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Choose 888 Casino NJ as your new online gaming getaway


From developing the first racetrack for horses in the United States to one of the first states allowing its citizens to gamble online, New Jersey has always had a pioneering and innovative spirit around the art of gambling. 888casino, like New Jersey, has been at the forefront of the online casino revolution as the first company providing exclusively online gambling to be licensed by any US jurisdiction. The Nevada Gaming Commission granted the website license as an Interactive Gaming Service Provider in 2013. Therefore, It’s no wonder 888casino quickly dropped anchor in New Jersey in that same year shortly after being licensed and now delivers a universally authentic gaming experience to citizens of the Garden State without them leaving the house. Check out the many reasons why 888casino’s online experience should be anyone’s first and only New Jersey gambling getaway.

A Short History Of Gambling In New Jersey

New Jersey has had a rich cultural history with gambling since the beginning of the United States in the 18th century. In colonial times, New Jersey’s more diverse population paved the way for more secular influences on its people, and gambling flourished and was even sanctioned by the government. The people used lotteries to raise money for firearms and ammunition during war times and for building higher learning institutions and other civic projects that benefited the people throughout the state.

In 1844, though it still thrived, the state banned the lottery during a nationwide cultural recession when the church saw its influence grow. However, that did not stop New Jersey citizens from gambling, nor were the anti-gambling laws enforced very strictly beyond the reach of the religious zealot. Even races at the Freehold Raceway, the country’s oldest horse track built in the 1830s, continued uninterrupted. Betting on these races was not made legal again until 1939.

Fast forward to 1970 when N.J.S.A. 5:9-1 passed enacting a state lottery for New Jersey. In 1976, people resoundingly voted to allow casinos to operate in Atlantic City once again, hoping to see a true revitalization of this vacation relic from the turn of the century. The first casino, Resorts, opened in 1978, and by 1991, 24-hour gambling was allowed in casinos all over Atlantic City. The city has seen many economic ups and downs, with the state and other private companies trying many different methods to kickstart Atlantic City excitement once again. In 2013, the state government legalized online gambling websites in New Jersey to try and keep gambling dollars in Atlantic City.

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Today, online gambling, including websites like 888casino, are insanely popular across the state and serve as the model for responsible online gaming regulations for the rest of the country. 888Casino was one of New Jersey’s first online gaming destinations and was a truly indispensable part of the state’s growth seen in the online gaming industry. In addition, 888casino always harnesses the latest online gambling trends allowing New Jersey to stay in front. 888casino and New Jersey have been trendsetters in the online gambling world since the beginning, yet its historical prestige and rich heritage is only one of the many reasons to choose 888casino when you wish to make a real money wager from the comfort of your home.

The Benefits Of Online Casino Platforms Like 888casino

Beyond the fact that you can sit on your couch, pull up a laptop, and win real money when you play online from casino websites like 888casino, there are even more reasons these days to forego the real casino experience and opt to win big at home.

Everyone will admit that the coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. For many months we were shut in and locked away from the world to control the virus. Even though the vaccine has helped many of us get back to a more normal existence again, there might be certain times when you would just rather not risk accidentally encountering the virus. 888 online casino New Jersey and other gaming websites offer you a worry-free environment when you are betting big. Utilizing 888casino’s vast gaming options from your home frees you up to focus on the task at hand rather than maintaining social distance and having to make those constant returns to the hand sanitizing station. Online casinos provide all gaming choices as a real casino and none of the social worries left behind from the pandemic.

Benefits of betting online also include all-around convenience, much better incentives, and a variety of gaming. Gaming and gambling from home do sound convenient. Also, a busy casino can make you wait forever for the machine that you want to play. With 888casino online, you never wait one minute to grab the slot machine of your choice or place your bet at the baccarat or poker tables. It’s excellent news that you never have to wait for the game of your choice, but online casinos like 888casino NJ also offer a much wider variety of gaming than a typical casino can offer. Variety is one of the beauties of the digital age, and 888casino has always enjoyed eclectic gaming options. This pioneering online casino has always led the way in offering everything from classic gaming to your new favorites, plus 888casino is a proprietor of their very own games that patrons can only play online at us.888casino.com.

Variety Reigns Supreme At 888casino

888casino is a real money online casino that offers over 1,000 different games that you can play and win from on their website. 888 Casino offers a mobile platform, Live Dealer platform, and access to one of the world’s largest selections of casino games. The selection includes four Roulette and Blackjack variations alone, plus a Live Dealer version for each game. Scratch card games, video poker, slots of all shapes and sizes, and the popular online roulette wheel make it impossible for patrons not to find the game they love to play at 888casino, NJ.

