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55 Crazy And Unexpected Celebrities Facts🤩You Won’t Believe To Be True‼️😮


Stars are just like the rest of us! Are they, however, really trustworthy? Sure, they feed, sleep, and fall in and out of love in the same way as the rest of us do. And, by all means - Tom Cruise aside - we're all getting older in the same way. But just because Britney Spears buys her own Grande latte once in a while, Ben Affleck blends in with the crowd at a Red Sox game, and Taylor Swift attends boutique fitness classes doesn't mean they're all that different from the rest of us.

Have you ever been in a bidding war for any Mongolian dinosaur bones with Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio? Or maybe you've always wanted to wear your lover's blood in a vial around your neck as a symbol of your love? What if you spent $1,168,000 on your hair alone each year? Continue reading to learn all of the eccentric and downright zany ways that celebrities set themselves apart from the rest of us.

She Believes In The Existence Of Leprechauns

In an interview with Esquire, Megan Fox said, "I believe in all of these Irish myths, including leprechauns." "Not the leprechauns from Lucky Charms, nor the pot of gold. Is there, however, anything there in common sense? This knowledge, I believe, came from somewhere other than people's imaginations."

He Attempted (But Was Unsuccessful) To Capture The Loch Ness Monster

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/crazy-and-unexpected-celebrities-facts/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2022-10-17T14:54:41.917Z

You can't blame a man for attempting, can you? You may be able to do so, to some extent. Charlie Sheen was certain that with just a leg of lamb and a wide hook, he could eventually capture the elusive Scottish legend. "Something happened," he said on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "There was a wild event at the top of the water," says the narrator. Despite the fact that it did not result in a capture, Sheen continues to believe in the beast. "What's to stop you? It's got to be there if people have been talking about it for, like, 200 years, right?"

She Has Poltergeist-detection Electromagnetic Field Meter That Can Track Ghosts

Some ghosts are terrifying to Lady Gaga. She's particularly concerned about a ghost called Ryan who she believes is haunting her. So she spent a whopping $50,000 on a poltergeist-detection electromagnetic field meter.

He Was Born In Nairobi But Did Not Grow Up There

Edi Gathegi was born in Kenya, but his family moved very quickly. They chose to leave their home and relocate their family to California, where they established roots. They decided to look for a place to live in Albany, where he grew up. He went to school there, grew up playing basketball, and had a lot of friends and fond childhood memories.

The Illuminati Is Attempting To Assassinate Them

Randy Quaid, who you might know from films such as Independence Day and National Lampoon's Vacation, has reason to believe that "star whackers" working for the Illuminati have been murdering celebrities such as Heath Ledger and David Carradine, and that he is next on their hit list. Quaid once said, "They track us, they tail us, they tag our mobile phone, they hack our machine." What is it that they want him to die for? He explained, "in order to reclaim possession of my royalties."

She Recruits People To Take Her Coffee Out Of The Cardboard Sleeve

Kim Kardashian once revealed on her website, as spotted by StyleCaster, that she "hates the sleeve on a Starbucks cup." "Because the sound makes me cough, I leave the room and ask someone to take it off for me. For me, it's like hammering nails into a chalkboard. Cardboard irritates me."

They Compete For Dinosaur Skulls In Bidding Wars

Nicolas Cage or Leonardo DiCaprio: who likes the Mongolian dinosaur skull more? According to Vanity Fair, it was Cage who beat out the Revenant star in a bidding war for the right to pay $276,000 for the world's most expensive paperweight. Leo, you've got it!

She Feeds Her Children As If They Were Birds

Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone shared a video of how she feeds her baby, Bear, on her health food website TheKindLife.com. "From my mouth to his," she wrote, "I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of vegetables from the soup." "It's both his and mine," says the author.

To be honest, some have suggested that pre-chewing food for an infant has health benefits, such as improving a baby's immune system, and that it is common practice in many non-Western cultures.

$2.2 Million On A 24-karat Gold Bathtub

Mike Tyson recently spent an estimated $2.2 million on a 24-karat gold bathtub for his Ohio home, among a slew of other egregious financial decisions too numerous to mention here.

They Present Each Other With Tickets To The Stars

Russell Brand's then-girlfriend Katy Perry surprised him with a $200,000 ticket to Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's suborbital spaceflight, for his 35th birthday in 2010. A representative for the company told E! News, "We are very pleased to get him on board." Virgin Galactic, unfortunately for both of them, is still in test-flight mode years later.

