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Daria Medvedeva: Wiki,Biography, Age, Height, And Net Worth


Daria is the wife of Daniil Medvedev, a well-known Russian tennis player. They just got married, and she played an important role in Daniil Medvedev's career. Both had been dating for four years before they decided to marry. Her spouse often gives her credit for his improved gaming skills. Daria, he claims, is a fortunate charm.

Daria Medvedeva Wiki

Daria Medvedeva was born in 1996, making her 26 years old as of 2022. We are not sure about her parents and family. After a successful career and a prestigious reputation, she retires to Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2021. She makes money as a social media influencer by advertising various products and services through her Instagram account. Daria Medvedeva started playing tennis at the age of 18 but changed her mind and now works for PepsiCo as an R & D Manager for Snacks.

Daria Medvedeva has been able to secure some partnerships with a fantastic firm to market their products, and it appears that she is earning a little fortune from her social media reach. Her social media presence extends beyond Instagram to TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and Telegram. Her daily vlogs and other videos are uploaded to her own Youtube account. Daria Medvedeva grew up in Moscow and now resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Her favourite places in the USA are Las Vegas, New York City, and Miami Beach.

Her educational history includes private schools and universities. She worked odd jobs to supplement her income before embarking on her profession. Daria Medvedeva now lives a lavish lifestyle, owning branded vehicles, clothes, accessories, villas, and more.

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Daniil Medvedev and Daria Medvedeva Posing together for Wedding shoot
Daniil Medvedev and Daria Medvedeva Posing together for Wedding shoot

Daria Medvedeva Wedding

Daniil and Daria, both Russians, were married in 2018. They dated for four years before marrying. Daniil was 18 when he started dating Daria. Daria, like her world-ranked husband, is a natural at tennis. According to resources, Daria is a top 100 junior tennis player. Daniil has apparently always said that Daria inspired him to become a world-class tennis player.

In 2018, Daniil and Daria, both Russians, married. Before getting married, they dated for four years. Daniil began dating Daria when he was 18 years old. Daria is a natural tennis player, just like her world-ranked husband. According to reports, Daria is a top 100 junior tennis player. Daria is reported to have influenced Daniil's decision to pursue a career as a professional tennis player.

Daria Medvedeva Height

In other words, she is 1.65 metres, or 165 centimetres, tall, or 5 feet and 5 inches. She is around 55 kg (121 lbs) in weight. She has gorgeous dark brown eyes and blonde hair, and she is really attractive.

Daria Medvedeva Age

Daria Medvedeva was born in 1996 in Moscow, Russia. The exact month and date are unknown. According to this, she has become 26 as of 2022.

Daria Medvedeva Net Worth

Now let's come to the net worth of Daria Medvedeva. As far as her net worth is concerned, she was estimated to be worth $450K USD as of 2022 and growing even more now in 2022. She makes money from Instagram influence, sponsored posts, and other means.

Is Tennis Player Medvedev Married?

Yes. He got married to Daria Medvedeva in 2018, who is an actress, model and former tennis player. They got married after a 4-year long relationship.

What Does Daria Medvedeva Do?

Daria is a Russian actress and model. In 2018, she married her lover, Daniil Medvedev. She completed her schooling in Russia and graduated from her hometown.

Final Words

Daniil's wife is vital to his success since she knows tennis. Daria used to compete until she was 18, but injuries forced her to retire. So she stopped supporting her future spouse.

"She played tennis until she was 17 or 18, but injuries kept her from reaching her potential," Daniil said. This is an important moment in tennis. His teammates have frequently been found fighting with their girlfriends, not understanding the sacrifices necessary to perform at the highest level.

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