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Charlie Doherty Time Inside Big Brother Ruined by Jason Burrill


Charlie Doherty became the fourth person to be evicted from Big Brother ahead of Evil Annihilation Week. And as she tried-and failed-to win back her ex, 45-year-old Jason Burrill's affections, she definitely had her ups and downs in the house. The dancer, 31, tells us how she thinks she's out now, why it caused her to have a "meltdown" to be stuck in a house with Jason and if she still sees a future with the actor and property developer.

Does She Have Any Regrets About Doing The Show?

Just the way Jason and I have been with each other. We have been very offensive. Holding personal feelings inside is challenging. I do have feelings for Jason, and I wanted to go somewhere. I knew when I realized it wasn't, that it would turn nasty. But I have been truthful, frank, and sincere. I do not regret it.

Does Being With Him Rob Her Of Her Big Brother Experience?

Certainly. It seemed as if he was taking my limelight while he was in the main house and I was in the other one in a boiler suit and no suitcase. "I felt angry, then upset, and then I thought, "I'm under the same roof as Jason 24 hours a day". Let's go for it. I thought I would let him know I love him, but it didn't go as expected.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/charlie-doherty-time-inside-big-brother-ruined-by-jason-burill/ by Jaya Mckeown on 2021-01-09T01:23:32.566Z

We both brought personal problems to the house, but it's a reality TV show and there's real stuff going on. A pretense may be put forth, but the reality still emerges. In that sense, no one was fake.

I had a big meltdown—I was absolutely devastated. Sadly, Jason cares about winning Big Brother more than he does about me. Under strain, the true colors come out, and his came out in a negative way.

In What Way Was Jason Different In The House From The Man You Knew?

Jason is a lovely guy, but there were situations when he generally flew off the hook and went nuts. He holds back. But who is to say that not everyone does that? Since I was trying to get him back, I wasn't myself. For us both, it was hard. Usually he's full-on and very sexual, but in the house he wasn't like that. Then he pulled the microphone off to tell me things, which were unfair.

He wants to win and he’s playing a very good game. A couple of the others can see it.

Can She Patch Things Up With Jason?

It's tough... Walking away is the best thing to do. My time in the house was sabotaged by Jason and I was judged purely on my behavior towards him. He told me that when he's out, he wants to talk, but maybe he'll use me. I don't feel like he had my best interests at heart.

How Hard Did Was Her Big Brother Journey?

It blew me away from the water. You're in an environment that is difficult. It got boring trying to amuse myself and then walking around Jason on eggshells. But it was great and I had some brilliant moments that I will remember forever.

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