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Best 10 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria


Many Nigerians are now aware of the internet's many benefits due to the global COVID-19 outbreak and its destruction. Can you generate money in Nigeria using your smartphone without engaging in Ponzi schemes?

Even though there are countless internet income opportunities, they are not feasible in Nigeria. Students, stay-at-home moms, and even working-class people looking for a side job can use the internet money-making opportunities detailed in this article.

Most of these online income opportunities in Nigeria are free to use. However, some may demand some investment. To make money online in Nigeria, you'll need a working smartphone, a dependable internet connection, and, occasionally, a computer system.

Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Bitcoin Trading

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Trading is a viable option for those interested in long-term investing. You must be aware of the Bitcoin market's turbulence and take advantage of it. But keep in mind that being able to trade also requires someone with extensive market knowledge and experience. You should put trading on hold for the time being if you don't meet the requirements.

There are various forms of Bitcoin trading. Arbitrage is a possible strategy. When using this strategy, traders typically search numerous platforms for profitable possibilities. You can sell Bitcoin in Nigeria for cash via a crypto exchange after buying it from a different business.

Another Bitcoin trading is day trading, which often entails short and swift trades. Consequently, this is a quick and easy technique to make a few little profits. Traders accomplish so by carefully examining the market, and when they spot little opportunities, they capitalise on making a tiny profit. By the time the session ends, they might have made a sizable cumulative gain.


Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online in Nigeria. It is adaptable, cost-effective, and completely legal. As a blogger, your primary responsibility is to write articles or news and publish them on your website for others to read. Then you start making money from people and businesses advertising on your site.

Thousands of Nigerians earn millions of Naira monthly and yearly from their blogs. You would agree that in this economy, very few firms or jobs can pay you such a large sum of money. So if you know how to blog, it is one of the best ways to earn online income.

Affiliate Marketing


If you have a solid social media presence or a blog or website, you can start making money by promoting various companies, products, services, and deals online. You can also apply to affiliate programs of several well-known Nigerian brands, such as Konga and Jumia Affiliate Program.

Online product recommendations are the core of affiliate marketing; if customers choose to purchase from you, you will receive a commission. All you have to do is locate and join an affiliate network. Then decide which products to advertise. On your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, you can promote them.

Gift Card Swapping

There are numerous gift cards available for swap in the Nigerian market. Some gift cards with the highest rate include Steam gift cards, iTunes gift cards, AMEX gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Sephora gift cards, etc. You can earn a significant amount of money when you sell gift cards in Nigeria for cash.

You can swap your gift cards for cash by selling them on trusted gift card marketplaces available in Nigeria, and you will get your money immediately after the successful completion of the transaction.


The core of freelancing is using your skills to generate income online. It should be a good alternative if you're seeking ways to earn money online in Nigeria without spending any money.

Your aptitude and talents are all you need. You could have any expertise, including writing, programming, graphic design, typing, proofreading, etc. Create an account on a freelance website. You'll come across individuals who are looking for individuals with your skills. If you apply, they might hire you.

You can work from home as a freelancer. You only need an internet connection and a computer. It is a massive industry with a billion-dollar market value.

E-commerce Business

A successful eCommerce firm can turn you into a multibillionaire. Jeff Bezos, the richest man, is involved in the online retail industry. You've probably heard of Amazon, which he owns.

Online goods purchases and sales are the focus of e-commerce. You can set up your online shop and sell goods there. You might be the city's next wealthy person.

You can still run this business without any products if you don't have the funds to create a warehouse and store inventory. There is a practice known as dropshipping. Simply creating an internet store is all that is required. Stocks that are copies for renowned firms worldwide. When a customer purchases from your online store, the manufacturer or supplier will receive their information.

Social Media Marketing


The main goal of social media marketing is to assist companies, people, and organisations in discovering their social media audience. In actuality, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are where most Nigerians spend their time. As a result, there are now more ways for businesses to connect with customers and increase sales.

It would help if you comprehended the algorithm of your target social media platform and how to use it to convert users into customers to be a successful social media marketer. Social media marketing will continue to stand out as one of the most acceptable ways to make money online in Nigeria as more businesses adopt the internet.

YouTube Videos

You can earn money by posting videos you create with a camera or on your phone to YouTube. An online video-sharing service is YouTube. You can become wealthy and famous thanks to it.

Anything can be the subject of a video. You are free to discuss anything. You can share the videos with your social network by simply uploading them to YouTube. Improve your brand. Use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other strategies as you get viewers to monetise your videos.

You have probably heard of Emmanuela, a millionaire YouTube sensation, and Mark Angel's comedy. That is YouTube's strength.

TikTok Content Creation

A person's earning potential increases with their level of popularity. TikTok is the best platform for making money online in Nigeria without spending a penny because it has no age restrictions and doesn't require any capital or certification.

Due to its higher chance of becoming viral, TikTok is a better platform for making money online in Nigeria than Twitter and Instagram. Compared to other social networking sites, TikTok makes it far simpler to acquire millions of views without having a sizable fan base.

Although raw subscriber data is unavailable, the number of Nigerian users on TikTok has skyrocketed since 2020. TikTok is also one of the simplest places for Nigerian students to make money online, given the pervasive interest in students' daily lives and activities.

Today, hundreds of Nigerians generate a sizable salary on TikTok thanks to their massive following and countless views.

Amazon KDP

One of the best methods to generate money online, especially if you have strong writing abilities, is through Amazon KDP. You can also hire someone to create the eBook for you while keeping the Copyright if you don't know how to write and don't now have the time to learn.

You can upload your eBook or hardcopy book for sale using one of Amazon's products, KDP. Your attention will be piqued by the fact that well-known authors like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and others promote their eBooks on Amazon KDP.


These are a few popular businesses that can assist you in earning money online. Making money online is no longer a complex process as long as you have the necessary skills, especially in a nation like Nigeria, where technological innovation is occurring rapidly. To start making money online, you must develop the required digital marketing skills.

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