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Best Use of natural cleanse and detox


The term "cleanse and detox" refers to the cleanse and detoxification of our body organs. In today's busy world everybody lacks the time and patience to take care of the body. Lack of nutrient diet causes the whole body weak and many people suffer from fatigue and all kinds of illness. In order to make our body healthy, it is important to regularly detox and cleanses our body.

Detox cleanse of a body gets rid of the unnecessary fat and toxins accumulated in the body. It also helps one to clean the skin up and tone it. Acne and many skin problems are the layers of toxins that appear on the external skin. They could not be cleaned by the kidney and hence they appear as acne on the skin. It is good for the overall well being of the body and it also gives the required energy.

A diet these days consists of poor nutrition and it is found to be high in fats and sugar. Many prefer"pre-cooked" food items and do not spend the proper amount of time cooking. The malnutrition prevalent in the body is the result of a poor diet.

Background Of Cleanse And Detox

In 1941 Stanley Burroughs introduced this "MasterCleanse" which was the "lemonade "cleanse. It was noted that a body's fat and toxins faded away when this lemonade diet was followed. According to this "Master Cleanse" programma diet comprised of a cup of lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleanser and laxative tea at night.

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It is told by experts that one must drink water according to half the weight of the body. For example, if the bodyweight of one is 150 pounds then 75 ounces of water should be drunk to detox the toxins of that body.

This diet seems to be more effective only if one seems committed to it. Around 32 ounces of salt can be mixed with drinking water and this must be drunk in the morning followed by lemonade and cayenne pepper for lunch and laxative tea for dinner.

This diet would seem to be very difficult to follow in the first few days but a target must be fixed in mind. Effective results can be got when this kind of strict diet is followed for about 7 to 10 days. The apple detox diet is also a popular one according to which one must consume only apples and apple sauce[apple juice, apple cider] for three consecutive days.

This kind of diet also removes the toxins from the body. It brings back the vitality and energy of the body. Lactobacillus Plantarum is the name of a good bacteria which is helpful to destroy the E.coli bacteria and repairs the lining of the intestines. It is an effective antibiotic that is taken by persons with chronic intestinal problems. It helps therefore for improving digestion health, improve the immunity of the body, and helps in the absorption of nutrients in the intestines of the body. Autistic children and those children with neurological disorders have revealed increased amounts of improvement when given high levels of lactobacillus Plantarum. The sources of Lactobacillus Plantarum are fresh fruits, vegetables, and naturally fermented products like sauerkraut, kimchi and also pickles.

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