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Daniel John Gregory: Interesting Facts About Martha MacCallum’s Husband


Daniel John Gregory is the Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. His wife, Martha MacCallum, is well-known for her work with the Fox News Network.

She has a net worth of over $1 million, and his fortune is believed to grow as he continues his career. Gregory Packaging Incorporation is working hard to save work and has superior quality control.

Gregory's Wife- Martha MacCallum was not planning to take a career in television, initially in theater and business, while serving in Dow Jones & Company. She later became co-anchor of "CNBC Morning Call"

Continue reading for more details.

Full name: Daniel John Gregory

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/daniel-john-gregory/ by Candice Burns on 2021-07-31T06:41:00.000Z

Date of birth: 1963 Birthplace: Upper Montclair, New Jersey the USA

Occupation: Businessman Best known as Martha MacCallum's husband

Height: 5 feet 10 inches(177 cm)

Weight: 75 kg(165 lbs)

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Net worth: $1 million

Who Is Daniel John Gregory?

Daniel John Gregory is a businessman who was born in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, in 1963.

He is best known for being the spouse of news anchor Martha MacCallum, who is well-known for her work with the Fox News Network.

He is the Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation, a family-owned and operated company.

Born in 1963 in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, USA, Daniel John Gregory is an entrepreneur tycoon. He is currently a 57-year-old man of white race background.

Gregory and Cécelia Dohen Gregory were Edward Reed's son, Daniel John. His father was the founder and the first president of an Incorporation packaging company and his mother was a talented pianist, philanthropist, and lover of music.

Unfortunately, in July 1999 his father Edward died. His siblings and childhood life no longer have information. He was a wealthy family member. We can therefore assume that his parents were well raised as a child.

Daniel John Gregory Personal Life
Daniel John Gregory Personal Life

Daniel John Gregory Personal Life

In his personal life, it is known that, although details concerning his relationship and marriage are few, Daniel John married Martha in 1992.

They have three kids together and the family lives in New Jersey with their headquarters, while Martha has easy access to her work in New York as well.

At the wedding of a mutual friend, Daniel and Martha met first. They watched Godfather 3 for the first time because they were both film fans and they went to John's Pizza in New York City to eat.

Their Chatham home, which they bought in 2011, was built in 1960. It has been remodeled a couple of times, and it now has five bathrooms and is estimated to be worth over $3.5 million.

The power couple's perfect definitions is Daniel John Gregory and Martha MacCallum. Both succeeded in building successful careers and a wonderful family.

Daniel John Gregory’s Age, Appearance And Net Worth 

He has short, bright brown hair, brown eyes, 5ft 10in (1,78m) high, and weighs around 165lb. Daniel is about 55 years old (75kg).

The current net value of Daniel is estimated to be over $1 million, according to authoritative sources.

Daniel John Gregory Early Life, Education, And Career

While there is little information about Daniel's past, it is known that he was raised by his parents in New Jersey.

He attended Father Judge High School, where he demonstrated his athletic proclivity by lettering in multiple sports, including track and field, hockey, and soccer.

In his speech on Daniel's career in education, he attended Father Judge High school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is a respected Catholic secondary school.

He worked in various sports, including hockey, football, track and field events, in high school.

He moved to the University of Villanova to study Business Administration after completing his high school education. Diplomas in business administration with a Bachelor's degree.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Villanova University, where he pursued a business degree in order to follow in his parents' footsteps.

He began working for the family business, Gregory Packaging, after completing his education.

The company has been in the family for three generations, and it is responsible for product packaging, marketing, and event production, as well as introducing new technology and innovation to help them stay competitive.

SunCup, a juice company, was founded on this principle. The company's headquarters are in Newark, New Jersey.

Daniel John Gregory Social Media

The lack of any online participation is one reason why there is very little information about him. He has no accounts on any of the major websites on social media.

The same cannot be said for his wife, but she is highly active on major websites such as Twitter and Instagram as a broadcasting personality.

She has plenty of photographs of her own and public events, but her husband seldom appears in her pictures online, as he loves to maintain his confidentiality.

It updates followers on news events with its profiles and expresses its views on the latest news items as well as promoting some of the projects and demonstrations it follows.

In June 2009, Daniel was launched on Twitter and has so far collected over half a million followers and tweets almost 7,000 times.

Daniel's wife has never been active on any social media platform but his wife is another story. She has an account with Instagram and over 100,000 people, almost 300 times – she also has a Facebook page with over 320,000 fans.

Daniel John Gregory Family
Daniel John Gregory Family

Daniel John Gregory Family

Daniel was raised by his parents and raised in New Jersey. The founder and chief executive of the Gregory Packaging Incorporation was Edward R. Gregory's father.

