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Celeste Ackleson: The Office" Actor Brian Baumgartner's Wife


If you are a diehard fan of the American television show called 'The Office,' you probably knew about the actor who plays the character of dopey accountant Kevin Malone. Brian Baumgartner married Celeste Ackelson in 2014. Well, we all know Brian, but who is Celeste?

Celeste Ackelson is a mystery for many people. Because she is not much social media person, don't worry! Now you don't have to search for Celeste Ackelson age or career; we already research everything for you. So, be ready to know about your favorite Brian Baumgartner's wife, Celeste Ackleson.

Who Is Celeste Ackleson?

Celeste Ackleson is an American communication graduate who is married to director and actor Brian Baumgartner. In the television comedy series, The Office (US), Brian played Kevin Malone, a dopey-witt accountant. We knew very little about family and early life. She said in various interviews that she holds a degree in communication from Florida International University.

Celeste Ackleson
Celeste Ackleson

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As a child, she proved to have a natural and artistic mind. Later, she learned to apply her creativity to school projects. As Celeste grew up, she found a new outlet called Creativity Fashion.

Childhood And Early Life

Celeste was born in 1982 in the United States. She clarified that she has a regular upbringing. With an artistic mind, she excelled in doing various projects in school. As she grew older, creativity was still with her, which helped her make a personal impression on the fashion scene.

Her stunning style caught people's attention, and she was much admired on the red carpet. After graduating from high school, she attended Florida International University, where she graduated with a degree in Communication.

Celeste Ackelson Age, Birth And Zodiac

The Hollywood actor's wife is expected to be 37 years old in 2021, depending on her birth date. For those who want to know more about such a famous actor's wife, her date of birth is still a mystery. Also, we cannot claim her birthmark because we do not have accurate information about her. According to some news sources, her birth sign tells the zodiac.

Celeste Ackelson Education

As an average child raised with his parents, Celeste Ackelson always had a vague idea of ​​what education was and how important it was in people's lives. On top of that, Celeste's parents also made sure that Celeste understood the importance of proper education in her life. Thanks to that, her educational background is very strong.

Celeste attended a local high school near her and was known for all her work and its results. Celeste decided to study well at her school and began working hard for her second goal. It allowed Celeste to continue her seamless determination to do her best.

After graduating from high school with good marks, Celeste began to think about the field of her passion and the colleges that offer the best education. Celeste started studying communication at Florida International University, where she focused on communication.

Celeste, after years of rigorous study and subjects, Celeste earned excellent marks from Florida International University. It allowed her to pursue any career she liked.

Celeste Ackelson Height, Weight & Body Size

When it comes to her body size, details about Ackelson's height and weight are not available. Her hair color is beautiful, and her eye color is dark brown.

Relationship With Brian Baumgartner

Baumgartner was firstly married to pianist Julia Fisher. They have a baby together. After his and Fisher's divorce was confirmed, he and Celeste began dating. She said that Brian entered her heart with humor. She told Brian could make her laugh even in the most extreme situations. And this is what a girl wants in her husband!!

Hollywood actor Brian can be serious on the screen but notorious in real life. Celeste and Brian, a beautiful and loving couple, started dating in the late 2000s, but the date and time when their love life began are not yet in the media. After sharing many years of love life, the two shared their wedding vows on April 28, 2014, which was well covered by the media. Also, their wedding was watched only by their close friends and relatives and the actors in the office.

Celeste Ackleson
Celeste Ackleson

Brian and Celeste got married in the backyard of their home in California. The event was attended by a large number of Baumgartner' The Office' colleagues. John Krasinski with his wife Emily Blunt, Jenna Fisher, Angela Kinsey, and Oscar News also attended.

Ackelson wore a striped ivory gown with a mermaid finish, while Bom Gartner wore a light gray suit. In 2015, Brylee Bea was born, the daughter of Ackelson and Baumgartner. The family currently lives in a $2.8 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Celeste Ackelson's Daughter

The couple is now sharing a beautiful and lovely daughter named Brylee Bea Baumgartner, who came into the world in March 2015. The birth of their children's news came via her Instagram post about her first marriage and first child. But to her husband, it was his second marriage and his second child.

Celeste Ackleson
Celeste Ackleson

Baumgartner is a successful TV actor and starred in several famous TV series, including Crime Scene Investigation, Arrested Development Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and LAX. He is best known for his role as Kevin Malone. The sitcom series 'The Office' has been in operation for nine years and is considered one of the best shows ever.

Celeste Ackelson's Rumors & Controversy

Ackelson did not accept any significant controversy in his career. Moreover, a lot of information about his personal life is kept secret from different parts of the world. Currently, there are no rumors about Ackelson and her career.

Celeste Ackelson Instagram

She is not active on her social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, you can find her in her husband's posts via Instagram.

What Is The Celeste Ackelson Net Worth?

When it comes to total value, there is no need to worry about Celeste Ackelson. As we all know, Celeste has an attractive educational qualification that allows her to stay on top of the game whenever she is interested. Communication is mandatory everywhere, so Celeste allows her to apply for any career path she wants.

However, unfortunately, there is very little information about what Ackelson earned because she also keeps her career a secret. As we have already discussed, Celeste keeps her professional career a secret, without which it isn't easy to estimate her income and net worth.

But what we can say for sure is that Celeste is very comfortable and leads that lifestyle because her husband is giving cash from top to bottom. As a celebrity Hollywood man, Celeste's husband, Brian Baumgartner, is fortunate to lead a family in that luxurious lifestyle.

According to current estimates, Brian Baumgartner has a net worth of $ 6 million because he is still active in Hollywood. In 2008, he earned a good income by playing Celebrity Family Food Captain's role in her husband's film and donated $ 50,000 to Advocacy for Children. Besides, the main actors in the office earn between 200k and 100k per episode. We can say that he makes good money to enjoy a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.


I know how it feels when you try to find information about someone, and for this, you have to dig into 15 to 20 websites. But it's not true with us. This article contains almost all information available publically about Celeste Ackelson. I hope this article helps you to find info about Celeste Ackelson. If you want more of this kind of article, type your thoughts in the comment box and let us know do you like it or not.

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