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Charlotte Sartre - The Fastest-Rising Porn Star Of Vegas


Known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas also bills itself the title "Sin City" for its patronage to various adult vices and entertainment. Some of these vices are sex-related. Prostitution, strip clubs, and sex shops, to name a few.

Leading as the financial, commercial, and cultural center for Nevada, it is no surprise that many rising stars came from Vegas. And some decided to stay there like Charlotte Sartre, a name you might have heard if you are into stag films.

Who Is Charlotte Sartre?

Charlotte Sartre is one of the fastest-rising porn stars in the industry. At 26 years old, she made several movies, directed some, and even won awards. She took the name Sartre from Jean-Paul Sartre as she is fond of philosophy. This tattooed debonair Northern California native has caught the public's attention.

But what really pushed her to pursue the career she has now? Let's dig deeper into the abyss of her person.

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Her Life Before

Born on December 6, 1994, Charlotte Sartre spent her childhood in Northern California - which the actress calls a "boring, small-town." Growing up in foster care led to rough family life. She had to finish her studies in a continuation school. Sartre was just a teenager when she had thoughts about getting into the porn industry. Something that no one would have expected of her at that time.

Charlotte sartre
Charlotte sartre

Information on the whereabouts and names of her family is confidential. So, you can't find it on the internet.

What Makes Her Stand Out Among Porn Stars?

Charlotte Sartre is like no other. Talking about her sex life is an easy thing for her, which makes her stand out. Most people are hesitant to disclose sensitive off-camera details to the public, but not Sartre. She's even proud of it and laughs as she reminisces her early sexual life before joining the industry.

Sartre recalled losing her virginity at 17 years old. She was drunk and some pervert took advantage of her. In an interview, she said she punched the guy on the face, causing a dislocation on the jaw. The girlfriend of that guy and Sartre's brother walked in and pulled her away.

She admitted that she dated more girls than guys. By the time she was 19, she had got herself involved in a threesome with her girlfriend and a guy as she was interested in stuff like that before porn. When asked about her age preference of the guys she wanted to work with, she revealed that her taste is older people even before porn and that the most aged guy she's been with off-camera was 65-year-old.

Getting Into The Industry

At fifteen, Charlotte Sartre found what she wanted to do and to be. After seeing a Sasha Grey video, she was determined to enter the world of porn. In a talk, she admitted that she always had a fascination with it. With the help of the internet, she got exposed to the world of pornography. She found it cool that people were comfortable presenting themselves sexually on their terms – the kind that regains their sexuality.

By the time she was 20, she had found out that you can get into the world of porn through webcamming. She started to look for different companies she could shoot for, paving the way for her successful journey. After years of thinking and planning, she decided to attend school and take up Accounting and Taxation in college. She wanted to become an accountant or a tax preparer once she retired from the industry.

Life As A Porn Star

Like all other newbies in the industry, Charlotte Sartre also got nervous the first time she did her scene. It was a hardcore bondage scene with Assylum. But as soon as the camera started rolling, it was quite surprising that she remained calm and delivered like a pro. The industry gave her many projects that explored different angles in the X-rated world.

Sartre openly revealed that Kink was her favorite company. She commended the company's ethical ways of giving importance to and respecting their actors and actresses. Since 2015, Charlotte Sartre had been in the industry and was a part of the movies HexXx and Device Bondage. She also won the past AVN (Adult Video News) award for the Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

Although she liked what she was doing and enjoyed every bit of it, there were times that she had to deal with depression and anxiety.

With society's portrayal of a porn girl as someone who does it only for money and pleasure or has no other choice, a porn star's life has always been at the receiving end of animosity and prejudice.

One time, a college in her hometown invited her to do a lecture on human sexuality. With her reputation as a porn star, people threw negative comments about her just laying down all day and getting paid for sex. But for Sartre, a porn girl is someone who takes significant risks. She believes that being a porn star is an excellent job - exploring sexuality and having authority over one's own body.

Although criticized a lot, Sartre tries not to let it bother her. When she was a rookie, every word thrown at her cut like a blade. But now, she thinks of snide remarks as vain words.

Her Real-life Partner

Charlotte Sartre is now married to Lance Hart. Her decision to move to Vegas was purely a romantic move as it involved being with her fiancé at that time. In an interview, she told the story of how they came to know each other. They met in Florida right after sending cat pictures with each other on Twitter. Though they first had contact on Twitter, they are both porn stars and have done scenes together.

Charlotte sartre and lance hart
Charlotte sartre and lance hart

With the pandemic and all the quarantine protocols, real-life couples are now a trend in the industry. With that, Charlotte Sartre and Lance Hart started working as their crew while performing together at home. Besides doing porn, Sartre makes time for her hobbies like basketball and baseball, taking care of her nine Tarantulas, and her bizarre hobby, taxidermy. She first started taxidermy to impress her girlfriend, but she liked it even after they broke up. She is currently selling stuffed animals on her Facebook account.

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