrong a favorite. She loves a good film or two, and it is also noticeable.

She attends with her husband nearly always happily.

Divine Deborah's a great voyageur, too. She loves to see new places and fly around the world. The family is well known for holidays in Italy and France, with homes in Canada, Los Angeles, and Florida.

Final Words

So this was all about Deborah Divine that you should know about. She is a great actor, screenwriter, and director and will continue her legacy in the future.

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