They Stock Entire Rooms With Candy For Their Children

We're not talking about a traditional playroom where children can store their toys and games. We're talking about a space dedicated solely to sweets. That's just what Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon designed for their twins: a room filled with every kind of candy imaginable, from giant lollipops to their own cotton candy creator.

She Has A Fly Named After Her

Beyoncé now has an insect named after her because the Grammys weren't enough for her. It all started in 2012, when researchers in Northern Queensland, Australia, discovered a new horse fly species. As a result, they called it "Scaptia beyonceae," after the golden hairs on the fly's abdomen. The uncommon horse fly has also been dubbed the "all-time diva of flies" by researchers.

He Rents The Whole Movie Theater

"Often you have to rent the whole movie theater out for your fam and babies to scream and interrupt the movie in peace #nowthatsludicrous," rapper/actor Ludacris revealed in a 2016 Instagram post. Sure, go ahead and knock yourself out. It's like when we leave a jacket on the chair next to us in the movie theater so that no one sits down and... well, never mind, it's not like that.

Their Bodies Have Been Possessed By The Spirits Of The Dead

Kesha appears to have had an encounter with a phantom in an interview with Conan O'Brien. The nameless spirit started to caress her, and the two had a "romantic" time together. The singer isn't the only one who claims to have had a romantic experience with a ghost from another dimension.

When explaining her haunted body to Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight in 2013, pop singer Kesha said she was "really real." "There's a problem," she clarified. "I called my hypnotherapist after being told I had dead people inside of me. She then proceeded to tell me that she needed to exorcise my body. After that, I got a ghost meter to read it, which simply beeped at my [privates]."

Being Involved With The Kardashians

Cassandra Marino is a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In the fields of film, finance, and fashion, the family has made a name for itself.

Jenner had three marriages prior to her gender change. It was first sent to Cassandra's mother in 1972. Jenner married Linda Thompson after their divorce in January 1981. Brandon Jenner and Sam Brody Jenner, Cassandra's half-siblings, were born as a result of the union.

They Exchange Necklaces Containing Each Other's Blood

There were reports about Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton's vampiric tendencies while they were both together. Jolie "thought it would be fun and romantic if we took a little razorblade and cut our fingertips, smeared a little blood on these lockets and you wear it around your neck like you wear your son or daughter's baby hair in one," Thornton recently reported.

Her Canine Companions Live In Miniature Mansions

Paris Hilton, a popular Chihuahua lover, built her dogs a 300-square-foot "doggy palace" in her backyard. She furnished it with luxury chairs, pink-colored walls, and a chandelier, in addition to air conditioning and heating. In addition, the two-story dog house has a porch and an enclosed yard for when the dogs want to go outside. She wrote of her dogs' den, "Loves it."

A member of the social elite Paris Hilton believes her dog can sleep in comfort, so she spent $325,000 on a two-story, 300-square-foot villa in 2009, according to Curbed. There's a balcony, a black crystal chandelier, and designer furniture. Yes, there is a balcony. If they want to do their all-barking version of Evita's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," they can use this.

He Has A Fire Department Of His Own

George Lucas has his own fire truck and 14 full-time firefighters working for him. But, hey, you made Star Wars, so we think you're free to buy whatever you want.

He Purchases Plane Tickets For His Favorite Hat

When Bono, the lead singer of U2, and an activist, arrived in Italy for a charity concert in 2003 and realized he had forgotten his favorite hat, a black trilby, back in London, he did what any rational person would do. He performed without his hat during the performance. I'm joking, of course. He paid $1,200 for the hat to be flown to him on a first-class British Airways flight, according to a profile in The Telegraph. Since Bono's hat clearly needs more legroom than yours.

He Believes That An Octopus And Two Cobras Will Make Excellent Pets

Is there anything else we might say to make this sound even more absurd? Nicolas Cage did, in fact, spend $150,000 on a pet octopus, according to CNBC. He also had two albino King Cobra snakes as pets, according to reports. He also purchased an antidote, as King Cobras are a particularly venomous species of snake, and he didn't want to die right away if he was bitten. He ultimately donated them to a zoo.

Their Body Parts Are Covered By Insurance

Both of Rihanna's legs are allegedly insured for $1 million each. But Julia Roberts' smile, which is officially insured for $30 million, is nothing compared to that. Also, Dolly Parton's breasts are worth $600,000, while Kylie Minogue's ass is worth $5 million.