His mother was a talented pianist, musician, and philanthropist, Cecelia Dohen Gregory. Cecelia was a well-educated lady, graduated from Kean College in New Jersey with her Bachelor of English.

Cecelia loved musical theater and was a big NJPAC and Shakespeare New Jersey fan. She worked on numerous charitable projects as a philanthropist, such as the American Indian Project, the Heifer project, Haiti Orphan Relief, the Convention House, and the Sisters of the Medical Mission. At 84 years of age, Cecelia died in 2013.

All About Daniel John’s Wife, Martha MacCallum
All About Daniel John’s Wife, Martha MacCallum

All About Daniel John’s Wife, Martha MacCallum

The daughter of Elisabeth B, and Douglas C, Martha MacCallum, Jr., was born in Buffalo, New York. She was raised in New Jersey's Wyckoff.

After his degree in Franklin Lakes from the Ramapo High School, New Jersey, MacCallum graduated from St. Lawrence University in northern New York and later studied in the Circle at the Square Theater School in Broadway and established the New York Miranda Theater Company.

MacCallum then worked as a partner in Dow Jones & Company Corporate Relations.

Originally Martha was not planning to take a career in television, initially in theater and business, while serving in Dow Jones & Company.

In 1991, she joined the Wall Street Journal Television, building a broadcasting experience there, and eventually the Wall Street Journal's correspondent.

Five years later, she moved to WPXN-TV in New York and worked for numerous programming on the network, among them "Today" and "This news with Brian Williams." The next opportunity was her. Later, she was appointed as co-anchor of the "CNBC Morning Call."

She moved to the Fox News Channel in 2004 and became the leading presidential election reporter of this network.

The Fox show "The Live Desk" and the "America's Newsroom" were also anchored in the visit of Pope Francis to America, the funeral of Paul II, and the Fox show.

She started working on one of her latest projects in 2018, the First 100 Days. After this show moved to the "Kelly File" timeslot, it had been designed as a replacement for "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "The First 100 Days" was finally rebranded as "Martha MacCallum's Story."

They shared three children together: Harry MacCallum Gregory, Edward Reed Gregory, and Elizabeth Bowes Gregory. Gregory. Elizabeth, her daughter, follows in her mother's footsteps.

Elizabeth studied and graduated in Political Science from Villanova University. Harry is a great cook, on the other hand. On "Cooking with Friends," he even appeared together with his mum on Fox News.

Bill Hemmer once had an enormous rumor that Martha was dating her husband, and she was divorcing. But it turned out, later, that the rumor was false.

What Does Daniel John Gregory Do?

You aren't alone if you ask yourself, "What does the husband Martha MacCallum do for a living?" Here are his career travel details.

Dan began his training with the Gregory Packaging Incorporation family business. The company is the primary supplier of SunCup products in Newark, New Jersey.

In Newnan, Georgia, and Phoenix, Arizona, Gregory Packaging have facilities. Dan is now Gregory Packaging Incorporation's Vice President.

Daniel John Gregory’s Packaging Incorporation

SunCup Juice's 12 and 32 oz concentrates are manufactured by Gregory Packaging, which has ongoing distribution agreements with a number of businesses.

Daycare centers, prisons, health care firms, elderly feeding programs, and schools all use their product.

They have multiple packing and processing warehouses across the country, including locations in Phoenix, Arizona, and Newnan, Georgia, to aid in their operations.

They are working hard to save work and have superior quality control, according to their website.

SunCup offers a variety of products and is available in various sizes. They also offer boxes, cups, and cooling products in addition to concentrate.

Some of the juice flavors include lemonade, apple, orange, and grape, and other flavors are available like pancakes, cranberries, pineapples, and apples.

Although the company works long, its online presence was not really strong since it began at a time when internet access was not yet available.

You worked to make sure that you could contact them online, but your websites were not updated for some time.

How Rich is Daniel John Gregory?
How Rich is Daniel John Gregory?

How Rich Is Daniel John Gregory?

Daniel John Gregory's net worth is unknown. According to sources, she has a net worth of over $1 million, which she has accumulated through a successful business career.

His fortune has also grown as a result of his wife's achievement, who has a net worth of $8 million, according to credible sources. It is believed that his riches will grow as he continues his pursuits.

He now resides with his wife in a $3.2 million Ridgewood mansion. They've got a home in Chatham, in Massachusetts, that they bought in the nineties.

His wife has also written an unknown value book, apart from his career in journalism, a family history, courage, and sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima. A woman is also a writer.

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