Do you want to cash in on a big progressive jackpot? 888casino offers a massive selection of progressive jackpots from which to choose, many made exclusively for the online casino platform that entertainment seekers cannot find in any other casino. Try your luck at one of the many slots available to try and drain the bank. Remember, every spin of the reels adds more to that big bank jackpot prize.

888casino offers a truly unique gaming experience with their Orbit platform. The platform provides tailored recommendations to heighten your gaming experience and make sure that each player feels like they are in their very own customized casino. In addition, 888casino’s massive array of choices allows players so many ways to win. Still, the online casino also makes sure each patron can enjoy themselves by offering the safest and most secure gaming experience provided online.

888casino Offers Players A Safe And Fair Gaming Experience

888casino New Jersey is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The leading online casino believes in complete transparency and gaming fairness for all new and returning players. Every casino game and its random number generator are independently tested and meet the highest level of industry standard. 888casino wants to ensure each player knows that they can expect an utterly randomized outcome with every roll of the dice, turn of the wheel, or flip of a card.

888casino also promotes transparency when it comes to all payment processing options. Being an eCOGRA certified casino, 888 Casino makes all of its payout certifications available for continual perusal. This data includes recent payout percentages on all casino game types and the overall payout for the entire casino. To ensure players can make safe deposits and withdrawals, using a variety of payment options which are available in New Jersey, 888casino created highly sophisticated software and put security measures in place, including:

  • Secure Socket Lever (SSL) encryption
  • Firewall protection
  • Account verification

888casino NJ has gone to extremes to secure the gaming process for all players so that each person can walk away from their experience at 888 knowing they had a festive, fun, and enjoyable gaming evening. Another way that this destination for online casino games and casino entertainment can guarantee this type of experience is through a host of responsible gaming options.

Responsible Gaming

“We want all of our customers to enjoy real-money gambling as a planned and budgeted entertainment option - like an evening out for dinner, the theater, or a sporting event. But, as with many other things in life, it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Moderation is the key for all who gamble.” - us.888casino.com

Responsible gaming means many things to the creators of 888casino online. Gambling online should be considered entertainment, just like any other event one might partake in, like a live show, seeing a movie, or a nice dinner. The casino believes that you should only gamble with expendable income or money that you can afford to lose. A person should also avoid any type of online gambling when in any sort of extreme emotional state to ensure intelligent decision-making at all times.

On the us.888.com platform and all its related gambling operations in New Jersey, a player can set the following limits on his account (or a combination thereof):

  • Playing time limit
  • Deposit limit
  • Loss limit

A player can set these limits for themselves from the My Accounts page on the website.

Responsible gaming also means looking out for underage gambling. It is illegal for any person under the age of 21 to utilize the 888casino platform for any purpose. The online casino validates the age and identity of all patrons on the platform through an electronic verification system offered by a third-party data reference company. 888casino executives reserve the right to shut down the account of any player who does not provide proof of age and identity. 888casino remains aware that no system is foolproof and calls upon parents to ensure that minors do not have easy access to the gaming platform.

Here are 888casino’s responsible gaming tips for parents directly from their website:

  • Do not leave children unattended near your computer when logged into an 888casinoIn addition, real-money account.
  • Do not allow persons under 21 to participate in any gambling activity.
  • Keep your 888.com Platform real-money username, password, and deposit method details out of the reach of children.
  • Educate your children about the illegality and potential dangers of underage gambling.

In addition, 888 mobile casino online devotes time and effort into training all employees on dealing with compulsive or underage gambling. They learn to identify compulsive gambling and the appropriate actions to take when spotted. 888casino guarantees customer service support at any time needed. 888casino provides a Support Team to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Players can contact the Support Team at any time.

Incentives Abound At 888casino New Jersey

From safe and secure gaming options to the sheer variety of thousands of games that you can play, 888casino has genuinely thought about it all. Fair play, player security, and responsible gaming are of the utmost importance to the 888casino creators. While these regulations make for a safer gaming environment, they only enhance all the fun there is to have while in the casino. So choose 888casino now, receive your free $20 promotional gaming incentive, and start winning online from the comfort of your home or while on the go today!

Oh, was it mentioned that every time a new player signs up on 888casino NJ, they receive a $20 promotional prize incentive to play anywhere in the casino. Well, it’s true! So enjoy a one-of-a-kind real money online casino experience at 888casino, NJ today.

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