He Eats According To How He Smell On The Inside

Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder, wasn't just a vegan; he believed his diet bestowed superpowers upon him. Jobs claimed that eating only vegetables and grains flushed his body of mucus, which meant he didn't have body odor, according to Walter Isaacson's groundbreaking biography of Steve Jobs.

She Invests A Significant Amount Of Money In Humidifiers

A simple humidifier will set you back about $20. Celine Dion, on the other hand, insisted on a $2 million version. That's a difference of $1,999,980. Sure, she bought it while on a three-year residency in Las Vegas, because she wanted something to shield her vocal cords from the dry desert air. However, there's no reason why a product that adds moisture to the air should be more expensive than a Manhattan apartment.

She Is Acquiring Whole Cities

Why buy a single house when you can have the entire town? That was Kim Basinger's rationale in 1989, when she spent $20 million cash to purchase Braselton, Georgia, a 2,000-acre town with a population of about 7,500 people, according to the New York Times. Her initial plan was to transform it into a tourist attraction, complete with film studios and a film festival. However, she sold it for $1 million just five years later.

He Stockpile Gold In His Private Jets

It's no secret that Donald Trump enjoys gold, but wait until you see the inside of his Boeing 757.It has 24-carat gold-plated seat belts, a gold-plated shower and sink, and a master bedroom with gold silk-lined walls, as seen in this Business Insider deep-look.

She Claims That Her Deceased Relatives Pay Her Visits And Distribute Coins

"My grandfather leaves quarters," Oscar winner Emma Stone once told David Letterman, despite the fact that her grandfather had been dead for a long time. "He is the one! He's the only one who can explain it. Since the story is so long, you'd have to go to commercials five times and roll to a clip before returning, and I'd still be telling it. It's him, though, you boys, it's him!" Emma, we'll just take your word for it.

She Assumes She Has The Ability To Manipulate The Passage Of Time

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, said flatly in an interview with T: The New York Times Magazine that she should make time for herself "I'll go as slow or as fast as I'd like. I realize it doesn't exist because of this."

They Are Able To Purchase Their Own Sonogram Machines

Sure, they have sonogram machines in their hospitals, and they're more than happy to let you see your boy. For Tom Cruise, though, it wasn't enough. He spent $200,000 on a sonogram machine when his (then-fiancée) Katie Holmes was pregnant so he could see Suri in the womb every day. You know how kids are: if you don't keep an eye on them all the time, they'll run away!

They Adore Their Soul Mates Because They Were Kidnapped By Aliens

How did Fran Drescher, star of The Nanny, realize that her beau Peter Marc Jacobson was "The One?" They both had scars from being kidnapped by aliens and implanted with electronic tracking chips, so they were clearly scared. In an interview, she said, "I believe that we were programmed to meet." "It's exactly the same scar in the exact same place."

She Spends Millions Of Dollars For Her Hair

How much do you think Rihanna spends on her hair each year to keep it looking so good? You'd be completely right if you said "more than four years at Harvard." According to sources loyal to the pop star, the exact annual price tag is $1,168,000.

They Become Enraged When Their Lover Publishes Sexy Photographs Of Them In A Best-selling Book Without Their Permission

Robert Van Winkle, also known as "Vanilla Ice," had a brief friendship with pop superstar Madonna that ended in 1992 when he flipped through a copy of her newly released book SEX and remembered his own backside. He said the book was "disgusting and cheap," and said he was "hurt to be an unwitting part of this... kit." Sure, but $120 for a coffee table book is a little excessive. That isn't a low-cost choice!

She Believes That Her Imagination Can Be Taken In A Sexual Manner

Lady Gaga, you're a force to be reckoned with. In a Vanity Fair cover story, she admitted, "I'm rather celibate now." "I have this strange belief that if I sleep with someone, they will take away my creativity."

They Formed Their Own Band, Specializing In Pizza-themed Songs

It's difficult to be a rock-star aspirant performer. "Hey, isn't that the kid from Home Alone?" people would ask. Macaulay Culkin only wanted to be in a band without being judged. Alternatively, "Why are they just singing pizza-related Velvet Underground parodies? This is strange."

"I Need That," They Think When They See A Taxidermied Donkey

Amanda Seyfried did not go to the United Kingdom in search of a taxidermied miniature horse called Antoine. She was in the country for the premiere of her film Red Riding Hood in the United Kingdom. "I'll take it," she said after wandering into a taxidermist and seeing the dead miniature horse, which was indeed called Antoine.

