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Calmerry: A Quick Overview Of The Platform


Mental health has always been an important issue for Americans, with about 25% of adult Americans having some kind of anxiety disorder. Obviously, people need mental health care, and they also need to just talk about their emotions more often.

While the problem of mental health isn’t new, it definitely is getting worse. Such factors as the pandemic and the economic uncertainty that followed it contributed to the general worsening of people’s mental health, but strangely enough, such difficult times also led to some progress in mental health care.

For instance, after the pandemic created the need for accessible mental health help, online therapy gained some momentum to fulfill this need. One of the online therapy platforms that became active during this time is Calmerry. While being a perfect mental health solution during the pandemic, this virtual platform kept evolving and became one of the best online therapy providers.

In this overview, we will consider all the pros and cons of Calmerry and help you figure out whether or not you should use this platform when looking for professional online therapy.

Perhaps, the most important thing you should know about Calmerry and other online therapy platforms is that online therapy actually helps. Numerous studies show that talk therapy, including cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and psychodynamic therapy delivered online is as effective as traditional in-person sessions.

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At the same time, online therapy is definitely a more convenient option than traditional therapy. There’s no need to commute to a therapist’s office so you can squeeze your virtual sessions even into the tightest work schedule. Besides, Calmerry and some other online therapy platforms allow you to send text messages to your therapist whenever you feel like sharing something.

Calmerry: Overview

Calmerry was created in 2020 to fulfill the need for accessible emotional support and professional mental health therapy. This online therapy platform managed to quickly evolve and become one of the best companies in the online therapy industry, offering an individual approach to treatment, below-average prices, and high-quality services.

Calmerry not only connects clients with licensed therapists who are familiar with their kinds of problems but also gives access to many self-care tools, including Coa — a unique mood tracking chatbot. This tool is a great alternative to regular journaling, and it can help you monitor the changes in your mood in relation to various life events.

All therapists who work on this platform have the necessary experience and are licensed to practice in their states. When creating an account, you should answer a few questions about your mental health, and the platform will match you with a therapist in 1 hour based on your responses.

As many as 70% of clients say that Calmerry delivers a good or incredible online therapy experience. Most people are impressed by the quality of services, and many clients choose this platform because of its competitive prices. Here, you can opt for the basic subscription plan for only $42 per week.

Getting Started

Calmerry’s website is easy to use, and you can quickly access all the necessary information. For instance, on the website, you can find therapists’ specializations, testimonials from clients, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Actually, the FAQ section deserves particular attention because it contains tons of information that can help clients quickly get started and learn everything they need to know about the process of online therapy treatment, privacy policy, and other details. We also suggest that you check out the Calmerry blog, where you can find many interesting articles about everything mental health.

When signing up, you should complete a quick survey, and after this, you’ll see a brief summary of your mental health, as well as some goals that you can accomplish with online therapy and projections regarding how soon they can be accomplished.

Therapists at Calmerry

All therapists at Calmerry have at least 2,500 hours of clinical experience so you don’t need to worry about their professionalism. All of them are licensed to practice online therapy in their states. Before therapists start to work with clients, the platform checks their certifications and background.

On this platform, you can find different kinds of mental health experts who practice different types of online therapy. Here, you can work with licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed mental health counselors, and experts with other types of licenses.

Therapists stick with evidence-based approaches. Here are some of the problems Calmerry can help you with:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Trauma
  • Emotional abuse
  • Anger issues, etc.

On Calmerry, you can opt for online therapy for OCD or talk to a licensed counselor about your relationship problems. The advanced matching algorithm matches every client with a therapist who is familiar with similar problems.

Calmerry Chat Rooms

As soon as you complete the survey, you will be able to choose one of the available subscription plans. After you complete your payment and get matched with a therapist, you’ll get access to a virtual online therapy room where you will see more information on your therapist’s expertise.

93% of Calmerry clients say that they are satisfied with their therapists. Not all of them, however, found their perfect match immediately. Calmerry allows clients to switch therapists for free, so if you’re not satisfied with your first match, you can switch as many therapists as you want until you’re fully satisfied.

The interface of chat rooms is pretty simple and straightforward. You can use Calmerry from your desktop browser, and you can also use a convenient online therapy mobile app. Unlimited messaging allows you to send texts anytime you want, and therapists usually reply once or twice a day.

So, How Much Does Online Therapy at Calmerry Cost?

Calmerry offers various subscription packages, and their prices generally depend on the number of video online therapy sessions. The basic plan will only cost you $42 per week, which is one of the cheapest prices out there. If you need online therapy but don’t want to spend a fortune, Calmerry is a nice option.

While the basic plan only features text messaging, it also gives you access to free self-care tools, including the mood tracking chatbot. If you’re looking for live video sessions, you may opt for plans that feature 1 or 4 live calls and cost $51.99 and $67.49 per week, respectively.

Unfortunately, insurance plans don’t cover Calmerry services directly. However, you can ask for a receipt and ask your insurance provider for details. Sometimes, online therapy can be partially covered by insurance.

Conclusion: Is Calmerry Worth It?

We know that choosing an online therapy platform can be a difficult task so we analyze some of the most popular platforms out there, compare their features and prices, and prepare detailed reviews to help readers figure out whether or not a certain platform is worth it.

Calmerry has a big team of licensed therapists, it offers affordable prices, quick matching, and some unique features, as well as 24/7 support. If you’re looking for high-quality help with licensed online therapists, this platform is worthy of your consideration.

If you want to imitate the traditional in-person setting, you can use live online therapy, or you can use text messages. The latter option might be particularly appreciated by people with social anxiety. You may also get started with text therapy and then choose another subscription package to add video sessions, as well.

A great thing about Calmerry is that it allows for free therapist switching. This way, you can quickly find a therapist who really understands your problem to benefit from high-quality online therapy. Besides, Calmerry has affordable prices, and it often offers nice discounts.

Although Calmerry doesn’t offer psychiatry services and three-way sessions for couples, this is definitely a great platform for individual online therapy. If you want to check out our reviews of other online therapy platforms, visit DrMental.org, where we compare the most popular providers.

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