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The best volleyball tournaments to bet on


Volleyball is a sport that has been undeservedly neglected by spectators. At the same time, the game itself is very dynamic and intense. Real fans know that it is very interesting to watch what is happening on the volleyball court. Events change quickly; the game is rich in expression. Watching a match can bring indescribable emotions. Therefore, if you have not yet started betting on volleyball, then it is definitely time to give it a try. Besides, it is interesting to bet both in live mode and before the start of the game (prematch). If you choose the right match and understand the basic principles of volleyball, then the prize will delight you. Just do your best to understand the details and place your bet.

The Game Features

Volleyball has been around for quite a while. For the first time, the game rules became known back in 1897. From that moment on, volleyball was rapidly gaining popularity around the world. In 1947, the first volleyball federation was founded. Literally, two years later, the first real large-scale championship was organized, and less than 20 years later (in 1964) volleyball was included in the program of the Olympic Games.

This sport features rather complex rules with a lot of details and attributes. Moreover, they can change at different competitions, tournaments.

At the moment, the following rules apply:

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  • players shall not directly contact each other, touch partners, and opponents;
  • the game cannot end in a draw, one team must win;
  • points can be counted from both the team’s serves and the opponent’s serves;
  • the net shall be placed at a height of 243 cm;
  • a player can touch the ball with any part of the body; a maximum of three touches are allowed in one combination;
  • one of the team members shall take a defensive position only and not participate in the attack.

This is not a complete list of rules. Nevertheless, placing bets requires their understanding at a basic level at least. Thus, it will be easier to predict the match outcome and much more interesting to watch the game. A match usually lasts three sets. Moreover, in such a period, one of the teams should score 25 points. If there is no leader (for example, both teams scored 24 points), then the game will continue until one of them becomes the leader with a margin of at least 2 points.

Some tournaments may add other rules. For example, sometimes there are breaks at the stage when the team scores 8 points. In other tournaments, this is not possible. These points should be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

The Olympic Games are clearly the largest and most significant competition. Traditionally, they are held once every four years. Participation is opened for national teams. The World Cup is traditionally held a year before the Olympic Games. It is also an irregular event. Another competition that is held every four years is the World Championship. The year before this tournament, the World Grand Champions Cup is arranged. Bets on such irregular events start to be accepted in advance, the odds are usually very high. The European Volleyball Championship is held separately. The frequency of this event is once every two years.

The FIVB Volleyball World League was another regular tournament. It was an annual competition held on a commercial basis. Please note that only men's teams participated in it, while women's national teams do participate in many other tournaments. There was another regular competition for women - FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix. It was held under conditions similar to the World League. These two tournaments have been replaced by the Volleyball Nations League since 2018.

The European Volleyball League is also held annually. As the name implies, it is a continental tournament and only European teams participate in it. This event is overseen by the European Volleyball Confederation.

You can place bets on all current championships. It is recommended to start betting with annual tournaments (e.g. the European Volleyball League), where the outcome of matches is usually more obvious. Over the course of a year, you can see how the teams have changed, what results have been achieved. You can also try betting on national matches. Usually, the odds are lower here, but the result can be seen quickly.

Types Of Volleyball Bets Available

Like any other sport, bookmakers provide several options of bets on volleyball. At the same time, even though most of the options are of regular types, they have their own features. There are the following types of bets:

  • The match bet. This option gained a lot of popularity in football and other sports, but it is not very common among volleyball fans. The reason behind that is that the leader is often too obvious since there are few stellar teams. As a result, the odds are too low, so there is simply no point in betting. You can bet both for the whole match and for one set.
  • Correct score. This bet type is offered by all bookmakers, but it is rarely chosen by fans of this sport. The reason is the same as with the match bet - it is often very easy to predict a positive outcome. If there are equal teams, which happens much less often, then making any predictions, on the contrary, is more difficult.
  • Handicap betting. To some extent, they can be considered an alternative to the match bet. They involve determining a specific point difference between the two teams. You can bet on the whole match or on one set.
  • Balance. In this case, you can bet that both teams will score 24 points, which means there will be an additional set.
  • Total points. This is one of the most popular types of bets in volleyball. You can bet on a certain number of points scored in one set, or in the whole match. Some fans bet on the outcome of a particular volleyball player.
  • Odd or even. This is another popular type of bet. More often it is chosen by gambling enthusiasts who are ready to take risks.
  • Statistical. This is a fairly broad category of bets, which includes bets on the number of timeouts and other factors. Volleyball fans love these types of bets, while bookmakers don't always accept them.

Long-term bets should be described separately. They include all situations where fans make attempts to predict the exact outcome of a tournament. When it comes to winning, this type is the most successful. If you can guess which places will be taken by the teams in the final of the tournament, you will receive a significant amount. But there is also a rather obvious drawback: you will have to wait a long time until the exact outcome becomes known, and only then it will be clear whether you won or not. However, it can add some excitement.

All types of bets can be applied to championships of different types. Furthermore, you can win regardless of the type of bet. It is recommended to bet on well-known teams that are regularly heard of. Thus, predicting the outcome is easier; however, most likely, the odds will be lower. You can try to bet in live mode, watching the game in real-time. Usually, the advantage is quite obvious - volleyball is more predictable in this regard than football. You can get real pleasure and feel the excitement to the full extent if you understand the features of this game at least a little.

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