Seyfried's other friend, an Australian shepherd named Finn, was sent back to the United States with the horse. She declared, "It's going to be Finn's new best mate." "Unless he wants to eat it," says the narrator.

She Believes That It Is A War Crime For People To Be Cruel To One Another

Trolls on the internet are despised by all. Gwyneth Paltrow, on the other hand, is likely to be a little more passionate about the subject than you are. When people say hurtful things about her and her family on the internet, she says it's "almost like how you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing in battle."

He’s Willing To Pay For Really Unusual Stuff

You don't become a great rapper like Waka Flocka Flame by doing it yourself. So, in 2014, he advertised for a personal "blunt roller," offering a $50,000 annual salary for doing nothing but rolling joints for Flame.

Her Mother Was Once Mistaken For Her

Denzel Washington, daughter of Olivia, joined her, and visited the 70th 'Golden Globe Awards' ceremony in January 2013, and an amusing incident happened, according to reports. Because of Olivia Washington uncanny similarity to her mother, many people mistook her for Pauletta. As a result, Denzel had to demonstrate to others during the evening that she was not his wife.

He Has Citizen Kane's Rosebud Sled

If you haven't seen Orson Welles' classic Citizen Kane yet, spoiler alert: the "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane was the sled. At the end of the movie, it seemed that the sled had been burnt, but not so hard. According to The Washington Post, it is owned by filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg, who paid $55,000 for this incredible piece of movie memorabilia.

He Is In Charge Of Diamond Mining

Like global R&B phenomenon Akon, you've come across some extra cash and want to put it to good use. Why not establish a diamond mining operation in South Africa? Akon hasn't said anything about his mine other than the fact that it's "complicated," but there has to be a simpler way to get some bling.

Hip-hop Is Allegedly Ruled By A "Gay Mafia," According To Him

"To be honest with you, the hip-hop industry is most definitely owned by gay," Fat Joe once said. "They're gay-owned." If you're not sure why he's using this phrase,"I happen to believe there's a gay mafia in hip-hop," he said, using the noun "gay." Rappers, however, are not included. The people who give you awards at award shows, the editorial presidents of magazines, the program directors of radio stations, and the people who give you awards at award shows. My man, we're dealing with a gay mafia."

Paul Newman Instructs Him How To Drive

When Jake Gyllenhaal, then 15 years old, decided to learn to drive, there was only one person he wanted to teach him: family friend and Cool Hand Luke star Paul Newman. So, who taught you how to operate a motor vehicle?

She Spent The Night With Ghosts

In a 1999 interview with Us Weekly, Lucy Liu, star of Charlie's Angels, said, "Some kind of spirit came down from God knows where and made love to me." "It was fine. All was palpable to me. Then he vanished into thin air."

Demons Are Something He’s Really Ready For

You'd be mistaken if you thought Evan Rachel Wood, star of HBO's Westworld, would turn up without the ability to cast demons. In an interview, she said that she never goes out without any sage and tiger's eye - a gem that is said to ward off witchcraft - because it is the best way to "clean demons out of places."

He Was Dressed In Polar Bear Mink Coats

Conor McGregor appeared for a press conference in New York in July, wearing a white fur coat he said was made of polar bear fur, just days before his major fight with Floyd Mayweather. "I'm a cold [expletive]," he said, adding that he doesn't mind how hot New York is in the middle of July.

When He Purchase A Toy Car For His Son, It Was Encrusted With Diamonds

When rapper The Game buys his son a remote control Bentley GT, he wants it to be rare.

As an example, consider a car with a diamond-encrusted exterior. The toy is encrusted with "nearly $100,000 in diamonds... $98,376 dollars if we get technical," as he explained on Instagram. That's a significant number of diamonds.

He Can Only Compose If He Is Blindfolded

Did you type your most recent email without looking at it? That might explain why you aren't as well-known as best-selling author Jonathan Franzen, who is best known for his novel The Corrections, among other works. He writes with earplugs and a blindfold on so he doesn't get distracted, according to a profile in The Guardian. Thank you very much, Franzen!

They Used To Believe That They Could Survive Entirely Off Of Sunlight

During our time in college, we've all done some insane stuff. We stayed up too late, drank too much, slept with the wrong people, and for a brief period of time, we believed we could survive solely on sunshine. Doesn't the last one ring a bell? Then you weren't friends with Michelle Pfeiffer, who grew up in a cult that "believed that people in their highest state were breatharian," according to her. To put it another way, they didn't need food or water to live; all they needed was air and the sun's healing rays.

