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David Attenborough Final Plea - Frozen Planet II Left The Viewers In Tears


BBC showed the last episode of Sir David Attenborough's Frozen Planet II, and it made people cry. Sir David Attenborough final plea directly to the camera in the last scenes of the last episode made viewers cry of the landmark nature documentary series, a famous naturalist and climate change activist who is now 96 years old.

The series, which was the latest in a long line of BBC nature documentaries that David Attenborough has hosted, including Planet Earth, Life, and Africa, came to an end with a stark message for everyone about global warming, dying animal populations, and the Arctic melting quickly.

David Attenborough Final Plea To The Viewers

Sir David Attenborough: The Future Of Our Frozen World | Frozen Planet II | BBC Earth

The show, which was shown on BBC One on the evening of the previous Sunday, featured the 96-year-old host giving a message straight to the camera. In the address, he pleaded with viewers to guarantee that there is a future for the world, not least for the animals that were shown in the presentation.

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Of course, the real work will have to be done by corporations and governments, as they are the ones most responsible for the toxins that enter the environment and climate change in general, but the burden also lies with the average person, and it is not insignificant.

Everyone has to pitch in and do what they can, and for the things that they can't, we have to put pressure on those in authority to get them done.

Attenborough, who is a living legend of BBC nature shows and has also lent his voice to Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, and Africa, is in a good position to know what needs to be done if we are going to make something positive out of the disaster that is currently facing the world at this very moment.

No matter what Elon believes, if we do nothing, we will cause the complete and utter devastation of the one planet we have, and this is the fate that awaits us. In the episode, viewers were confronted with scenes that were both "heartbreaking" and "depressing," including polar bears fighting for their lives, dying penguins, and rapidly melting ice.

It was a devastating episode that showed the extent to which human actions have damaged the planet, particularly in the ice caps.

“If we can do something about it, then do it. We can do it. We must do it. Then there will be a future for the planet.”

- David Attenborough

The depressing message struck a chord with a great number of viewers, who were astounded by what they saw on screen. The upsetting events caused many people to shed tears, but they all agreed that Sir David's message was extremely important.

The audience heard his impassioned plea, and it was evident that they found the whole event to be rather upsetting. Even though it is of the utmost significance, this is not exactly a lighthearted topic.

Others have asserted that Sir David Attenborough ought to be granted further honors in recognition of his unwavering dedication to the cause of environmental improvement during his whole life.

There is no question in anyone's mind that the show had a significant influence, not only on those of us who are passionate about science, but also on television in general. Planet Earth II is presently the highest-rated television program on IMDB, and the BBC is considering producing a third season of the program because it is also one of the most well-liked programs among young people.

Since the first episode of the original Planet Earth series premiered in 2006, let's keep our fingers crossed that we won't have to wait another decade for that. Despite the fact that we are completely aware of how much time and work it takes film teams to capture the amazing moments that occur throughout the show, we are quite grateful for their efforts.


Sir David has been an activist against the effects of climate change for his entire life. He is best known for his participation in a number of documentaries throughout the years. The man, who is now 96 years old, rose to prominence after serving as a member of the BBC production team in the 1960s, and he quickly established himself as a national treasure.

Since that time, he has traversed all of the world's continents, and the documentary titled "Frozen Planet II," which was published on BBC serves as a tribute to the defining moments of his life and his final plea.

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