He Enjoys Flowers, But Just A Little To Much

Elton John disclosed in a court case against his former boss that he spent £293,000 (approximately $395,400 in US dollars) on flowers in just two years. He said, "I enjoy flowers." "I don't have someone to leave my money to because I'm a single man who enjoys spending money. It's my money, so I'll spend it however I want." While this is understandable, there are still a lot of flowers. As if there were a plethora of flowers. If you went to John's place, there's a fair chance you'd find yourself in a room overflowing with nothing but petals.

He Sees Bigfoot And Has Been Saved By Him

Rob Lowe spoke about his "incredible experience" with a giant, hairy cryptid known as Bigfoot while promoting his new show, The Lowe Files, in which he and his son investigate unsolved mysteries. Lowe remembered, "I was lying on the ground afraid I was going to be killed." We'll never know why he wasn't crushed into a fine paste by a gigantic foot as Leonard Nimoy narrated in the background. Lowe, on the other hand, is well aware that "right now, I sound like a mad, Hollywood kook."

He Doesn’t Necessarily Spend $55 Million On A Plane, But He Likes You To Believe 

Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, hinted in 2011 (via his assistant, management team, and himself) that he had purchased a Gulfstream G5 jet as a 21st birthday present for himself for the low price of $55 million. When asked about the reports on a radio show, Soulja just said that he was "G5 status," which sounds like he was confirming it. However, it seems that he might have been.... What's the word?... I'm not being completely honest. The "elaborate rumors" are "not real," according to Soulja's publicist in a tweet. Hopefully, someone told Soulja.

He Is Terrified Of Being Kidnapped By Extraterrestrials

Kacey Musgraves, a Grammy-winning country singer, freely admits to having a drinking problem "A fear of spiders that is completely irrational. "But there's something else that makes her nervous. "Alien abductions" is a term used to describe the phenomenon of alien abductions

I’m A God

Kanye West didn't name his album Yeezus just to be funny. And the song "I Am A God" was taken to its logical conclusion. In an interview, he explained, " "Because I am a god, I composed that album. There isn't anything else to say, in my opinion. I'm not going to defend [it] from here. Man, [this] is rock 'n' roll. It's rap music that's being played here. I'm a god, and I'm the most powerful person on the planet. So, what's next?"

He Is Completely Enamored Of Typewriters

Tom Hanks isn't just a fan of old typewriters; he's also a collector. He has 250 typewriters, almost all of which are different makes, styles, and years, and he makes it a point to type on at least one of them every day. He is so passionate about typewriters that he wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about all the cool sounds they make, and he once gave a fan a typewriter, which is a thousand times cooler than a signed picture. Also, don't forget The 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Interview Moments for more bizarre celebrity stories.

Harry Styles Is A Man With Four Nipples

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, the One Direction singer confirmed a theory that he had four nipples. Polythelia is a syndrome characterized by the presence of several nipples. Styles explained, "It's a thing."

Because Of A Hallucination, Rebel Wilson Became An Actress

Although some actors are born with a desire to perform on stage or in films, Rebel Wilson realized she wanted to be an actress after contracting malaria. Wilson claims she had a hallucination of winning an Oscar on a trip to South Africa, which she attributes to the malaria pills she was taking. She then made the decision to transform her hallucination into a real-life goal.

The Return To Christian Faith Of Kennya And Stephen

When the couple's first daughter was born, they needed to employ a housekeeper. Augusta, a Brazilian woman, was introduced to the situation in this way. Augusta was the one who persuaded the pair to return to their Christian faith on a regular basis. Kennya Baldwin was a devout Christian who, for a time, may have kept her religion hidden. Stephen was a Christian as well, but he drifted away from the faith as a result of his substance abuse.

Kennya was eventually persuaded to rise again, and she was reborn not long after. In New York, she started attending the Brazilian Evangelical Church. Kennya then began to persuade his husband to return to religion, telling him of all the benefits he would receive in the arms of the Almighty God. But it was the events of September 11th, 2001, that compelled Stephen to return to Christianity.

In Conclusion

The reality of these celebrity facts may be stranger than fiction, as the saying goes, and it definitely seems to be the case when it comes to celebrity secrets. Can you name the popular movie star who served as a lion tamer in his youth?

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